Chop Chop

I don’t normally blog about this kind of stuff as I leave the gossipy goof to the professionals… but I cannot, I say cannot, let this go by without a mention. What the hell is going on over the pond and why the hell are they all chopping off their beautiful locks?

First of all it was my mate Agyness Deyn (I say mate, but she basically pushed me out of the way at the Elle Style Awards to get to her bezza Alexa Chung) who ‘did a Britney’ and shaved her head this weekend. Now, this I can just about accept… she’s a model, she likes to be a bit edgy (I mean wierd) and it’s most likely for some kind of work project. And on the plus side, her hair is normally pretty short so it won’t take that long to grow back.

Next up is Bridget Jones herself, Miss Renee Zelwegger, who decided to take the plunge and opt for a (what I’m sure she thought was) cute pixie-ish cut. Personally I think she looks like a 14yr old Emo boy… you know the ones that have a really long fringe and look a bit like Newt from Hollyoaks. I get that she wanted to try something different and this was probably the perfect time to do it.

But this lady I have no explanation for. Stand up Hayden Panettierre and sit at the back of the class. What the bloody bleedin hell have you done to your barnett?! You had such a luscious, flowing mane that I (amongst many others) was very jealous of – if it’s good enough to nab Steve Jones it’s good enough for me. Now you look about 40, from the 1980’s and with those sideburns you may be mistaken for Wolverine.

Seriously ladies – you have stylists, you have personal hairdressers, you have sack loads of dosh, you have all the advice in the world should you need it. So why the hell do you insist on doing this to me?


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