Moisturise me!

I suffer from skanky-dry-leg sydrome… they can get so bad they not only look like snake skin, but feel like it too. Sssssexy! I also suffer from a lot of allergies and for some reason moisturisers seem to set them off more than anything else. This is a bad, bad combination. I’ve spent so much dosh buying moisturisers with the hope that my skin will tolerate the formula throughout the night and go to bed praying that I won’t wake up scratching myself to death. However, salvation is upon us and I seem to have come across a product that not only helps my dry, flaky skin, but seems to actually moisturise it!

The new range from Vaseline claims to moisturise three layers of your skin for extra hydration… it’s all very complicated and ‘science-y’ so I won’t bore you with that! But what you do need to know is that the formula is lovely to apply, not at all greasy, smells delish and a little goes a long way. I really have noticed a difference over the last week too – my legs aren’t flaky at all. Ha-le-lu-jah.

I always apply moisturiser at night so that it can soak into my skin while I sleep, enabling the product to really work. The Sheer Infusion moisturiser doesn’t leave you feeling greasy the next morning and you don’t have to change your sheets every day because they’re drenched in some cheapy, runny lotion! I’ve been using the vitamin variant (just because I thought added vitamins = extra goodness) but I would happily try any of these bad boys. And for added smiles, this range seems to be on offer wherever you go at the moment too!


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