Burn Baby Burn

So you all know that LBQ has spent the last week or so sunning herself in beautiful Spain… the problem is, that my skin isn’t used to all that heat! As a pale lady, I usually burn at the slightest thought of the sun so there are some parts of my body that haven’t seen the light of day (so to speak!) for many, many years. The suncream got layered on and I actually managed to get a half-decent tan – so I actually looked, even if ever-so-slightly, like I’d been beyond Bournemouth beach.

However, with all that heat and layers of suncream disaster inevitably strikes… heat rash. We’ve all suffered from this hideous condition (which makes it sound like some kind of STD!) and it can properly stop you in your tracks. Rather than be itching and scratching like some kind person has covered you in itching powder, I’ve discovered some fab ideas to help you out in the coming months.

Boots Soltan aftersun gel with added aloe vera is a great starting point. Not only is it an extra cooling gel that provides long lasting moisturisation, reducing dryness and helping to prevent peeling, it also helps to prolong your tan. The gel formula ensures that it soaks in quickly, cools and doesn’t leave you with that horrible sticky feeling where you think any passing fly will soon be attached to your arm. The aloe vera also really cools the area so you feel much better practically instantaneously.

If your heat rash gets so bad that even aloe vera wont sort it out, it’s time to get out the natural yogurt. Make sure you pick one that’s thick and has no added flavours… the first one I bought had vanilla essence in so I ended up smelling like an ice-cream (and not in a good way.) Layer this on to wear it’s itching and wait for it to dry – it should leave a slightly tinted veil on the skin. Once you put it on you’ll instantly feel the heat being taken away from your skin and it even starts to get less red. Although you may feel like a bit of an idiot, this really does work. And if it’s that bad, you’ll try anything right?!

Finally, if it’s so bad it’s driving you crazy try a trip to the pharmacy. There are some great over the counter creams that stop itching fast – something that’s good for eczema is perfect.  Now all you have to worry about is your tan lines…


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