The Most Optimistically Named Mascara Ever? Too Faced 'Better Than Sex'

Any product that pushes the boundaries of what's acceptable on the high street gets my vote, but claiming your mascara is 'better than sex' may just be a step too far. They could've called it 'better than cupcakes' or 'better than fluffy slippers.' Why they didn't opt for 'better than a Sunday morning eating pancakes while watching Hollyoaks,' is beyond me - but we're stuck with a product I'd be embarrassed to apply in front of my Nan. The 'Better Than Sex' mascara wand has been designed specifically to replicate the hourglass figure of an iconic 'silver screen Blonde Bombshell' (my money is on Marilyn,) after Too Faced apparently discovered this bust-waist-hip silhouette held the secret to the perfect application. Most other brands would spend their time in a lab, sculpting different brush shapes and working out how to manipulate lashes, but Too Faced have taken quite an unconventional approach with a much better story. So, has it paid off?

The slightly tapered brush claims to 'separate, coat and curl each lash to voluptuous perfection' while the carbon black, collagen-fueled mascara formula helps to create 'full volume and dramatic length.' Although the luxurious rose-tinted metallic packaging is somewhat lustworthy, the brush hidden beneath is quite underwhelming: it looks like it's a bit old and knackered, like something found in my Aunt's vintage makeup collection that hails from the 90's. When applied, the formula coats lashes well but unfortunately has a tendency to clump and leave me with a somewhat spidery flutter that's really not my style. Although you can build up the layers and start to manipulate lashes into a seriously voluminous result, for me it's just too much like hard work.

I like to be able to apply a layer of mascara in one swipe and know I've got a great base to work with; unfortunately I find 'Better Than Sex' takes too much faffing to establish a great baseline, with even more time required to build up the finish for a fabulous flutter. The other downfall for me is the fact the brush is so chunky that it leaves a lot of product on the eyelid, meaning you either have to clean up or cover it with a line of smokey shadow - I just don't have time for that every morning. If you like your lashes full, don't mind a little clumping and are willing to put the effort in, then I've no doubt you'll love a bit of this; however, for £19.00 I personally think there are way better mascaras that don't take fifteen minutes to get right. Next time, Too Faced, why lower expectations and call it 'slightly better than a luke warm coffee and yesterday's muffin'?

Are you tried Too Faced Better Than Sex? Have you been left disappointed, or are you a big fan?

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  1. Anonymous19.2.15

    HUGE fan, as in of Herculean proportions :) I was given a tube to try and I have to say, it made my Asian lashes defy gravity like nothing I've ever seen/used. A glowing, gushing review is most certainly forthcoming.

  2. I too just posted a review about this mascara and I was initially 50/50 because of the 'clumping' issues but the more I used it, the more I have become a fan and really like it! I agree that the name isn't my personal favourite even though it is fun and memorable - just not something people may feel comfortable asking for in store! ;-)

    Good to hear the reviews as think its a real mixed bag!
    Kelly x

  3. I do find the name a bit gimmicky, but would be interesting to give it a go! x

  4. Slightly better than a lukewarm coffee and yesterday's muffin... OMG LOL!
    I always thought the brush didn't look right to me on this one.

    Kat | www.kathorrocks.com

  5. LOVE this blog post! I always thought this was a bit of a silly name for a mascara and now I know for sure! I've never tried it and to be honest the name has always put me off!


  6. Oh that's shame, with a name like that I would expect it to be a lot better haha.

  7. Unrelated but what is that lipstick in the photo? Love that orangey red colour!

  8. I completely agree!! The age ranges for girls (and boys?) using mascara is getting younger and it is a pretty bad influence :/

    Alice x

  9. If I go to a shiny counter asking for 'better than sex' I'd be expecting a cocktail not a mascara if I'm honest! Read so many mixed reviews about this one, but so much talk of clumps puts me right off! I don't do clumps!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  10. When I first heard the name 'Better Than Sex' I just thought... "You're obviously not doing it right." (I also raise my eyebrows at some of the names Nars give their blushers.)
    Great review, I love your honesty. Thanks for sharing.


  11. I had a tube in a beauty box and have tried it a couple of times and found it to be rubbish. Clumpy and ineffective, I'm afraid. The brush is absolutely dire - no use at all. Being a stubborn mare, I'm planning to try it with one of those spiky rubber brushes to see if that improves matters.
    But in all honesty I wouldn't spend money on a tube of this stuff. The ELF Mineral mascara is far more effective and costs a pittance.

  12. This was an excellent witty review! I've seen this product mentioned everywhere and was wondering if it'd live up to the hype. Definitely will stick to my other holy grail mascaras then. Holly x http://thechroniclesofholly.blogspot.com/

  13. I thought this mascara was meant to be really good! X

  14. Hahaha I wonder if the product was suitably named after all! I hear sex is also a hit-and-miss, sucks-at-first type of experience :p Sorry, #inappropriatejokes? Loved your review and will definitely be spending my money on another tub of Lancome Hypnose when my current one runs out then. x


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