The Grass is Greener

You all know how much I love Lush (I go on about it enough) so you can imagine my excitement when I received a package from the lovely ladies in their PR team! What a lovely way to start the Bank Holiday : ) I was delighted to open the package and find a bottle of their newest shower gel, simply entitled ‘Grass’. Now, I was hesitant to lather myself up with something named after the green stuff for fear of smelling like a gardener who’s been out on the job for too long… but if Lush make it, I try it. And boy is this stuff good!

The fragrance is simple and uplifting and really does smell like freshly mown grass. It also contains wheatgrass (and we know that’s good for you, so at least this way you don’t have to hold your nose and down a shot!) and citrus oils to create a lovely fresh sensation which is a perfect morning pick-me-up. I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but this morning was the first time in ages I haven’t drifted off on the tube and abruptly woken up after nearly dribbling on some poor soul’s shoulder. I stayed awake and ‘with it’ for the entire journey and even got through a good few chapters of my book! It may have been all in my mind, but I like to think it was the Grass. And I mean the good stuff, not the dodgy stuff… ahem.

As always the gel really lathers well, which for me is so important as I don’t really feel clean without a good amount of bubbles (and very rare in such a ‘natural’ product as it’s normally the chemicals which cause the lathering effect,) so it ticks all my boxes. So in the words of Lush themselves… Keep on the Grass.


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