Five Things To Think About Before Getting Hair Extensions

Since super WAG Victoria Beckham stepped out with hair extensions all those years ago, the world has gone a little doolally for super long and healthy-looking hair. Although bobs, choppy shoulder-length hair and retro pixie cuts are definitely hot right now, there's something a little special about long flowing hair that appeals to our inner barbie princess. I've never been able to grow my hair long, it breaking off or looking tatty before it gets to a reasonable length - I just don't have the patience to stick with it or let my hair look rubbish for six months while it grows out. I dabbled with hair extensions about 18 months ago ahead of a particularly busy wedding season and had a mixed experience; this time around I've opted for a much lighter and less damaging version that's also a lot more reasonably priced. (Read my experience with Kapello here.) However, there are still lots of things you need to think about before you take the plunge and attach a load of someone else's hair to your head... Here are five things I would seriously consider before getting hair extensions.


A Cat Designs Makeup? Karl Lagerfeld's 'Shupette' For Shu Uemura

If there's one thing that's well-known about the much loved but secretive and mysterious Karl Lagerfeld, it's that he totally and utterly adores his pet feline Choupette. So famous has this fluffy white cat become that it not only has its own loyal fanbase, Twitter account and suite in Karl's apartment, but now her own collaboration with makeup master Shu Uemura. Launching just in time for the festive season, the collection is inspired by Paris and the fluffy pampered feline's own perfect cat-eye look. Apparently the King of Fashion actually sketches with Shu Uemura cosmetics (who knows why he doesn't just use an HB pencil,) so this makes it a 'natural collaboration' - especially as the range is adorned with Karl's very own sketch of Choupette.




If there's one thing I hear more than others when it comes to blogger complaints and mini moans, it's that unless you're in London based it's incredibly hard to become a successful blogger and focus on building those all-important brand relationships. It seems to be a sore point with many that the majority of launches, events and networking opportunities are in the capital city; although a huge number of bloggers are based there, a huge proportion live much father afield and simply can't get into London on a weekly basis. I lived in London for over six years and moved out to Buckinghamshire in 2013, back to be closer to friends and family while living in an apartment that was big enough for all my junk and didn't smell like damp. (That's incredibly hard to find in London.) Despite my blog's name, I'm no longer actually based in London and I don't feel I'm at a disadvantage for not being able to hop on a tube at ten minutes notice. Although the shiny lights and daily socialisation of the big city can be appealing, when it comes to the crunch you really don't need to be within walking distance of Oxford Street to be successful.


Urban Decay's NEW 'Vice 3' Eyeshadow Palette: All You'll Ever Need

There's something about Urban Decay eyeshadows; they're super soft, blendable, workable, pigmented, easy to build and exceptionally long-lasting. If there's one palette I always reach to come a big occasion, night out or morning when I need to look my best, then it's undoubtedly an Urban Decay number. Although their Naked palettes are exceptional and provide an array of nude shades that can be build up to create understated looks or striking smokey eyes, I personally prefer a bit more colour I can play with. Although I adore the Naked Basics for the daytime, I need something a bit stronger and with a little more glitter come the evening. Their latest launch is hitting stores just in time for Christmas, when we all become a little more adventurous and push the boundaries of our normal routine. The 'Vice 3' eyeshadow palette contains twenty different shades for practically every occasion, including various tones and textures - it's essentially the only eyeshadow palette you'll ever need.



Rituals 'Diwali Delight': Autumnal Scents & A Celebration Of Light

Diwali, a yearly five-day Hindu festival of lights, takes place this week in celebration of the victory of good, virtue of wisdom and anticipation of hope. Inspired by this illuminating and inspiring tradition, Rituals have introduced their new Diwali Winter collection which is designed to light up and 'purify body and mind with the mesmerising fragrance of Indian spices.' I love to see something different on the high street, especially when it celebrates different cultures and inspirations; Rituals have an incredible story and are inspired by so many different scents and spices, making this a natural progression for the brand. The collection includes a 'Diwali Delight' foaming shower foam (One of Rituals' most iconic products,) that offers the scent of patchouli and cardamom for an awakening and energising morning experience. I love the lightness and the opulent texture the foam provides, ensuring a rich experience that leaves your body feeling pampered.



"Don't Save That Sh*t For Best"

A wise woman once told me "don't save that sh*t for best." What's the point in waiting for the magical day that never comes? I'm an absolute sucker for an expensive perfume, eye-wateringly priced candle and luxurious face mask that claims to leave me with the skin of Cara Delevigne, but I also have a habit of keeping all the posh jars and extravagant scents for a special occasion. When I do get the odd evening alone, the first thing I do is run a bath and cover myself from head-to-toe in luxurious treatments before slipping into a steaming hot tub topped up with bath oil that costs as much as a small car. There's something about luxurious products that makes every experience feel all the more special, and we're mostly happy to pay a premium for it. However, leaving that bottle of bath foam your best mate gave you last Christmas sitting on the windowsill (waiting for the perfect excuse to unscrew it,) neither satisfies you nor the bath foam. Here's why you should scrap saving things for a rainy day and start using those special lotions and potions right now...



A Touch Of Luxury: Avon's NEW Luxe Rose Gold Collection

Avon are a brand that I've always had a bit of a soft spot for. My Nan always used to hand me the ear-marked brochure whenever I went round for a cup of tea, allowing me to to choose whatever I wanted; in my early twenties I became a local rep, but spent most of my commission buying stockpiles of cosmetics I probably didn't need. Back then it was an affordable secret that you wouldn't necessarily tell your mates about, but in 2014 it's definitely a brand making waves and ensuring they're reaching out to the modern customer. Their newest collection is so far from the Avon that I'm familiar with that you wouldn't guess in a million years they were behind it; 'Luxe' is a rose gold packaged collection that's all about a little bit of luxury and smouldering smokey eyes.


Five Innovative Ways To Store Your Makeup & Beauty Products

I'm forever struggling with storage space for all my fabulous makeup and beauty products, continually buying more units or transferring items from one basket to the next. However, a quick search of Pinterest shows there are so many easy, innovative and cost effective ways of storing your products - that also look fab! I've got a few of these systems in place myself, but others I can't wait to implement. If you want to have a look at all the fab ideas I've found, take a peek at my Pinterest board, but for now here are my top five favourites!



An Amazing Stocking Filler: The Body Shop's Lip & Cheek Doll

There's something in the water at The Body Shop: they keep developing innovative, unique and surprising products that leave me wanting more. This Christmas there's something a little bit special hitting stores that will no doubt become a best selling stocking-filler. This lip and cheek stain comes packaged in the most adorable pot inspired by Japanese culture (I'm sure it's a little more specific than that, so forgive me for my ignorance!) and is sure to be a must-have for all beauty fanatics. The doll-like base unit even includes a top-knot style lid that features a precision foam applicator, while the lightweight formula inside can be used as both a cheek and lip stain to add a touch of colour to any complexion.



A Great EOs Alternative: Introducing Balmi Lip Balm

When it comes to lip balms, we're all secretly addicted. It's the one product we don't feel guilty about buying because it's filed under 'essential' rather than 'lust-worthy', more than justifying a few cheeky purchases. I've been a big fan of the cult EOs balms for some time, but they can be incredibly difficult to get hold of in the UK and will set you back a small fortune. I'd been seeing Balmi lip balms popping up in Topshop stores over the last few months and wondered if there was more similarity to the EOs classics than just the packaging; I was definitely pleasantly surprised.



Top Five Tips For Organising Your Beauty Products

As a beauty obsessive that has more makeup than Boots and Selfridges combined, storage and organisation is always somewhat of an issue. I like to be able to see what I have on offer, know exactly where to reach and be safe in the knowledge that I don't have something lurking round the back that I should've used up nine months ago. If you live out of overflowing makeup bags, cardboard boxes of nail varnish and piles of skincare dotted around your bathroom, then you may want to have a read of my top tips for organising your beauty products effectively.


The Classic Spot Treatment, Now With A Twist: NEW Witch Stick

The iconic Witch Blemish Stick has been a skin saving spot treatment since 1966 - getting your mother and her mother before her through some tricky situations. I was addicted to these little sticks of witch hazel as a teen, smelling like a walking Witch Stick from the ages of 13 to 15 inclusive; it was the one product I couldn't live without and helped me to reduce the size of stubborn pimples on a daily basis. Many years on and the iconic stick has undergone a bit of a makeover; in order to support the work of Marie Curie, the Witch Stick has been given a limited edition design that incorporates the charity's main colour and logo and Witch have committed to provide a £10,000 donation. The floral design is really quite pretty and brings the product bang up to date, making it relevant to every teen today while doing a little good for charidee.



The Body Shop Reinvents An Iconic Scent: NEW Red Musk

I think nearly every one of us has some long-standing association with The Body Shop's 'Musk' scent - whether it was the first perfume you discovered, the fragrance that reminds you of your mother, or even the overwhelming scent that filled the girl's changing room at school. There have been a few reincarnations since its launch in 1981, but this Autumn a complete game changer is hitting the shelves. The new 'Red Musk' fragrance provides a very different approach and is something completely new for The Body Shop; it contains no flowers or floral scents, only a smouldering blend of spiced musk with hot notes of cinnamon, pepper and tobacco.


Three Great Sulphate-Free Shampoo & Conditioners For Healthy Hair

The trend for sulphate-free shampoos isn't going anywhere, with more and more brands ditching the foaming ingredients in favour of a gentler alternative. Many try to stay away from them as much as possible, as the detergents (also used in washing-up liquid and laundry powder) can be incredibly irritating for sensitive scalps. Sulphates are also hugely stripping on the hair, removing not only the grease and dirt we'd like to be rid of, but the goodness and natural oils that help to leave hair looking and feeling healthy. As someone that's just had hair extensions fitted, one of the main recommendations is to use sulphate-free shampoos and conditioners to maintain the quality of the hair and to prevent them becoming dry, brittle and dull. Although there are loads of suitable shampoos available, these three have been my personal favourites over the last few weeks - all providing a subtle lather, beautiful scent and silky smooth feeling.



Blogging Competitions: The One Thing That Brings Me To The Boil

I work incredibly hard on this site: it's my full time job, my income source, my pride and joy. I spend hours taking photos, testing products, coming up with exciting and innovative angles that will really engage and inspire my readers. A lot of people trust my opinion, brands love to be featured and a lot of companies are more than happy to pay for collaborative work - because they understand the value it brings. However, the last few months have seen a resurgence of the one thing that drives me crazy and questions whether or not we've actually moved on from the outreach strategy of 2010: blogging competitions. Essentially, being asked to write about something in the hope of winning a prize of varying value and relevance has become an incredibly lazy and ineffective way for brands and PRs to generate coverage and establish conversation with bloggers. We all like to win things, be treated to money can't buy experiences and flown to exotic locations, but if there's little in it for us than giving away valuable space on a site for a slim possibility of seeing a return, then why on earth would we participate?



NEW From Burberry Beauty: The Luxury Eye Makeup Trio

When Burberry first launched their beauty line I was so excited I nearly screamed; I love a bit of designer stuff, especially if it doesn't require a long process of saving. Although their nail colours are delicious (we'll ignore the chip-prone formula that barely lasts a day,) it's the other products that have been causing a stir of late - including this new trio of eye products that aim to give you the same sultry sexy understated look as the Burberry models we know and love. Including a mascara, liquid and khol liner, this trio will provide everything you need to recreate the catwalk look that's always so popular post-LFW. But knowing the price points, does this new collection live up to the hype and should be be parting with our hard-earned cash for a little bit of luxury?



Makeup Revolution 'The One' Blush Stick: An Affordable Nars Dupe

Considering a Nars 'Multiple' stick will set you back in the region of £30.00, you need to be sure you're going to love and cherish that giant bullet of colour. Investing in premium cosmetics may provide you with high quality products that will stand the test of time, but makeup is also about quick fixes and impulse purchases that make us feel good - Makeup Revolution certainly make that possible. Their latest launch is once again 'inspired' by something six times its price and comes in a variety of colours to meet every need. 'The One' Blush Stick is incredibly similar to Nars' iconic lip, cheek and eye colour but comes in at an unbelievable £5.00. Available in four matte and four sheer colours, there's a combination of nude tones, bright pinks and bronzing shades that meet every colour demand. They continue to over-deliver in terms of quality and pigment, exceeding expectations and ensuring there's always a thirst for something new.



WIN: Introducing Koko Kanu, Premium Jamaican Coconut Rum

Although you may associate coconuts, rum and cocktails with an exotic beach and a far away destination, there's no reason why you can't bring a little dash of the tropical into your own home this Autumn. Koko Kanu offers a subtle blend of crystal clear rum and coconut, which can be enjoyed over ice or served with your favourite mixer (it tastes delicious with fruit juice for an extra tropical twist.) It's also the perfect base for cocktails, making it great for the forthcoming party season when you want to offer your guests something a little more exotic than a G&T. I'm not normally a huge fan of rum, but Koko Kanu offers a much subtler taste with a hint of coconut that's much more suited to my delicate palate. The vintage look of the bottle also ensures it has pride of place in my drinks cabinet (yes I have a drinks cabinet,) as well as being placed on view during pre-dinner drinks at the weekend.


Kapello Hair: The Modern Approach To Hair Extensions

Full, thick, glossy and flowing hair is traditionally associated with both beauty and health. How many times have Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian been praised for their free-flowing manes, with every magazine going attempting to provide tips on achieving the same look? I've always struggled with my hair, it being not only incredibly fine and full of 'baby' hair that doesn't seem to grow past two inches, but both curly and coarse when left to its own devices. I've straightened it and styled it for as long as I've been able to get my hands on suitable electrical styling tools, investing in dying it ridiculous colours to make it look as interesting as possible. After dabbling in hair extensions eighteen months ago, I decided to take the plunge and start a hair journey with Kapello that was more long-term - rather than seeing extensions as a temporary fix for an incredibly busy wedding season. (The main motivation last time!) Kapello Hair offer pre-taped extensions that provide an alternative to the incredibly costly, time consuming and delicate nature that I experienced before... Without compromising on performance, quality or expertise.



Get Luscious Lips: Four Winter Lip Balms To Try Today

As a nation, we're a little bit addicted to lip balm. It's the one product that's guilt-free, filed under a 'must have' beauty product rather than a little indulgence; even my makeup-free friends have upwards of twenty lip balms stashed in their bedrooms. I'm as guilty as the next person, always having at least three different incarnations on my person - I get a little panicked if I don't have a balm to lubricate my lips and ensure they're free from that horrendous dry sensation. Although I've already got a huge stash of lip balms and enough to get me through to 2020, there's no reason why I can't keep expanding my collection and celebrating the wonderous products that are out there to help us through the colder season. Here are four new favourites that you need to try...



My Jolie Candle: The Gift With A Secret Jewellery Surprise

I've featured a couple of different brands on LBQ that have offered a similar concept to My Jolie Candle, but until now they've been incredibly chunky and a little bit tacky. However, My Jolie Candle (a French brand now taking steps into the UK) offer something a little bit more sophisticated and well thought through. With six different scents to choose from, including 'freshly cut grass' and 'lemonade', the people behind the brand have really taken care and attention with their concept - they not only want to deliver a little surprise when the candle is burnt, but to ensure there's a huge amount of pleasure in the candle and scent itself. The candles are packaged in a clean, fresh, transparent glass tub and contain a little foil-wrapped surprise behind the label; when the candle is burned for long enough your gift will become visible and you can unwrap it to discover the treasure that lays inside. Oooooh.... Exciting!


Kiko Cosmetics 'Luxurious' Collection: Beautiful Yet Practical

Sometimes a brand comes from nowhere, takes over the world, sits back and looks a little bit smug; that's exactly what Kiko Cosmetics have done in 2014. The Italian brand have launched so many great products that I'm a bit bored of praising them, but they've done it again with their 'Luxurious' makeup collection that really is a little bit special. Although there are a few other bits and bobs worth checking out, for me this bronzer-highlighter compact and accompanying face brush are definitely the highlight. Kiko have a knack for producing makeup that's not only incredibly functional, but lavish to look at; this compact shines bright like a diamond and includes four different tones for a super natural finish. Although most of us pass-by the bronzers in the colder months, they can help to subtly contour and add warmth to our complexion if applied in the right tone; these shades are very light and wearable, mixed in with a dusting of purple highlighter to help catch the light and add definition.



Three Bathtime Potions For Cosy Winter Nights In

Seeing as the last two days have seen non-stop downpours and apocalyptic style scenes from my office window, it's no surprise I've chosen to spend my time wrapped up in blankets with an endless supply of hot drinks. Suddenly we seem to be in the midst of a new season, and with colder days and darker nights comes the need for a long soak in an appropriately scented bath. Although bath bombs, oils and salts are all very lovely, there's something just a little bit comforting about stepping into a bubble bath and fluffing the white stuff around you. The cocooning sensation is incredibly special, especially when surrounded by flickering candlelight, so a sweet scented bath potion or luxurious milk can only enhance the experience - here are three of my current favourites.


Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection: Perfect For Halloween!

Now I'm not going to throw a curve ball and publicly admit to wearing green lipstick, but this new collection of colour couldn't have landed at a better time of year. Makeup Revolution continue to baffle me, launching good quality cosmetics at bonkers prices - each one of these lipsticks will set you back only a quid. One pound. WHAT? Considering their price point you'd expect them to drag and be incredibly uncomfortable on the lips, but they're actually smooth and full of lubrication; the bullets provide an awesome pigment and make Halloween makeup a little cooler while incredibly affordable. Nobody wants to spend £16.50 on an Illamasqua lipstick that only gets used one night a year, so these provide a fun and cheap alternative that doesn't scrimp on quality.



The Top Eight Beauty Advent Calendars of 2014 (For All Budgets)

As lots of little elves keep telling me, the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on. We've little over two months to go until we can put out the stockings, fill our boots with mulled wine and listen to Slade on repeat. Although I love the festive season more than most (my birthday is Christmas Eve!) the last few years have seen beauty enthusiasts getting even more excited about the countdown - thanks to the proliferation of beauty advent calendars which are hitting the shops. There are now so many out there, all offering something a little unique and appealing to a different beauty lover, so how do you know which one to go for? I've got the lowdown on the top eight you need to know about and why they're offering something fabulous this festive season.




The bloggersphere is ever changing, ever expanding and ever evolving. It's certainly unrecognizable from the place that welcomed a young and enthusiastic woman that just wanted to talk about nail polish in 2010. Over the last four or so years I've taken this blog from a hobby into my full time career, refining and honing my skills in order to make the transition from blog to brand and business. However, there have been some incredible lessons learned along the way that have made me a better blogger (and a better person) overall. From being patient, to working hard on my photography skills, pushing jealousy to one side and rekindling a romance with an excel spreadsheet... Here are just a few of my hard learned lessons.



NEW From L'Occitane: Limited Edition 'Whipped' Shea Butter Collection

Believe it or not, it's been 25 years since L'Occitane launched their original and iconic shea butter body collection. In celebration of that milestone, the French brand are putting a twist on the incredibly popular formula by launching a limited edition trio of 'whipped' products - all of which are enriched with shea for an added hit of luxurious hydration. The body cream is so light and fluffy it looks good enough to eat, sitting in the tin pot like marshmallow fluff; it's got the same delicious scent as the original and (thanks to the 10% shea) melts into the skin to leave it feeling silky soft. The shower foam provides a lightweight handful of bubbles, while the hand cream offers a concoction not dissimilar to squirty cream - it's genius!



Essence Cream Blush & Highlighter: Affordable Buys (And A Benefit Dupe!)

Since it arrived on UK shores for the first time earlier this year, Essence has fast been becoming one of my favourite budget brands. They not only push the boundaries, creating innovative and unique makeup collections and products, but their quality is outstanding for the price point - and this trio of cheek wonder is no exception. These cream-to-powder formulas are incredibly lightweight, providing a creamy texture that can be blended into the skin using a finger or brush. The pigment is pretty great, the texture non-greasy and the result beautiful; after only a few seconds on the skin all three turn to a powder that sticks in place and provides a fab look.


Six Amazing Beauty Products Raising Money For Breast Cancer Charities

Over 50,000 women and around 350 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, making it the most common cancer in the UK. One woman in eight will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, with around 12,000 women and 80 men dying from breast cancer each year. Although more people are surviving breast cancer than ever before, it's still the second biggest cause of death from cancer in women. It's estimated that over 80% of breast cancer sufferers survive five years after diagnosis, but 40 years ago the five year survival rate was around 50%. Although that's an improvement and has had a huge impact on thousands of women (and their families,) we can do better. People are surviving longer thanks to advances in research new treatments, earlier diagnosis, breast screening and breast cancer awareness, but without essential fundraising this simply wouldn't be possible. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and hundreds of brands are jumping on the pink bandwagon in an attempt to both raise awareness and funds for the UK's charities, support networks and research facilities - here are six of my picks that will not only help you look good, but have a significant impact on someone's future.



Birchbox Teams Up With CoppaFeel For Breast Cancer (PLUS GET £5.00 OFF)

Beauty boxes have gotten a bit of a hard time of late, but for me the concept is still a great one - discover products and brands you would never have stumbled across normally, all wrapped up in an exciting and affordable package for you to enjoy. Birchbox have always been a favourite of mine, taking care and attention to the little details; not only do their products come packaged in handy little bags that can be re-used, but they offer just a little bit more than the average. Each month you'll receive a selection of samples that the Birchbox team have tried themselves, sourced from both well-known brands and emerging gems. The subscription service includes everything from skincare to makeup, as well as fun non-beauty extras - like this handy little lipstick pen in October's box. Not only that, but you'll also benefit from the Birchbox magazine which features beauty articles, expert interviews and lots more content to discover online. Furthermore, when you've fallen in love with one of your samples and are ready for more, you can purchase full-size versions directly from the Birchbox Shop and benefit for a generous loyalty programme - collect Birchbox Points and save on any full-size or gift purchase too! What's not to love?


Top Tips For Getting A Great Nights Sleep (Every Single Time)

It's said that up to 40% of people in the UK are currently suffering from poor sleep patterns, with insomnia having an impact on up to 30% of the population. Research has shown that women suffer more than men when it comes to getting a good nights sleep, while lack of sleep has proven to have a significant impact on our overall mental and physical health. Without essential rest and 'downtime' our body simply can't perform at its best, having a negative impact on our overall well-being and ability to concentrate. Although I can sleep for hours when left alone, I do struggle with drifting off initially and getting into 'the zone' come 10pm. It's no surprise that the blue glare of our smartphones has a significant impact too, effecting our hormones and fooling the body into a state of alertness - not what you need when you're slipping between the sheets to catch some snoozes.


Top Picks: Five Great Hand Creams To Try This Winter

Winter is definitely coming. As we turn up the heating, wrap ourselves in wooly clothing and expose our extremities to the freezing cold weather, our hands can become overly neglected. I'm forever applying hand cream in the colder months, as the skin is delicate and prone to dryness when not taken care of correctly. Although there are tonnes of hand creams out there, during the winter months I believe our hands need a little extra attention and a serious formula to guide them through the season. Here are my current favourites that are tubes of greatness with extra oomph.



Do You Have To Be Beautiful To Be A Successful Beauty Blogger?

This may be somewhat controversial, but it's a question I ask myself on a weekly basis. With the beauty blogging world filled to the brim with beautiful, bright young things all vying for attention, it makes me frequently question where my place is in it all. I'm approximately ten years older and three dress sizes larger than the average beauty blogger, but I do believe my knowledge and passion more than make up for it. I've worked in the beauty industry for many years, carving a career out of a passion that later evolved into this blog; I now work on a consultancy basis with some of the biggest global brands and emerging names, so I do really know what I'm talking about. However, even though I'm comfortable in my own skin and have industry knowledge far beyond many others, I still ponder whether I would have more success if I was a little younger and a little bit prettier. So, do you need to be beautiful to be a successful beauty blogger?




Maybe it's the Autumnal colours that have been making their way into my wardrobe, the cosy textures that are wrapping me up warm, or the fact that post hair extensions I've got a whole new mane to deal with, but I'm falling in love with lipstick all over again. Every day I'm reaching for a matte texture, a bold colour or a deep berry red to spice up my look - but with the introduction of lipstick comes a number of problems and dilemmas. Not only can lipstick be drying if you don't get the right one, but it can transfer and wear off so easily it makes you wonder if it's worth the effort. However, with a few tips you can ensure your lipstick is both comfortable and long-lasting... Taking you right into the next season with ease. Here are my top five, just for you.


British Beauty Blogger for Marks & Spencer: The Makeup Collection!

Right now I feel an immense sense of pride for being part of a beauty blogging community that's really pushing the boundaries. We've had Tanya Burr nails, Zoella beauty, dry shampoos from A Model Recommends, my very own makeup bag collection and now the woman that started it all has teamed up with a British institution. There's no doubt that Jane Cunningham, or British Beauty Blogger as she's known to most, has made huge waves in the world of beauty - both through her role as a journalist and blogger. She's always championed blogs (believing that this was where the future of the industry lay, before anyone else really understood us,) and has now cemented her place through a collaboration with Marks & Spencer. Her debut makeup collection lands this week into stores nationwide, bringing a little piece of her into your makeup bag.



NEW From Models Own: 'Disco Pants' Nail Collection

Inspired by the New York clubs of the 1970's (and no doubt the shiny trousers from American Apparel everyone went crazy for in 2013,) the latest collection from Models Own is a little bit disco. Consisting of three shimmering shiny shades (pictured) and an additional two glitters (in blue and purple I believe,) these aren't for the fainthearted. These polishes pack a serious punch and make a statement in-line with John Travolta's iconic white suit. Although I was pretty dubious when these first landed on my desk, they're a lot more wearable than I anticipated - in fact, the delicate gold shade is perfect for Autumn and matches any outfit you could possibly pull together.



My Current Five Fave Beauty & Lifestyle Smartphone Apps

I spend my life attached to my smartphone. Unfortunately it's the first thing I look at in the morning, as well as the last thing I look at before I go to sleep. (The boyfriend or episodes of Killing Spree don't count.) Our phones have become so engrained in our daily lives that we do everything but talk on them; we read, watch films, spend too much time on Twitter, add filters to our strategically taken photos, find out what's on at the cinema and even discover a great hairdresser only 97 meters from our current destination. Our phones have become the ultimate source of information and there are millions of apps that make our lives easier. I'm constantly downloading new things to play with, deleting them and replacing with something even more exciting, but these are my current favourite apps that are residing on my homescreen.



Dr Lipp is 10! (So Here Are Ten Uses For The Fab Little Tube)

It's a great handbag companion, 100% natural and a long-lasting balm that has oodles of uses. Celebrity makeup artists have long loved the innovative Dr Lipp 'Nipple Balm For Lips', thanks to its tasteless, odorless and paraben free formula - so it's no surprise that it's celebrating its tenth birthday. Medically proven to be easily accepted by skin because it's so similar to our own natural oils, dermatologists and pharmacists consider it to be one of the most effective products to care for your skin. Not only does it help soothe dry and chapped skin, but it accelerates repair and can last up to eight hours. In celebration of its 10th birthday, here are my top ten uses for Dr Lipp.


Itchy, Flaky, Sore Skin? My Top Product Picks For Dealing With Eczema

Eczema effects thousands of people across the UK, causing itchy and uncomfortable skin that can have a serious impact on confidence levels. Following my post explaining what eczema is, why it happens and what you can do to deal with the condition, I wanted to share some of my boyfriend's top product picks that have really helped him regain control over his skin. Although initially some of these products did sting broken skin or irritated areas, after sticking with it and removing steroid creams from the equation, Josh's skin is a million times better than this time last year.



Top Tips: Five Steps To Taking The Perfect Selfie

According to recent research, the average British women devotes a mind-numbing 753 hours a year to taking, editing and posting selfies to her social networks. That’s more than two hours every day! Although it may seem a little extreme, there's no doubt that we're all a little selfie obsessed and embrace the fun that involves taking twenty photos and picking the perfect shot. Unlike photos others take of us in situ, selfies allow us to construct an image that portrays our features in the best light possible; it's more often than not unrealistic compared to what we look like without the filter or perfectly angled chin, but if makes us feel good then where's the harm? Celebrities may have started the trend (with Kim Kardashian taking a selfie at every given opportunity,) but we're all embracing it and ensuring the art of the selfie isn't going anywhere fast. In light of our obsession, here are my top tips for taking a perfect selfie every time.


Three New Autumn Scents To Update Your Fragrance Wardrobe

With the beckoning of a new season comes the need to update your fragrance reportoire. Although many people stick with one iconic and statement fragrance throughout the year, I prefer to shake things up a bit at the beginning of every season to ensure my scent remains fresh and on-trend. Although there are plenty of perfumes I return to year after year, there's inevitably something new and exciting to capture my attention; 2014 is no different. We've had a plethora of new launches land in stores and vie for our attention, but these three are definitely my three favourite picks.



This Works Deep Sleep Body Therapy & Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

Struggling to relax, slip into slumber and get a good night's sleep is the problem of many. In today's fast paced world, the modern woman is constantly juggling ten things at once while keeping one eye on her smartphone. It's no wonder that sleep deprivation is prevalent and coffee shops are booming; we simply don't know how to switch off and recuperate after a long day. This Works are well known for their sleep aids and pillow sprays, but they've expanded on their range with the launch of two products that really do help get your mind into a state of relaxation and ready to slip between the sheets... And you need them both. 


The Battle Of The Eyeliners: The Best Products For Perfecting A 'Cat Flick'

I've become a little obsessed with the classic, elegant and slightly sassy 'cat flick' look that's become so popular with celebrities and bloggers alike. It's a great way of making yourself look 'made up' but not 'overdone' within only a few minutes. Keeping the rest of your look muted and understated is the key to success, as is a three stage approach to applying liner - starting from the middle to the outer edge, the inner edge to the middle and finally the flick to finish. However, half of the battle can be fought with a product that really aids application and makes the process as simple as possible. There are so many liquid eyeliner pens available it's hard to know where to turn, so I've been testing seven different ones to bring you the best products for the job.

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