Blissfully Beautiful

If you were going to a desert island for week and were only allowed to take one item of make up what would it be? What would you take to make sure you kept feeling and looking beautiful? Mine would HAVE to be Blistex Tint & Shine lip balm (provided I’d tinted my eyelashes beforehand obviously!).

I never leave the house without this stuff. I can’t recommend this product highly enough – I love it so much I buy it in bulk from Boots so I never run out. In fact, all of my friend’s that have asked me how I get my lips looking so naturally soft and sexy without lipstick, have gone out and bought this product immediately and have never looked back!

It’s also a bargain at a couple of quid and really gives you that pout with a hint of colour without looking like you’re trying too hard. Think low maintenance sexy and you’ve got the right idea. Not only does it soothe dry lips it is a particularly great colour for those of us with the pale skin. Try it and I promise you’ll never wear anything else for the office.



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