Take it all off

Make-up removers should be the foundation of any good beauty regime – if you don’t take off your make-up properly you’ll have a rubbish canvas to start from! There are so many products available that it’s easy just to go for the ones on offer or stick with what you know best.

Bourjois Paris have recently launched their own range of make-up removers with the idea of ‘who better to remove your make-up than a make-up brand’. The range consists of face wipes, cleanser, toner, face wash and eye-make up remover and they’re all fabulous… they smell delicious and really do the job. What’s more, they come in ‘maxi’ packs so you really do get great value for money. My personal fave is the dual-phase eye make-up remover… I used to use the one from Chanel but this is just as good and a fraction of the price. Make sure you shake it up first though or it won’t be as effective!

Get cleansing ladies : )


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