Package Holiday

We’re all at it at the moment… planning holidays that is. A little bit of sun and we can’t wait to get away to the Costa Del Sol (or Bournemouth beach) for a mini break. While perusing Lush again (!) I came across this Limited Edition beauty perfect for mini-breaks, trips away or just for a pampering sesh ahead of a trip to Skeggy. Their ingeniously titled ‘All-Inclusive Package’ contains six amazing products to pamper and preen yourself, all for the bargainous cost of £10. That’s right, ten quid!

In your nifty package you’ll find a little bit of everything…

Buffy – Moisturising bottom buffer.
Stepping Stone – The zesty lemongrass foot scrub.
Fair Trade Foot Lotion – Cooling foot lotion.
Ultralight – Light and moisturising sunscreen.
Glorious Mud – Muddy body mask.
Token to the Forest Gods – Refreshing citrus fizzer.

The mud body mask is amazing and was a welcome boost after overdoing it this weekend. I always love a fizzer and I can’t wait to try Buffy and see if I’ll have a lush bum to match my Lovely Jubblies from a couple of weeks ago! Get down to your local Lush store pronto though, these are very limited edition!


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