Dear Diary, today I went to Lush…

Another weekend, another afternoon spent in Lush. (Maybe I should get a hobby or just drink more?) I can’t get enough of this wonderful stuff… it’s more addictive than TicTacs. Sometimes it’s better to go in with a specific problem or idea of what you want, but this time I went in with my arms wide open shouting “take me Lush man, do what you will!”

And so he did. This time on the menu we had a fab new body scrub called Glorious Mud, which literally looks like a block of dirt you could have dug up from your garden but with added delights. While having this scrubbed on my arm in the middle of the shop I did get a few strange looks (hey, I’m game) but I was the one with the upper hand when my skin was silky smooth and smelt soooo good. With aloe vera to soothe and sesame to moisturise this is an indulgence I’ll be treating myself to on a regular basis.

Next up there was a new treat in the form of Charlotte Island body tint, something I thought you’d never be able to get from Lush but they continue to suprise me! This glorious product is best applied when mixed with a moisturiser as it then forms a tinted lotion which can be evenly spread… you can build up the colour to a really deep tan which is particularly impressive seing as it’s a natural product. Bravo Lush, bravo. And to top it all it actually smells like chocolate… mmmmm.

Now I didn’t intend to walk around Covent Garden with one tanned arm and another buffed and pale, but that’s what you get when you give yourself to the Lush team… something you don’t expect! Now, what will they have for me next time?


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  1. April 28, 2010 / 4:07 am

    could i get lush products? i am live in china, i met lush when i studied in liverpool in 2001

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