The Upper Hand

I believe one thing in life – a girl should always have a tube of hand cream with her wherever she goes. One of the main differences between men and women is they have crusty, dry, manky man hands while we have delightfully soft, petite, luscious lady hands. As we use and abuse our hands on a daily basis, typing at work, washing up at home, carrying our huge handbags… we should really show them some love an appreciation back. They do us well after all.

Now, most creams are so runny and oily that it puts you off applying cream more than once a fortnight because it takes that long to sink in. I hate, hate, hate those ugly pink runny lotions your Mum and Nan used to use (urgh) because they not only do absolutely nothing for your hands, but they leave you smelling like you’re living in 1956.

My top tip? Grab yourself some fabulous hand cream from L’Occitane! These hand creams come in a vintage-looking metal tube which adds a touch of class to a chore like applying hand cream. The formula is thick, non-greasy and so easy to apply. You only need a smidgeon too as a little goes a long way. I think these delicious tubes are far better value for money than cheaper alternatives as they truly leave your hands feeling soft and moisturised with a slight hint of fragrance (so much that you feel like a very elegant lay-dee.) I have to admit I first tried these when a free sample was given away with a magazine, but I love it so much I’ve popped over to Westfield shopping centre to grab me some more. Now who’s got the upper hand?


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  1. Jac
    June 9, 2011 / 11:32 pm

    I realise I'm a little late with commenting but I got this hand cream and the matching foot cream in a set for my birthday this year and I completely agree, they're very elegant looking and so creamy! They don't take too long to absorb, and a little goes a long way. Very good value for money, and a great gift idea 😉

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