Sunday Blues

Today was London Marathon day which means sore feet, burnt faces, tired muscles and some serious SOS pampering required. I wasn’t even running the race today, but I feel knackered and in need of a good soak before I can be prepared for the week ahead. I dread to think of those absolute stars who actually dragged themselves around 26 miles of track, sweating and blistering all over the shop. So whether you ran the race or simply cheered on the sidelines, treat yourself to some Sunday night love… come Monday morning you’ll be refreshed and prepared for another five days of the daily grind.

1. Get in the bath. There’s no better way to relax, unwind and treat your aching muscles than to draw a bath. The heat will not only help your aches and pains, but also unclog your pores and leave your complexion refreshed. Why not use some bath salts (a personal preference to bubble bath as it doesn’t leave goop all over your hair and the bath itself,) like Radox Vapour Therapy which will also help to clear your head ready for Monday. They’re mega-cheap too – you can get them from most places for under £2.00 for a box.

2. Put on a hair mask. Your hair isn’t as resistant as we may think; it does need a helping hand every so often. Once a week you should be using a moisturising and nourishing hair mask to strengthen your hair and prepare it for the daily abuse it inevitably suffers! Try something like Paul Mitchell’s Super Strong Treatment which actually helps to repair internal damage and always leaves my hair with an extra glimmer. Although an investment (around £8.00 for a small bottle) and only available through professional salons, it’s well worth the effort to hunt some down.

3. Give yourself a manicure. It doesn’t take much to give your hands a good pamper – especially, if like me, you spend hours typing away at a keyboard and neglecting them. Take off all remanence of nail varnish, soak in warm water (or for extra moisture add a few tablespoons of olive oil) and file your nails neatly. Invest in a buffer (a four-sided nail tool!) to boost the circulation in your nails and create strength. Make sure you use a strengthening base coat and then paint with two coats of your fave colour. Easy peasy! It’s incredible how much better you feel with pretty hands : )

4. Get a good nights sleep. There’s nothing that makes me feel worse on a Monday morning than if I haven’t had a decent kip the night before. Knowing that most of us will have got up to no good on Saturday, our bodies still won’t be fully recovered come Sunday. It’s so important to get to bed early and make up for the lack of sleep over the weekend. If you really struggle to turn off try using a sleep mask, lavender drops on your pillow or even some herbal tablets like Kalms to help you drift off. If you’ve been running around the streets of London you’ll have passed out by now so I have no further words of wisdom!

Here’s to another five days of work, work, work. Same time, same place next week?


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