Can I borrow a quid?

My make-up bag is full of impulse buys that seemed a good idea at the time, most of them brightly coloured or ‘fashion’ shades which go out of season very quickly. The problem with having on-trend colours is that you spend a fortune on something you only use a few times. It’s because of this that I’m extra excited about the launch of a new brand from Superdrug where every single item costs £1… yep, you read that right, just £1!

Mua Make-Up Academy launches this month and the range includes lipglosses, lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, liners, powders, nail varnish, glitters and dusts. It looks pretty sleek for something that only costs a quid too! I have yet to actually see this in the flesh (I’ve been into Superdrug today) but it’s available already on their website. I know of make-up products by Tesco and Primark already, which are also extremely cheap, but I have a perception that the quality would be awful and wouldn’t want to be seen with something so pikey (!!) but Mua has an extra air of credibility as it comes from one of the UK’s top cosmetics retailers.

Keep your eye out for this one ladies or check it out now online:


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