Summer Loving: Six Skincare Treats To Make Being Out In The Sun Safe & Easy

We may be getting better at integrating facial SPF into our daily routines, but spritzing sunscreen onto our bodies is definitely something that gets saved for the short sunny period right in the middle of the year. Whether you're jetting off somewhere fab, choosing a staycation or just praying that you can pop down the park and catch some rays, you'll need products that will help you stay safe. Protecting your skin doesn't have to be troublesome, time consuming, sticky or complicated, thanks to a huge array of innovative products that are landing on the shelves of our local Boots. From buildable sunscreens, tinted protection, facial mists and oil based after suns, there’s definitely something to excite you this summer. I’ve chosen six of my favourites to share with you, and will definitely be packing these up with me when I jet off on holiday - if I don't use them up before then!

Vichy Ideal Soleil Invisible Hydrating Mist (£18.00)
An undeniably discrete and efficient sun protection spray, this contains no alcohol but is brimming with glycerin for optimal moisturisation all day long. It also contains emollient agents and Vichy Thermal Spa Water to leave skin refreshed, hydrated and protected simultaneously. The hydrating spray dries in seconds, leaving an invisible finish on the skin, meaning it's an absolute pleasure (rather than a chore) to apply.

That’so Pure Sun All In One (£18.95)
This incredibly innovative buildable dry sun oil provides either SPF20, SPF30 or SPF50 depending how much product you apply to the skin. All you need do is wait a little between applications, ensuring you’re safe to step out in the sun for longer. What’s even better is that the formula also includes ingredients to stimulate melanin production as well as a tanning activator, to ensure you get a golden glow with minimal sun exposure. This is the future of sun protection.

Bioderma Moisturising Anti-UV Mist (£9.00)
Somewhat of a game-changer, this lightweight mist is the first of its kind to land in the UK. A rehydrating mist that will prevent skin-ageing and shield the skin from harmful UV rays, it provides an instant dose of freshness to the skin. Enriched with a patented complex which stimulates the skin to rehydrate itself continuously, the invisible mist also contains a sunscreen patent which reinforces the skin’s own defense mechanisms. All you need is four spritzes across the face to boost skin and ensure protection throughout the day - making it easy to top up when you're out and about without having to remove makeup. I would advise that this isn't worn alone though; take it with you on day trips as a top-up and definitely don't apply it when on the beach.

Piz Buin Protect & Cool Refreshing Sun Mousse (£9.00)
If you hate the feeling of applying creamy, runny lotion over your hot and sweaty skin, then you’ll be pleased to know this is a cooling and refreshing alternative. When spritzed onto skin the bottle delivers a light and cooling foam that absorbs effortlessly, leaving skin feeling fresh. The slightly crackling sound and bubbling texture makes applying sun protection fun - so definitely one for the kids too! Free from alcohol, the hydrating formulation is instantly absorbing, non-greasy, non-sticky and doesn’t leave white marks.

Vichy Ideal Soleil In Shower After Sun Oil (£13.00)
After suns are often overlooked, but they're actually an incredibly important addition to your summer suncare routine. When sat in the sun skin can become dehydrated and damaged, so an after sun can inject an essential amount of moisture and goodness while preventing peeling. If you're not keen on lathering a cream all over your body, then try this lightweight in-shower oil which works super fast even on wet skin. Either apply the oil direct onto dry skin, or massage into exposed areas while you're washing in the shower; skin is left smooth without any greasy texture.

Vita Liberata Phenomenal Marula Self Tan Oil With SPF50 (£39.00)
Introducing the world’s first self tan dry oil with added SPF50 sun protection. This beautifully packaged dry tanning oil contains certified organic ingredients condition and nourish the skin, offering a skincare regime while tanning and protecting. East African Marula Oil provides superior anti-aging and hydrating benefits (it’s four times more hydrating than Argan Oil and contains four times more Vitamin C than oranges,) as well as Tahitian Monoi Oil for healing, skin repair and additional moisture locking. It glides over skin to offer a beautifully bronzed result, while offering high performance sun protection simultaneously, meaning you’ll never have to go to the beach looking pasty pale again.

Have you tried any of these picks? Which one excites you the most?

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  1. Such a great post. It is so important to cover up when out and about - even if it just a little overcast.



  2. Get me some of that tan oil...now! I'm obsessed with fake tan at the moment (and trying to make it look as natural as possible) and this looks like a great new product to try.

    I'm a huuuge fan of St Tropez gradual tan lotion, too.

    xx ♥ La Coco Noire

    1. I used it for so many years, but now it just reminds me of being an orange twenty something!

  3. I love a refreshing mist and I've been really enjoying the one from Nu skin :D Vichy thermal water is always a fab option for summer too...too bad summer and London just don't go together :( #upset
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Love the idea of a mist! I have never used an After Sun product, thinking they were gimmicky. I will be sure to incorporate them into my routine now. Thank you for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. If you've been sunbathing/are on holiday, they can really help prevent peeling and inject the moisture lost throughout the day.

  5. Anonymous2.6.16

    Does any one of these work, (i.e. isn't greasy) on the scalp?

    1. I haven't tried personally, but you're probably better off trying a facial SPF as they'll be lighter and designed to absorb very quickly/use under makeup.


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