Twist and Shout

The newest mascara from Rimmel is ‘1-2-3 Looks’ and I have to admit I was both intrigued and excited to try this latest innovation. From the adverts and online coverage I’ve seen it looked too good to be true – a sleek, fun mascara that offers you the personal touch that no other brand currently does.

The idea behind it is that you twist the dial to the relevant number – 1 for day, 2 for night and 3 for ultra-glam. When I first saw the pack in Superdrug I was a little disappointed… it looks quite cheap and you don’t get an awful lot for your money (as half the tube is taken up with the mechanism.) However, I went ahead and took one home to try.

I was pleasantly suprised! It’s a nice touch to be able to use the same mascara for different times of day – there was a real visible difference between the dials. Although the third dial was a bit too clumpy for me, it definately gives an ultra-voluptuous look. I always have about four different mascaras in my make-up bag and quite often use one over another to get added volume, so this new addition to the Rimmel range will most certainly save me time, space and money.

I do think this is a bit of a gimmick though that people will get bored of – it’s fun for the time being, but will we all revert back to our usual products in a few weeks? Only time will tell!


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