Here To Stay: Skincare Level Technology For Your Body

Over the last decade we've been increasingly obsessed with the skin on our faces; all manner of expensive, well-researched and super effective products have been layered onto our complexions in order to boost the appearance of that ever-changing skin. We're prepared to invest (both time and money) in looking after this visible area of our body, but what about the rest of it? For the longest time it was thought a budget cream or lotion was sufficient enough to take care of our limbs, but a new wave of ultra-effective and 'hi-tech' products are proving that may just be about to change. From 'anti-ageing' body butters to lotions enriched with super nourishing and exfoliating ingredients, this is a trend that's here to stay - and one that will leave you looking and feeling great from top to toe.

I've been a big fan of the Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion for the longest time, relying on it to help soothe away dry skin and gently exfoliate those annoying bumps that are prone to the upper arm area; the lactic acid based ingredients help to slough away dead skin that's causing dullness, dryness and pores to be blocked, leaving the surface smooth and radiant in only a few days. However, with the new Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum that offering has been rapped up a notch and bought a touch more mainstream, offering hydrated and smooth skin that's also increasingly defended from agressors.

Light in texture and almost more like a serum than a lotion, the formula is rich in Lactic Acid and Xylitol (boosting the skin's natural exfoliation process) and has the ability to attract water molecules already present in your skin to the surface. Additionally probiotics help to boost the skin's ability to look after itself (although right now their effectiveness is still debated,) making this one of the most advanced and exiting body products I've ever come across: this kind of technology and ingredients list is more akin to a serum or night treatment than it is to a body lotion. It's beautiful to apply, leaving behind a velvety smooth texture that's not at all sticky or gloopy, and I definitely noticed my skin was smoother and clearer after only a few days. Although it's expensive, it's reflective of the ingredients within and a great investment in your skin if you're prone to dullness and dryness - or simply want to get your skin in the best shape possible ahead of the warmer weather.

What I love about this concept is that we're finally extending great skincare beyond the neck, recognising the need to look after limbs as much as our faces and offering a much needed alternative to either medicated or super simplistic body creams. Anything that gives women (and men) the confidence to reveal their skin is great in my book, and this body lotion provides just that. Using it regularly will undoubtedly help to leave skin looking fabulous, even easing the process of tanning and ensuring a natural streak-free glow, so it's the perfect pre-summer body treat no matter your age. I've no doubt this is the first of many new super-dooper skincare products for your body, and the start of a movement that will change the beauty landscape forever.

What do you think about the movement towards exfoliating moisturisers? Are you tempted to give one a go?

The Ren AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum is available now, priced £35.00 



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  1. Anonymous27.4.18

    This is such a great idea and I really need to check out one of these lotions.. I get such dry legs all year round so I hope it can help.

    1. I'm sure this would help to banish any dryness, and pretty quickly too. It definitely leaves skin super smooth and more radiant!


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