Waxing Lyrical

Come on, admit it. You scream when you get your bits waxed don’t you? I know I do, which is why I avoid it as much as possible and will try any solution to avoid going back to the ‘torture salon’. I was so happy to find this waxing range from Elegant Touch that I did a little jump for joy in Superdrug.

Miss Wax is a 1950’s pin-up style range of waxing strips which is the only way you can put glamour into this kind of trauma-causing activity. I love anything vintage-looking so this satisfies my need quite nicely. The range includes bikini strips, eyebrow strips, leg strips… basically any area you can pull hair off, there’s a strip for it. They all come boxed in this cute packaging so you’ll be proud to display them in your bathroom. And at only a few quid each there’s nothing stopping you from grabbing them. (I’ve seen them in Superdrug and they’re available on asos.com now.)

As for how effective they are… I would say no more or less than anything else I’ve tried (and unfortunately nothing will ever be as good as a proper salon wax) but they look cute. Which is all us girls really care about sometimes, isn’t it!


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