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My lips hurt… owwww. Another one of my sensitivities affects my lips and they can swell up so much I look like Lesley Ash on a bad day. The fallout of this is the fact that when the swelling finally goes down I’m left with very sore, very dry and chapped lips which look u.g.l.y. I’ve tried a million and one different products to help ease the pain and uncomfort and most of them make the situation worse… they either just create a superficial film which coats your lips and prevents anything getting in or out (but what good is that?!) or they moisturise for about 2mins and then you need to slap on some more.

The best thing I’ve ever used has to be Blistex Relief Cream. This intensive moisturiser has a slight tingling sensation when applied, but that’s just the goodness getting to work! It slightly numbs your lips too, giving real relief to intensely sore, dry, chapped or cracked lips and will eventually leave them soft and lush again. It comes in a little metal tube so if you squeeze too hard it does go all over the place – you have been warned! – so be careful. I’m a fan of the whole Blistex range as it has something for every eventuality, whether you just want a light lip balm or moisturiser through to intense relief solutions and tinted sticks. The products are so reasonable too that you can afford to grab one of everything and not feel too guilty! Now, just to find someone to kiss…


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  1. natasha
    May 4, 2010 / 4:28 pm

    Be careful though – I once had an unfortunate phase when I became addicted to Blistex – yes addicted! When I finally admitted it to myself that I had a problem I decided the only way to get off it was to go cold turkey – my lips were a fright for weeks – very unkissable. Vaseline only for me now

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