Front Row Seat

I told you I would be all over hair products this week! I’ve historically been quite a fan of Charles Worthington… one of the first ‘celeb hairdresser’ brands available on the high street, it was the brand I always turned to as a stingy student when I couldn’t afford the real deal. It always left my hair pretty tip top but I havent used it in many moons. I saw his new range ‘Front Row’ in Boots a few weeks ago and didn’t even realise it was a CW range – it looked so different, very premium and a little bit posh for Boots!

So when I was stripping the shelves of anything hair related this weekend I picked up a couple of the products in the range. I’ve been using the Heat Defence Spray after being told off by my hairdresser (but you know that already) and I love it. It’s light, smells lovely and doesn’t leave you with that horrid sticky feeling or product-film you get on your hair. The pump spray is also great as you get a fine mist over a large area, rather than a squirt in a teeny tiny space. My hair feels a lot silkier and has even survived a day without washing today!

The other bargainous product I’ve been testing is the Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray. I’m a big one for shine sprays as they really finish off your look, give you an amazing glisten and keep stray hairs tamed. My usual products include Paul Mitchell and Frizz Ease, but I think I’ll be sacking them in for this. Again, a really fine mist (which is essential with this kind of product) which smells fab and leaves you with just the right amount of shine. It’s practically impossible to end up looking like a grease-monkey with this.

I can’t wait to try the rest of the range… if it’s as good as these it gets three ticks from me. Great value? Tick. Great Product? Tick. Great packaging? Tick.


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