Hair removal is one of the most unglamorous parts of any routine, but it's the one thing that can cause the most issues if we don't pay attention. Although I dabble in depilatory creams, epilating and waxing, inevitably I always end up reaching for the razor when I've neglected my limbs and need to rock a skirt. I'm awful at remembering to change my razor (I dread to think how long they stay in my shower before I finally give in and swap them in for a new one,) and it seems that I'm not alone. Research conducted by new razor delivery service Friction Free Shaving found that 94% of women fail to change their razor blades on a weekly basis, despite the advice of skin experts who advocate ‘changing the razor blade each time you shave’. Apparently women change their razor blades 60% less frequently than men, with 82% citing cost as the key barrier - unsurprising seeing that the average price of a branded four pack of razor refills is £10.99. But why is it so important to keep your tools top notch and how can this new service help?

Well you wouldn't use a knackered toothbrush and expect it to do the job properly... Using fresh, clean and sharp razors isn't just important in the prevention of cuts and stubbly legs, but it's vitally important to ensure the health of our skin too. Bacteria on old and blunt razor blades has been linked to skin irritation such as folliculitis and inflammation of the hair follicle, while ingrown hairs are increasingly common. Shockingly it's reported that roughly 60% of women experience health concerns due to shaving, while 75% experience irritation; it's about time we started to look after our legs, armpits and lady bits in a much better way.

Friction Free Shaving has been designed to directly challenge our relationship with our razor, actively encouraging us to swap over-used blades and use a fresh one on a weekly basis. For as little as just £3.00 a month, Friction Free Shaving offers women a high quality razor handle with four fresh cartridges delivered to your door monthly – enough for a new one each week. These aren't cheap and cheerful models though: you can choose from two, three or five blade models, with a choice of white, neon pink and rose gold metal handles too. Because there's no branding, the razors are so much more affordable than what we're used to seeing on the high street; I know I'm always put off by the price of razor blades, but this provides an accessible way to look after your bits while not needing to take out a second mortgage.

The box is small enough to fit through your letterbox and totally discrete, meaning no embarrassing conversations with your postie. The razors themselves are great quality and what you'd expect from a brand twice the price point - especially the five blade razor (pictured,) which feels like a high tech number that glides over my limbs with ease. Friction Free Shaving has also been designed to combat the overtly glamourized, sexualized and unrealistic shaving products and adverts targeted at women; I don't particularly want a glittery pink razor marketed to me in a way that makes me feel inadequate for not having the legs of J.Lo - I want a razor that just does the job in the best way possible. This is what Friction Free Shaving is all about. I love the idea of this service and will totally be signing up myself, as well as encouraging my mates to do the same. Beauty boxes have long been a convenient and fun way of reciving new products in the post, so getting your razors delivered to your door is just an extension of something we already love.

What do you think of this new service from Friction Free Shaving? Are you guilty of negleting your razor? Do you often suffer from irritation because of old tools?

The 'Friction Free Shaving' subscription service is available from £3.00 a month. Find more info on their website: frictionfreeshaving.com (Get 50% off your first month with code FFSLAUNCH2015)

*research was conducted on 500 women in Birmingham City Centre July/August 2015 

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  1. My sensitive skin and legs have always had a hard time with any razor I have tried. Maybe I'll give this a shot!


  2. Stop shaving, start waxing, and when in a hurry use a depilator like Braun/Philips. So much better for the skin and the wallet ;)

  3. I love how my legs feel after a wet shave but unfortunately it's not really something I can do because I suffer with awful rashes. I did go back to wet shaving in the summer when my electric razor broke and kept it up for a while but I started to worry about the damage that the rashes and subsequent scratching might be doing to my skin. The itching also drives me crazy! Something like this might be good for me to try because I could go for five blades to minimise irritation and changing them regularly would ensure they were as sharp as possible which might also help x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  4. Such a fantastic idea!! it looks so sleek and awesome plus i love the name haha!


  5. Will keep an eye out for this - I always end up going back to shaving as it's the only hair-removal method that either doesn't cause ingrowns or burn my skin/leave a mark (my skin's too sensitive for hair removing cream)... however, at this point I'm like sod it and now I'm saving up for laser hair removal lol.

    – Lubna | The Digital Review

  6. Brilliant post!!! I'm definitely guilty of leaving my razor in the shower and just using it each n every time without even thinking about it!!! Oopppsss!!!! :( Maybe I should sign myself up ay!?!?! :P

    Cheers Hayley =) xxx

  7. OMG thank you for sharing this! Definitely going to give it a whirl! Cost is definitely why I only change mine once a month. But with this I can have such better results! I'll definitely be signing up thank you.



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