I have a mild obsession with Pinterest, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the folks over at Pinterest UK; they've now trained me up to be an ambassador to speak and train of their behalf. Today I wanted to share with you seven things that you can do with the platform that you might not already know about. Since announcing my partnership with Pinterest I've been inundated with questions from fellow bloggers, so in the spirit of helping the community get to grips with this somewhat addictive yet fabulous platform, here are few little tips that might help you along the way.



Scentered Therapy Balm: Taking A Moment Out To Rebalance Your Mind

The struggles, strains and challenges that face women (and men) every day place very unique and varied pressures on all of us; these daily balancing acts have unsurprisingly left stress levels at their peak. Time-poor women are juggling an ever-growing number of roles, so taking a moment to reset is ever more important. Scentered is a new brand that allows you to take a moment for yourself, reset your mood and transform the way you feel, 'breathing renewed positivity into a busy lifestyle'. Divided into five well-being categories, each with a combination of active ingredients specifically selected to target a variety of lifestyle concerns, the portfolio tackles lack of focus, fatigue, stress and more. The impracticality of other aromatherapy products on the market has left a massive gap to fill and Scentered do it perfectly; their non-greasy solid sticks can be applied direct to pulse points or simply inhaled for a moment of clarity - there's no messy, greasy, leaking bottles or the need to understand the quantities you should be working with, just a beautifully scented solid stick that holds the secret to a clear and happy mind.



The Tool With A Hole: EcoTools Air Dryer Hair Brush, For Faster Drying?

Drying and styling my hair in the morning takes up a fair proportion of my 'getting ready' time. I can get away with an extra thirty minutes between the sheets if I don't have to spend time taming my tresses, so anything that helps speed up that process is definitely welcome. For the last few days I've been putting this innovative brush to the test that claims to dry hair 40% faster than a regular tool, which inevitably has a positive impact on the amount of heat damage that hair is subjected to. (Less time with a hairdryer in hand, less heat damage to the hair!) The EcoTools Air Dryer Hair Brush has been specifically designed to speed up the drying process, detangling right out of the shower thanks to 'anti-tangle' bristles that nurture the hair and scalp. So far so good, but how did it actually stand up against my usual paddle brush?


TOPSHOP x OLYMPUS Summer School: Come Learn How To Take Awesome Product Shots With Me!

Do you love photography, but don't quite know how to refine your skills? Do you wish you could take snaps like a pro, but are unsure of how to set up the perfect shot? This June the fabulous people at Topshop have teamed up with Olympus to offer a series of free workshops to help you do just that; running from their Oxford Circus flagship, there's a portfolio of sessions designed to meet your every photography need. From shooting street style to understanding architecture, going right back to basics and even getting to grips with the manual settings, these are invaluable resources that are perfect for any budding bloggers. And if you've always wanted to know the best ways to shoot products or create images for your beauty blog, then you're in luck... Because I'm hosting a session to help you do just that!



The Innovative Bronzer I Can't Get Enough Of: YSL Les Sahariennes Blur Bronzer

Contouring has taken off in the last couple years, with the high street being full to the brim with every kind of bronzer and shading product imaginable. Although most of us would like to embrace our sunkissed side and benefit from a little airbrushing, few are willing to embrace the Kardashian approach. The majority of products I've tried are heavy, hard to blend, feature intimidating tones and are tricky to get your head around; although opting for a hard-to-find paler shade is one way to integrate bronzing into your daily routine, the texture has as much of an impact on the end result as the colour. YSL have just launched an innovative cream-to-powder formula that's a beauty junkie's dream, providing seven buildable tones that can be blended, buffed and sculpted for the perfect finish.



Like mineral foundations before it, the BB Cream took the world by storm and gradually became accepted as a fundemental part of many beauty regimes. After the first UK BB Cream was launched by Garnier some years ago, many more brands followed suit and ensured the rich texture and hydrating qualities were loved by their customers. Although I take for granted that everyone knows the wonder these products can offer, it seems that many of you are still confused as to what a BB Cream actually is - and why you need one. So seeing as it's the forth most googled beauty question, here's the lowdown on BB Creams and how you should be using them.



Product of The Week: Chapstick Mixstix Double-Ended Balm

Cherry ChapSticks remind me of being a teenager and listening to Savage Garden on repeat. Those little tubes of fruity scented balm were the height of fashion fifteen years ago, but they've not really evolved in the decades since. On the one hand I love that I can still pick up a product I loved back in the day, but on the other I always wanted them to shake things up a bit and surprise us all with a little innovation. My subconscious requests have now been answered with these cute double-ended fruity balms which definitely put a little fun back into the ChapStick brand again; available in two different flavours, you can either apply each end individually or layer them for a 'smoothie' like result that's perfectly timed for the holiday season.


NEW Urban Decay 'Revolution High Impact Colour' Lipgloss: A Long-Lasting, Creamy Finish

My lipgloss collection is vast, so when I keep reaching for something day after day you know it's offering something a little bit special. Urban Decay are well known for their expansive colour collection and lust-worthy packaging, but their new Revolution High Impact Colour Lipgloss takes that to a whole new level. These delicious looking packs contain an opaque, saturated, high-impact colour with an arresting, high-gloss finish - it brings the best of your favourite lipstick, alongside a wearable, creamy and glossy finish. Paired with a precise applicator, metallic pack and true-to-colour barrel, these twelve colours are definitely something to be reckoned with. 



A Sorbet Delight For Summer: New Shades of My Favourite Clinique Cheek Pop Blush

When the original Cheek Pops launched from Clinique last Spring, the beauty would collectively gasped and fawned over the beautiful floral pans that lay before them. (Read my original feature here.) A year on and they're still the prettiest blushers I've ever come across, remaining a firm favourite that I reached for as soon as the weather started to turn a little warmer; the tones within the collection are perfectly designed for spring and summer, offering up shades that add a just touch of flush. This summer Clinique are expanding their colour portfolio further by releasing a further six shades, all of which are equally as beautiful and delicate as the originals. These two Cheek Pops offer a preview of the kind of colours you can expect, the sorbet-inspired peach and pink pans providing a delicate touch that helps to subtly brighten skin.


The Social Slot: Six Fabulous 'Bloggers To Watch' This May, From Every Genre

Although I've got a number of bloggers in my 'favourites' list, it's always good to shake things up and discover something new. Sometimes a fresh outlook, a new perspective and a different take can provide the best source of inspiration for your own site - as well as providing a great source of new reading material to past the time when there's nothing on the telly. Every month I'll be bringing you a short edit of bloggers to watch, with a quick summary of why they're worth checking out. This May it's the turn of six fabulous ladies with lots to say...



Shiny Skin Be Gone? New From Benefit: The Porefessional License To Blot

Long-lasting, non-shiny makeup can be a tricky thing to master, but Benefit are making it their mission to ensure it's a very real possibility. Following the launch of the best selling primer in the UK and the follow-up 'Zero Shine' powder, The Porefessional franchise is expanding even further with the introduction of a new innovative product that's designed to slip into your bag. The Porefessional 'License To Blot' is an oil-blotting stick that features 'tiny invisible blotting spheres' to mattify shine and remove oiliness instantly; according to Benefit, the result stays put for up to six hours, targeting shiny t-zones to help your makeup look refreshed when you're on the go. After this has been teased across social media channels for the last couple of months (and became the most requested product from my Periscope audience!) it's no doubt there's a huge amount of anticipation surrounding it's launch in a couple of weeks. So how does it actually stand up?



My New (Rather Unexpected) Summer Fragrance: Calvin Klein Eternity Summer

Every summer season I get a bit excited about changing up my fragrance wardrobe, but often the same names pop up and re-launch a seasonal favourite that's hard to resist. Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Jo Malone... All brands that launch refreshing alternatives and help us transition into the warmer months with comforting predictability. However, it's nice to branch out a little and embrace something unexpected; I haven't worn a Calvin Klein scent since the late 90's, but when this bottle landed on my desk I was intrigued enough to spritz a little on my pulse points. The understated bottle hides a scent that's described as the embodiment of 'losing yourself in the beauty of the horizon where the expansive and endless sea flows into the colorful summer sky,' making it the perfect accompaniment to long summer days.




There are certain things we just automatically presume we know how to do (such as brushing our teeth, combing our hair and taking a bath,) but have you ever wondered if your age old method of washing your hair is actually the best? It may seem like the simplest part of our routine and hard to get wrong, but you could be making some mistakes in the shower that have an impact on how your hair feels and looks when it's dried. Lathering up and refining your routine can really make a difference to the condition of your barnet - so how often (and how) should you really be washing your hair?


Introducing Appleyard London's Beautiful Bouquets: Plus Win A Year's Supply Worth £500!

Flowers, without question, always put a smile on my face. Whether it's a cheap and cheerful bunch of daffodils I pick up with my shopping, or an unexpected delivery to celebrate a special occasion, a floral arrangement always brightens a room and brings my home to life. I've inherited my love for all things green from my mother, constantly filling every vase with some kind of arrangement while re-arranging my balcony and ensuring it looks its floral best. Appleyard London (the UK's premier luxury online flower delivery service) offer a huge variety of bouquets and gifts to ensure the recipient is left feeling incredibly special, while treasuring an arrangement that's been put together with love and care. From their couture collections and 'flowers of the season', to shabby chic arrangements and hampers that come with tasty treats, it's easy to get carried away. You can shop by occasion, price, flower or season, ensuring you find the perfect way to show you care.



Product Of The Week: Olivia Palermo For Ciate London Limited Edition Paint Pot

Celebrity collaborations are ten a penny, but when a nail powerhouse that's known for pushing the boundaries while remaining aspirational partners with a fashion darling, then it's definitely noteworthy. It was announced earlier this year that Olivia Palermo was undertaking a 'Guest Creative Director' role within Ciate London, so it was a natural progression for that editorship to evolve into a self-titled limited edition collection of nail paints that encompassed everything about her love for fashion and glamour. The first of four exclusive collections to launch includes three paint pots, selected by Olivia as the most wearable and fashion forward shades for all skin tones. The shades include this beautiful 'perfect red' called 'Hutch' as well as nude 'Sundays' and a delicious coral named 'Nantucket'.


The New Big Thing In Hair: Maria Nila Colour Refresh Treatment & Care

The hair category is having a bit of a moment. For too long the new brands and product launches have left no lingering feeling of excitement within me, chruning out the same old thing in a new pack and calling it an industry revalation. However, things are about to change... A plethora of new hair products and groundbreaking brands are about to hit the market, offering benefits that take influence from the skincare category. First up is a brand hailing from Stockholm with over 30 years of experience within the hair industry; Maria Nila offers a wide range of exclusive colour-protecting haircare and styling products that aim to create beautiful styles and the most perfect of results. If you dye your hair or are simply concerned with keeping your natural tones looking their best, then Maria Nila offers the solutions you'd expect from your hair products (adding volume, smoothing, targeting dryness) with added colour care properties in every bottle.



NEW From YSL: Vernis À Lèvres 'Pop Water' (For Colour, Shine & A Weightless Feel)

I'm a genuine fan of the YSL glossy lip stains and their ability to add a touch of colour and shine without weighing lips down. Since their launch they've been a firm favourite within my collection, providing a great compromise when lipstick is too much but gloss is to little. This summer they're expanding their collection with a third incarnation of the innovative concept: Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water. It's not a catchy name, but the formula is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, providing great pigment that actually stains the lips simultaneously. These are glossier than the original and provide a real pop of colour, giving the illusion that you're wearing something heavier without drying the lips or becoming uncomfortable over time.


Let's Get Out There & Have #SummerGoodTimes With Boots UK: Top Tips For Looking Fabulous

With the arrival of longer days, warmer nights and holiday season comes the need to freshen up your routine and try something new. The summer months are all about bright colours, flawless glowing skin and experimentation - as well as a little buffing and tanning to ensure those pins are looking fabulous! Boots UK, Britain's much loved high street giant that always helps with your every beauty emergency, want to help people get out there and make the most of their summer. Their latest campaign is all about #SummerGoodTimes and it stars someone you may recognise! I've teamed up with Boots to film a series of short snippets that will help every one of you try something new or learn a top tip that will see you through the next season and beyond. From blending your foundation correctly and applying a touch of highlighter, to painting your toes and experimenting with a bold colour around the eye, lets all get out there and make the most of the summer...



Essential Nail Care Products To Help Keep Your Talons Looking Tip Top

If I was a very wealthy woman I would undoubtedly pay for a manicurist to look after my hands on a weekly basis. Using my digits for a living puts them under immense strain, causing my hands to become dry and my cuticles somewhat embarrassing after only a couple of days away from the manicurist's chair; my nails often split and chip, while polish only lasts a couple of days before looking worse for wear. As a result I've built up a portfolio of products I rely upon to keep my hands looking as good as possible, while ensuring any essential maintenance is kept as faff-free and quick to manage. It may not be glamorous, but these are the products I rely on to keep my hands in as good a condition as I can muster between manicures. 



Dirty Works Soothing Cucumber Eye Pads: The Answer To Tired Eyes And A Long Day?

The first sign of a dodgy nights sleep or a really long day is that 'warm' and sleepy feeling around the eyes. If my eyes feel like they need to close and rest up, then there's little hope of a productive day or much longer than thirty minutes watching telly before I start to slip off to the land of nod... So anything that can help me perk up is always welcome. Although I do have some rather pricey solutions and hard working products that provide a helping hand, sometimes all you need is a couple of minutes with a slice of cucumber. These cute eye pads from Dirty Works provide the best of a cooling slice without having to raid the veg drawer; with cucumber extract and soothing aloe vera, the pre-moistened eye pads relieve and rejuvenate peepers that have fallen victim to puffiness and dark circles.



Quick & Easy 'Chuck It In A Pot' Red Thai Curry Stew (Gluten & Dairy Free Too!)

I've never been much of a cook, surviving at University off a toastie maker and progressing to microwave meals in my early twenties. However, as I've got older and more interested in what I put in my body (in addition to what I put on it,) I've picked up more of an interest in food. Maybe it's the fact I can't eat dairy, maybe it's the fact I'm a little more educated, or maybe it's the fact I'm actually at home more and have the time to make dinners - rather than just shoving something in a heated box for four minutes. I want to eat tasty and delicious food that's good for me, that will fuel my body and benefit my mind; I want to create something I can enjoy that little bit more knowing I made it, rather than a robot in Tesco's factory. The only problem is that I'm incredibly impatient, which is where this incredibly tasty and easy-as-pie red thai curry stew comes in. If you don't like to spend more than ten minutes prepping and faffing around in the kitchen, then this is for you: it's so simple your dog could make it, is full of goodness and protein, plus it's completely gluten and dairy free too.


COMPETITION: Innovative Antibacterial Toothbrushes From Nano-B (Infused With Gold, Silver & Charcoal For A Deeper Clean!)

The toothbrush may have been around for hundreds of years, but the technology behind it and the basic design hasn't moved on much since its initial inception - until now. Although electric toothbrushes have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, Nano-B have turned what we know about the manual toothbrush on its head to offer an innovative and effective alternative. Each of the bristles within each head are coated with nano-sized particles of either silver, gold or bamboo charcoal to offer antibacterial and cleansing properties from totally natural sources. These microscopic particles release negatively charged ions that penetrate bacterial cells, suppressing the cell’s respiration and metabolism. This kills bacteria and prevents further growth on your toothbrush, meaning the Nano-B bristles are resistant to any airborne bacteria. Not only do they look super swish, but they're really effective too - who knew a toothbrush could be so exciting!




Living with adult acne can be emotionally exhausting. Not only does it have a significant impact on our confidence and the way we perceive ourselves, but it can have an even greater impact on our relationships with others. Although it can be embarrassing tackling pimples and pustules when we're way out of our teenage years and starting families of our own, it's nothing to be ashamed of: it effects one in five women aged 25-40. However, there's a difference between an unsightly spot every so often and a serious issue that needs slightly more care and attention. Continuing my 'top googled beauty questions' series, here is a simple explanation of why you may be experiencing acne and what you can do to tackle it.



Just In Time For Summer: New Shades Of 'Speedy Quick Dry' Nail Paint From Barry M

Barry M are a brand that's sitting firmly on top of the nail polish tower, showing no signs of slowing down or changing direction. They're unrivalled kings of the nail category, offering customers an affordable way to update their look and dip their toe into the latest season's trends. In February they launched their 'Speedy Nail' collection of polish (read my original review here,) providing a portfolio of spring colours that included wearable and on-trend tones, but this May they're extending the range with six new colours and textures for those of you that desire something a little stronger. Although the original line-up was incredibly 'pastel', these six shades pack a punch and lean towards the tropical tones you often see on the high street come summer. All that, and they're still touch dry in only a couple of minutes!


Product Of The Week: Burt's Bees Lip Balm (A One Stop Shop For Fabulous Lips)

The primary purpose of lip balm is to help seal moisture into lips and protect them from external exposure. Wind, cold temperatures and air conditioning all have a drying effect on skin by drawing moisture away from the body; lips are particularly vulnerable because the skin is so thin.  However, the active ingredients in some lip balms can actually dry out the lips themselves, making way for a vicious circle whereby we become reliant on the product to stop our pout feeling sore. Ingredients such as alcohol, camphor and phenol dry quickly and cause the moisture in lips to evaporate; salicylic acid is often added to remove dead, dry skin from the surface, but for some sensitive souls it can leave lips dry and peeling. Furthermore, excessive scents or colouring can irritate the delicate top layer of the lips - so those cherry pop flavours may be doing more harm than good. It's because of all of these factors that I'm such a fan of Burts Bees lip balms; their lightweight formulas include the benefit of 100% natural ingredients and bees wax harvested to seal in moisture. Available in a multitude of flavours and offering a huge array of benefits, these little wonder tubes are well deserving recipients of my 'product of the week' accolade.




My skincare collection is possibly bigger than Boots, offering me everything I could ever need and more at arms length. Because face creams, serums, toners and such like take such a long time to put to the test (you really need at least 4-6 weeks to see a difference,) it minimises the amount I can actually trial and review effectively within a set period of time. Murad had been a brand on my radar for some time, but in all honestly I didn't think it was for me - I had a perception of it being overly-clinical, too expensive and just not relevant to my age or lifestyle. A few months later and I've had to eat my words, having finally embarked on a fully immersive Murad experience; a couple of serums, moisturisers, night cream, toner, SPF and facial later and I'm 100% a convert. As America's first authentic doctor developed brand that set the tone for the hundreds that followed, Murad remains true to the scientific principles of its founder (world renowned dermatologist Howard Murad, M.D) while ensuring it's helping people look and feel their best.


Healthier, Stronger & Longer Looking Lashes With RapidLash: Be Part Of The LBQ Challenge!

They say our eyes are the windows to our soul, but our lashes are definitely the key to a perfect flutter. Over the years I've spent hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds in search of the perfect mascara to help my lash line look fuller and more lengthened, even investing in lash extensions and too many packs of fake lashes to mention. There's something about a full and striking set of lashes that makes me feel ready to face the day; it provides me with confidence, helps to widen my eyes keeps me looking young - apparently a rich lash line is associated with youth and vitality, which is why the quest for it has become a multi million pound industry! But what if you could achieve a better flutter by focusing on the lashes beneath the makeup, working with the foundation upwards to ensure your natural lash line is the best it can be? That's where RapidLash (the first eyelash enhancing serum to hit the UK market back in 2010) comes in; the clinically-proven and paraben-free serum helps improve the overall appearance and condition of your lashes in as little as four weeks. It can help provide your lashes with a much needed boost, ensuring a simple and effective solution that really does have a big impact on more than just your lash line.




I've been having conversations with fellow bloggers about what could be 'the next big thing' for some time, speculating that what we'd be obsessed with in six months time simply hadn't been invented yet. We didn't know what this would be (a new format, a new social media platform, a new app or simply a new way of having conversations,) but it's become apparent in the last week that it's undoubtedly Periscope. If you don't know anything about this soon-to-be-revolution, then essentially it's a Twitter-owned app that allows you to live broadcast what you're up to while having real-time conversations with followers. They can tap on the screen to show their love and give you 'hearts' (not unlike a Twitter favourite or Facebook like,) or simply type in a comment or question that you can respond to verbally. It's an incredible way to not only broadcast and provide added insight, but to have real-time conversations with readers that's simply been unobtainable before now.



Teen Favourite 'Montagne Jeunesse' Re-Brands As 7th Heaven: Women Of A Certain Age Weep!

If there was one product to sum up my teenage years, then undoubtedly it would be Montagne Jeunesse face masks. The brightly coloured and sweet smelling concoctions made me feel like a total princess, offering more of a 'girls night in' moment rather than any hardworking skincare benefits. Well into my twenties I reached for these little packets everytime I popped into Superdrug, indulging in a little 'me time' on a Saturday night before I hit the town. I love the fact they haven't changed much over the years, retaining their sense of fun and acting as a great introduction to skincare; I'm pretty sure this was the first brand that taught me about removing impurities from the skin! However, thirty years since their launch they've re-branded with a rather controversial name. Montagne Jeunesse is no more, but 7th Heaven is apparently here to stay.


Oh Lush I've Missed You: 200 Exclusive New Products Hit The New Oxford Street Flagship

My local Lush store used to be the place I would wander down to when I had an hour to kill, taking in the aromas and picking up another five bath bombs I really had no need for. However, the last year or so I've fallen a little out of love with them because the products just didn't leave me feeling excited; I felt like they were just going through the motions, rather than injecting the passion we'd come to expect from one of the UK's most loved brands. It seems they had something major up their sleeve (which explains the lack of focus on other areas somewhat) - a four story flagship store on London's Oxford Street, that features over 200 exclusive products and even a soft play 'creative' area for kids! Having just opened their doors to the public, this new store will inevitably totally change the game for Lush; it's a complete treasure trove of pampering amazingness that will thoroughly reignite your passion for a brand that's changed the beauty industry over the last decade.



For The Love Of Juice: Yummy Healthy Drinks From 'Plenish' That You Can Also Make At Home

In the last few years the juicing market has absolutely exploded in a fashion not seen since the world started embracing selfies. (Well, maybe...) I've undertaken juice cleanses which promised to leave my skin and body feeling revitalised, green juice detoxes that claimed to get my metabolism under control and even invested in at-home blending equipment to ensure I'm getting a daily dose of goodness even when I'm rushing about and surviving on popcorn and lattes. I have a great love for juicing, not only because it's easy to integrate into my incredibly busy lack-of-routine, but because it's a tasty way to ensure you're feeding your tummy with the nutrients it needs. Although many of the juices on the market appear to be 'healthy' options, most contain a huge amount of sugar and use non-organic ingredients. However, Plenish provide a great (and affordable) alternative that ensures your body is fed effectively without overdosing on sugar and chemicals; all their ingredients are organic and there's even a handy accompanying book to provide a little education on how the body works, which juice is right for your needs and how to concoct the perfect drink to enjoy at home. Plenish is much more than just another juicing company - this is a way of life.


Join The Debate: Cream Vs Powder? Pledge Your Allegiance & WIN With Collection Cosmetics

With the blossoms blooming on the trees, the smell of fake tan in the air and sales of hair removal products going through the roof, it's definitely the transitional period where we move from the old season to the new. Although we often shake up our wardrobes and even amend our beauty regimes, our makeup often gets forgotten about; it's easy to keep the same products within your repertoire from one season to the next, when a couple of small changes could make a huge difference to your look. Just in time for spring, Collection present two new launches that are all about achieving a radiant complexion: the Speedy Blush Sticks (a cream blush trio) and Gorgeous Glow (a highlighting powder duo) together provide the update you need to ensure you're looking fabulous with little effort required. But which will you pledge your allegiance to... Cream or powder?



Vichy Purete Thermale: Three Cleansing Solutions For Refreshed & Silky Smooth Skin

Cleansing is definitely having a moment in the beauty world. Who would have thought five years ago we would get as excited over a new cleansing balm as a lipstick, or have as many cleansing oils and micellar waters as we do fragrances? It's clear to see the benefit of a great cleansing routine when your complexion is brighter, clearer and smoother - makeup applies better, pimples are minimised and you glow from within. Vichy have long been a brand known for their expert skincare, but in 2015 they're upping their game and re-branding a lot of their best selling products in order to appeal to a younger demographic. This spring they're not only launching a new Cleansing Micellar Oil, but two firm favourites have been on the receiving end of a facelift; together they provide a trio of tools that ensure my complexion is as smooth and clear as a baby's bottom.



In a series of new posts, I'm going to be tackling the top ten most googled beauty questions in an attempt to provide all the answers you'll ever need in one place. First up is the dreaded question of stretch marks, something that all of us will suffer with at some point in our lives - be it the result of weight gain or pregnancy. Stretch marks are narrow streaks or lines that occur on the surface of the skin, with the tummy, bum, breasts and thighs most often affected. They're often red or purple to start with, before gradually fading to a silvery-white colour that's less obvious, but no more confidence draining. Stretch marks are (unsurprisingly) the result of the skin suddenly stretching: the middle layer of skin (dermis) breaks in places, allowing the deeper layers to show through. This results in that slightly odd appearance and texture that's both difficult to conceal and can have a big impact on the clothes we wear - especially as it's about to become swimwear season. Although there's no magic answer to ridding yourself of any pesky stretch marks, there are some things you can do to minimise their appearance and help reduce visibility over time.



Product Of The Week: Too Faced 'Pink Leopard' Bronzer (Plus A Few Shade Alternatives!)

Introducing this new series has really made me think about the products I want to recommend, helping to cut through the noise of newness and really focus on additions that have made a big difference to my beauty regime. Although I have some fabulous bronzers in my collection, many of them are too dark to start using pre-July - unless I want to look like I’ve come out of a Kim Kardashian contouring lesson. If you’re of the paler skin variety, or simply want to opt for a more subtle result, it can be quite tricky hunting down the products that work for you. However, since an array of Too Faced bronzers landed on my desk I’ve definitely been channeling my inner sunkissed goddess and applying a touch of powder across my face daily. What I really love about their ‘bronzer wardrobe’ is the sheer volume and variety on offer, ensuring there’s a product for every skin tone and beauty demand. Although there are lots of different tones to choose from, it’s this beautifully decorated ‘Pink Leopard’ variety that caught my eye; it offers the benefit of three different tones for a more natural glow and buildable finish, while simultaneously looking beautiful.


Introducing Sabon: The Newest Indulgent Body Pampering Brand To Hit London

Discovering new brands is a big part of my daily life, but rarely does a concept leave me as excited and intrigued as Sabon. In the summer of 1997 two young visionaries began making soap in their home, guided by an ancient aboriginal recipe they had stumbled upon during their travels. After meticulously blending various local herbs and flowers into their magical mixture of fragrant oils, this mouthwatering soap was sliced into hearty chunks and given to loved ones. Today, with the same love and creativity, Sabon has expanded to include delightful and dreamy products for the body, the home and the soul. Available across the world in over 130 stores, finally this brand have landed in London's Covent Garden - the corner of the city that's fast becoming the beauty capital. Their store is a treasure trove of beautiful body scrubs, shower oils, creams, lotions, fragrances, candles, skin care and so much more; every product has clearly been developed with love to offer visitors something that appeals to our inner sense of homeliness, thanks to their apothecary-style bottles and hand-written labels.



Hairfinity Takes London: Strong & Healthy Hair From Within (And Loved By The Kardashians)

Long, strong and healthy looking hair can have an incredible impact on our confidence; stepping out with a bouncy barnet instantly puts a spring in our step and a smile on our face. My never-ending search for the perfect products has yet to yield results, meaning I've started to rely on a little helping hand from hair extensions - but what if you could achieve fabulous results just by taking a couple of vitamins every day? Hairfinity is a haircare vitamin complex that's been created to quickly achieve healthier, longer and stronger hair from within. Using the safest, most natural ingredients that are proven to treat from the inside out, Hairfinity is so easy to integrate into your routine and truly effective. That's why Kim and Khloe Kardashian are fans of the brand, having seen great results themselves from taking the supplements daily. Last November they flew over to London to attend the UK launch of this fabulous new brand and share their stories, and you may have seen a little snippet in last night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians! What better way to kick off a new brand than with a worldwide debut on one of the most popular shows of a generation...




Blogging has provided a platform by which we can connect with those of similar interests, sharing experiences and thoughts on a daily basis with people we'd never meet if it wasn't for the beauty of the internet. With the bloggersphere expanding at an unprecedented rate, it's easy to get lost in a sea of sites and wonder what to do next to ensure you're standing out from the crowd. Although there's no definitive way to run a blog (that's the beauty of blogs - they're individual) there are some things I often experience bloggers doing that make their journey a little bit tougher. 'Advice' posts are ten a penny, but they mostly provide an indication of what you *should* be doing rather than what you could be doing wrong without realising. There's no right or wrong way to do anything, but there are tweaks you can make to ensure your journey is as smooth and effective as possible. So, in the most light-hearted and non-preechy way I could muster, here are ten things you may be doing wrong that you might not know about until someone tells you...



NEW From Too Faced: Light Filtering Photo-Enhancing Powder For Selfie Lovers

With digital and social media changing the way we live our lives completely, it's no surprise that makeup brands are starting to cash in on the trend for selfies. More than ever before our faces are splashed across the internet, filtered within an inch of their lives and cropped to provide the perfect angle while concealing those unflattering bingo wings. If you ever wonder why we can't all walk around with the Made In Chelsea filter on us 24/7, then Too Faced may have something that's right up your street. Their new 'Selfie Powder' palette contains three tones of understated and lightweight powder to help create a 'filter' effect on the skin: brightening 'Sunrise', bronzing 'Totally Toasted' and cooling 'Moon River'. A perfect example of a brand being totally forward thinking and at the forefront of beauty trends, I've no doubt that this will appeal to every social media addict simply because of the name and concept.




Facials have long been perceived as an infrequent indulgence that's often the result of a gift, spa day or skin emergency. As they can be quite expensive and require a couple of hours out of your day, they often slip to the bottom of our priority list. However, a regular facial will not only provide an enforced few hours of relaxation and pampering, but provide you with targeted and invaluable advice for you to continue implementing yourself at home. There's nothing quite like an hour with an incredibly experienced skin expert, listening to them diagnose any issues and provide advice on products or routines; if you've ever suffered with breakouts, dryness, enlarged pores or uneven tone, then they could provide bespoke recommendations that only an appointment with a dermatologist could provide.

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