Tropical Kiss

A very good friend of mine suffers from some beastly coldsores in Summer so she has to wear sun screen on her lips to try and prevent them. That usually means she spends the whole summer walking around with a slightly white tint on her lips, not unlike Freddie Flintoff and not the most attractive look. While she was in Boots yesterday buying some sun cream (which admittedly may be a little bit optimistic based on the current weather,) she stumbled across a Hawaiian Tropic lip gloss with SPF 25 and a berry flavour to boot!

So excited she was by this find she was quick to let me know so I could share her discovery with you good people. Aloha Kiss, as it likes to be known officially, is a “delicious indulgence with juicy, moisturizing flavors that protect while they soften lips! Not only will you help protect your lips with SPF 20, but you will also keep them soft with the Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter and Vitamins A, C & E enriched formulas.”

Too good to be true you say? Well according to my bum chum it’s actually a really nice lip gloss, a good moisturiser, non-sticky and it tastes amazing! Although that may end up being a problem as you may have to keep re-applying and end up going through one of these a week. You have a choice of the lipgloss in Island Berry, but also a tropical or vanilla lip balm which I’m sure is just as good. This is the perfect product for festival time or holidays (because come on, face it, we don’t get hot days that often,) so make sure you bag one now in preparation of the days ahead.


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