Keeping My 2015 Resolutions With The NEW Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Tablet

As someone who spends their days attached to a combination of laptop, smartphone and tablet, technology is an essential part of my life. Running a blog, maintaining my social media channels, researching new trends, collaborating with brands and staying one step ahead of the latest launch means I rely on hardworking tools to provide me with the experience I need. However, I could do without the weight or inconvenience associated with gadgets that weigh the same amount as a small child - there's enough lipgloss in my handbag to do some serious shoulder damage alone. The new and innovative Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the perfect tool for anyone wanting the best of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet, without scrimping on performance. In the spirit of a new year, I'm going to be using the tablet to help me execute my blog resolutions in 2015 and I'm inviting you along for the ride.

The Microsoft Surface Pro tablet features the thinnest, largest and lightest screen within the Pro family, to ensure you're as productive as possible on-the-go or in the office. Refined to its essential elements, the Surface Pro 3 is as beautiful as it is functional thanks to its super sleek design and inclusion of Windows 8; it even features a digital pen that allows you to have the most natural writing experience, as well as giving your finger a rest! The 4th generation Intel Core processor provides insanely fast performance on all your favourite apps and functions, including the full Microsoft Office Suite. With the inclusion of a detachable keyboard that can be bought separately in a multitude of colours, it'll take you from tablet to laptop in a snap.

I love the fact the tablet provides all the functionality I demand from my laptop, in a more convenient package that I can slip into my handbag. It looks awesome, provides exactly what I need and essentially makes my other tablet completely redundant - I can even create artwork, sketch and doodle thanks to the revolutionary app that's included as standard. Unlike many other tablets that offer only basic functionality that's no different from your smartphone, the Surface Pro 3 really is a laptop in sleeker form. Considering I've made resolutions to update my social media channels more regularly, research new trends and feature more thought-provoking posts on my site, this has arrived at the perfect time to help meet those expectations I've placed upon myself.

I've been challenged by Argos to make one big resolution for the year that the Surface Pro 3 can really help with. I've given a little preview in a previous post, but here's my commitment for the coming months: I'm committing to stay ahead of the beauty news throughout Awards Season and London Fashion Week, bringing you the top trends and ways to integrate them into your routine. I want to translate what's happening on the red carpet and catwalks, helping you to identify what elements you need to pay attention to and what you can ignore as Vogue fodder (i.e. the stuff that no normal person can actually get away with.) I'm going to be bringing you a de-brief of the hair and makeup looks after every big event, cutting out the complex commentary you often find online and keeping it simple. Looking good and feeling great starts with fabulous products, but it also ends with the right application and perfect hair style - I'm just going to give you a helping hand.

Stay tuned for an update of how I'm getting on, the inevitable beauty news posts in the coming weeks, plus news of a fabulous giveaway and Twitter Q&A so you can treat yourself in 2015 too. If you're thinking of investing in a new piece of tech, then check out Argos' range of innovative Microsoft Surface Tablets, designed to replace both laptops and standard tablets while saving your shoulder from serious injury... Does the performance and functionality of this new tablet excite you as much as me?

This post is in collaboration with Argos



  1. The colour is awesome! Sounds like a great tablet~

    LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞


    1. There are so many colour options too! You can really customise it.

  2. Sounds like a great little tablet!

  3. I relly like your tablet. Mabye I will buy an Microsoft too.

  4. My Finnish-live-in friend just bought this as well. He thinks it's the best thing ever. I'm more of an Apple person, but I can see why it's good in its own way – it's actually very responsive and much faster than all the older versions too.


    1. I'm normally an Apple person too, but this cuts the need for my five different bits of tech in all honesty!

  5. I love that it gives you options! I love their commercials.

  6. Oh gosh I want this! I've had my eye on it since it came out. Although my old laptop is definitely on it's last legs this is out of my price range at the moment but if I manage to get the publishing deal I want (which I'm currently pitching for) this will be the first thing I buy x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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