There are few brands that are as polarising and controversial as 'intimate hygiene' ones. Having been historically marketed as washes, wipes and deodorants for your lady garden, many believe they condemn our natural scent as something to be ashamed of - or simply over-complicate our beauty regimes by trying to sell us something we don't really need. As many beauty brands capitalise on our insecurities to make a fast buck, it becomes easy to tar them all with the same brush and assume the stories we're sold are little more than marketing gumph. But when it comes to feminine care there really is more to it than a clever story; it's all about understanding the unique needs of this delicate area and treating it with a bit more care and attention than we may have been otherwise. Although brands like Vagisil and FemFresh have been hiding away on the lower shelves of Boots for years, in 2015 SASS are changing it up and proving that looking after yourself shouldn't be an after thought. Founded on a genuine need and lack of options, SASS understands that busy lifestyles can lead to a whole heap of issues - so they set about trying to help. We put more thought into our hair care regime than we do to our intimate bits, which is somewhat ridiculous, but SASS are set to change the game and re-educate a whole new generation on the importance of feminine care.

Staggeringly, 60% of UK women suffer from intimate health problems each year - yet 63.3% of women don’t understand their intimate care needs. Similarly, 41.5% of women suffer from ingrown hairs yet 53% of us don’t know how to avoid them. Shockingly, 59% of UK women aren’t aware that regular shaving gels aren’t suitable for intimate use and can cause imbalances... So here's the science bit. Skin has a normal pH of between 5.4 and 5.9, but our intimate skin has a pH that is less than 4.5 - significantly lower than the rest of our bodies. The normal pH balance in the intimate skin is regulated by good bacteria in the vagina called lactobacilli, which helps to prevent the growth of harmful organisms. If the pH of the vagina increases (making it less acidic) the quantity of lactobacilli can fall and other bacteria can multiply, increasing the likelihood of infections such as bacterial vaginosis or thrush.

There are many things that can upset our pH balance, including antibiotics, pregnancy, sex, contraception, heat, sweat, hormonal changes and things such as scented panty liners. These everyday factors can irritate our intimate areas, causing itching that in itself can leave us open to bacterial infections. Although using water to cleanse and soothe our lady areas is more than acceptable, a lot of people prefer to use a more targeted and appropriate solution; SASS is an SLS and paraben free, hypoallergenic, pH balanced, dermatologically and a gynaecologically tested product that offers a pleasant alternative to fragranced shower gels we automatically turn to. Put simply, SASS says: "We are all for choice, and choice shouldn’t mean compromise."  Their product range includes a cleanser, serum, hydrating gel, refreshing spritz, shaving gel, barrier cream and recovery balm for those of us who are prone to chaffing after exercise (or just a long walk in the heat!)

I've tried all of the range and I can honestly say every product has a very specific function and is a pleasure to use. Although not every product will be suitable for everyone, I love that SASS are coming to the market with something different while genuinely offering a solution - even if to a problem we didn't know we had. Their Purifying Cleanser is great for popping in the shower and using instead of your usual product (it's so gentle it feels like clouds,) while the Refreshing Mist is great for a little pre-knicker spritz; it's perfectly sized for popping in your bag for a little pick-me-up on the go too, while the design is so subtle nobody would ever know what it was. (That's the major drawer back of brands such as FemFresh, as it's so obvious you're deodorising your vagina it puts you off taking it with you!) The serums and gels offer more targeted care if you're suffering with dryness (caused more often than not by the wrong products for your needs,) while the sports products genuinely offer protection and recovery when you need it most.

Although buying specific products for your vagina may seem a little excessive for some, for others it's great to know there's something for them when they feel like they need to pay their lady parts a little more attention. Like many women, I become a little more aware of certain areas during my period and prefer to be fully equipped with all the tools to help me feel more confident. I know that nobody else can detect I'm in the middle of my lady time, but having a little spritz to freshen up or a gentle cleanser to use in the morning does make a difference. Surely that's not a bad thing? Scented shower gels, chemically saturated tampons, fancy knickers and sweaty trips on the tube can all play havoc with this area - but more often than not we just get on with it without a second thought. It's about time we stopped being embarrased and spent as much time looking after this incredibly important areas of our bodies as we do our manicures. There's no comparison, but why is one so much more socially acceptable to discuss than the other?

I'm a firm believer in discussing women's health openly and honestly, ensuring that we all have a positive outlook and understand what is actually on the spectrum of 'normal'. In America every woman has their own gynecologist and makes a regular appointment for checkups just like she would the dentist or optician; in the UK we struggle even to force ourselves along for a four-yearly smear test. What's up with that? What I love about SASS is that they're actually are trying to help - rather than just shaming us into buying their products by identifying a 'problem area'. They're not telling us our lady bits need to smell of strawberries and candy floss, or trying to guilt us into washing away the day, but providing a little confidence boost in a bottle that just happens to be good for your bits too. That's something I can get on board with... How about you?

SASS is available from Boots stores nationwide, with prices ranging from £7.00 to £14.00. Find out more about the brand, their story and the products available on their website.

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  1. I love the idea of this brand and love the name x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  2. Finally!..... A brand that isn't shoving their "area" of expertise in our faces... Excuse the pun... I am not ashamed to talk about my lady parts to certain people for certain reasons... I shave regularly but with this often leaves shavers rash and for a long time I've tried various creams etc to try to reduce it but none have worked well enough for me to stick to them. The idea of thus brand sounds perfect …. Not being obvious to what it is for but having so many different products to help us with our intimate areas…. I will be looking out for these products on my next visit to boots. Thank you Hayley for yet another amazing post.

  3. I love Sass personally, and their cleansing gel is my go to product!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Their post-shave soothing gel actually blew my socks off. I'm now actually able to shave/wax my bikini line and any irritation/rashes/inflammation I get instantly disappears, leaving me with soft, balanced skin.

    Could not recommend more. http://baresome.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I discovered this brand through glossybox and really love that it isn't instantly obvious what the products are.
    Philippa - ByPhilippa

  6. I tried some SASS products recently and absolutely loved them. The post shave products are amazing!


  7. This post is perfect. I definitely agree with you, we're all so afraid of discussing our vaginas, when we definitely shouldn't be embarrassed! x

    Martha Jane | www.marthajanemusic.com

  8. I know this sort of thing is pretty embarrassing to talk about but I do occasionally suffer from irritation 'down there', sometimes to the point where it drives me crazy and I can't concentrate on anything. I also suffer from pretty bad water infections, to the point where I get quite bad stabbing pains and bleeding, and I don't know what causes them. Maybe this sort of product is something I need to consider trying x

    P.S. everything I went to type in this comment sounded like some kind of innuendo!

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  9. Think I need the post shave product after reading all the comments... AS always love your honest approach Hayley! Xx


  10. Finally!

    This post makes me so happy, I have extremely sensitive skin and the only thing I can put near my intimate area is water! I've been patiently waiting for something like this and I am so stoked to see it's finally here, I will be heading to Boots next week to grab myself some SASS.

    Featha Xo


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