You scrub up nicely!

Now we’re heading into a new season it’s the perfect time to spring clean your face. With that in mind exfoliation is the bet way to achieve a natural glow… and I’ve been using L’Oreal’s new Perfect Clean facial washes.

These fab products come in really different and innovative packaging (which looks great on your shelf amongst all the ‘samey’ bottles) which has it’s own ‘scrubber’. The idea is that you remove the scrubber from the pack, place a blob of product on and clean your face in circular movements. The ‘scrubber’ features little nodules that really stimulate the circulation in your face and get rid of any dead, dull cells on the top of your skin. A really easy way to brighten your complexion!

My favourite is the orange one which also contains tiny exfoliation beads for an extra deep clean. These products are really gentle and so reasonable – you’d normally expect to pay a fortune for this kind of expertise. And the best thing? You can use the ‘scrubber’ time and time again with any of your other facial washes too!


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