Three Autumnal Lip Colours I'll Be Sporting This Season

All of a sudden I seem to have stocked up on snuggly scarves, turned the heating on and pulled the opaque tights out of the cupboard. Even though we're still pretty warm for this time of year, there's something about the nights drawing in and the grey skies that makes me want to welcome Autumn with open arms. We're all au fait with adjusting our wardrobes to suit a new season, but amending your portfolio of colour cosmetics will really help your makeup to work with the season's hues and tones - after all you wouldn't try to match a pastel pink pair of flip flops with a oversized grey jumper. Lipstick is a great way of updating your makeup look without needing to do much else; a slick of colour on a relatively muted base will instantly scream 'I'm so on-trend' and match your Autumnal wardrobe perfectly. Here are three shades I'll be using throughout the colder months.



Six Tips For Applying Mascara & Achieving The Perfect Flutter

A great mascara can mean the difference between looking like you've had a hard weekend and looking wide awake, ready to face the week ahead. Most of us aren't blessed with full and luscious lash lines, but we can fake it will all the great products available on the high street to help us along the way. Although there are some incredible mascaras out there that really do help to lengthen and create a powerful flutter, most of the result will depend on your application technique and ability to manipulate your lashes. After years of trial and error, here are my top tips for applying your mascara so well you'll look like you're wearing falsies...!



EEEK! Introducing My New Makeup Bag Collection With Sew Lomax

When I was first introduced to Sew Lomax a good six months ago, I instantly fell in love with the quirky designs and sense of fun that oozed out of their creations. All handmade and lovingly stitched by seamstresses, not mass produced on factory lines, every single makeup bag is unique - making them all the more desirable. I'm so excited to bring you the first look at a collection I've been working on for some time, bringing together the expertise of Sew Lomax and the Britishness of LBQ. This capsule collection includes a design I absolutely love (representing my love and passion for all things makeup and beauty,) in the colours of the Union Jack that have covered this site from its inception four years ago. Available in three different sizes that suit every need possible, there's something for everyone and every budget - the little one is only £12.00!



NEW: Charlotte Tilbury 'Matte Revolution' Lipsticks

Charlotte Tilbury may be best known for being the magic hands behind Kate Moss' beauty looks, but she's also an extraordinary talent that knows how to make a lipstick. Her 'Matte Revolution' lipsticks have been hailed as the best thing to hit Selfridges in some time, taking a traditional bullet and injecting a serious amount of glamour. The rose gold vintage-inspired case may look like something out of Downton Abbey (unsurprisingly the period Charlotte loves the most,) but it's definitely hiding a modern interpretation of a classic. From the square tip which aids application, to the super lightweight texture that provides a delicate matte finish, there's so much to love about these bullets of wonder. They epitomise what I love about the turn of the twentieth century, while providing everything a modern woman wants from a lipstick.



NEW From Barry M: 'The Glitterati' Polish Collection

They may launch about 3000 nail polish every year, but boy to they know how to create something with 'wow' factor. Barry M have pulled out all the stops with this six-piece collection of glitter, shine and sparkle - landing just in time for the colder months when we need a little pick-me-up. Glitter topcoats can be a little annoying and time consuming to apply, but this mini collection includes a tinted base that allows you to create a statement look in one sweep. It would look equally as fab over a naked nail as it would a contrasting colour, the glitter being quite understated and subtle in comparison to the usual incarnations produced by the brand. The glitter pieces are incredibly small, featuring three different tones that catch the light and create a fab finish - it's no wonder these created a stir when I posted a picture on my Instagram page. Aptly named 'Glitterati', these six shades will keep you going all the way to Christmas and beyond.


Understanding Eczema: What It Is, Why It Happens & How You Can Deal With It

Before meeting my boyfriend, I had little to no understanding of eczema. The dry skin condition is highly individual, with symptoms varying from person to person, and effects one in twelve adults in the UK. Although it's more common in children and many people 'grow out' of the condition when they reach adulthood, it can be incredibly debilitating and have a huge impact on confidence. It's still little understood by the masses, with even suffers struggling to get to grips with the reasons behind their itchy and sore skin. After dealing with a chronic case of eczema and managing to get it under control over the course of a year, we wanted to share our knowledge and experience in the hope that it will help someone else. So here's the lowdown on eczema, its causes, how you can manage it and some of our tips that have helped completely turn it around.



Beauty Boxes: How They Work & Why We Should Be A Bit More Realistic

Since the birth of beauty boxes in the UK a number of years ago, the whole market has been filled with controversy and debate. Brands have launched to high praise and folded soon afterwards, one-off box collaborations have led to more long-term partnerships and overseas services have landed successfully on British soil to service a gap previously unmet. Although I've never been a huge fan of beauty boxes (other than Latest In Beauty's collaborations and the new My Little Box service which is just too cute not to love,) I do feel there's a real lack of understanding by customers, bloggers and beauty enthusiasts when it comes to their expectations. After being involved on both sides of the fence, here's my personal view on why we should take beauty boxes at face value and celebrate the service they offer - as well as finding the one that's right for us.


Three Current Favourites: Sweetie Flavoured Lip Balm

Some people have a weakness for pizza, others for triple bacon burgers in McDonalds - but mine, hands down, is a weakness for pick n mix. Give me a bag and ask me to fill it up with colourful bits n bobs and it's happy days. Subconsciously I seem to have been expanding on my obsession with pick n mix and been collecting items to fulfill my other obsession (lip balm) that has a subtle dusting of sugar. Without even realising I've integrated quite a lot of sugary sweet and sweetie-appropriate items into my lip collection, giving me a hit of something mid-afternoon when there's no bonbon in sight. Here are three of my favourite new additions that have been coming with me every day since they were accumulated, in the absence of fizzy cola bottles. 



Introducing The New Fragrance From Burberry: My Burberry

The latest scent from Burberry is possibly their best to date. With Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne fronting the campaign (wearing the iconic coat that's been adorned by everyone from fashionistas to soldiers for the last 100 years,) it's no surprise that it's causing quite the stir. The scent has been designed to capture the 'fragrance of a London garden after the rain,' and is inspired by the trench that Burberry have always been known for. Christopher Bailey comments: "My Burberry is the true embodiment of our brand, in scent, in design and in attitude. A fragrance that takes its lead from the iconic Burberry trench has to be outstanding in every way." The bottle reflects the design of the trench coat, while the horn-finish cap is inspired by the coat's buttons - it's definitely the details that make this a bottle worth treasuring.



Six Tips For Covering Pesky Dark Circles & Under-Eye Bags

If there was one thing I would take with me to a desert island, it would be a massive pair of sunglasses that covered my dark circles and sallow skin. Although I'm pretty confident in the rest of my complexion, those pesky dark areas residing under my peepers always give the game away. No matter what I do, how much water I drink or how many early nights I have, the delicate under-eye skin still makes me look knackered. Over the years I've learnt not only how to look after this delicate eye area, but how to effectively cover dull areas and give the impression that I've had the best night of kip ever. Here are my top tips on how to get rid of those pesky bags...



Much is said about the new generation of celebrities, internet stars and influencers that have changed the way we digest information. Ten years ago it was unfathomable that a girl writing about lipstick from her bedroom could turn that hobby into a serious income source, and potentially even a career. With the rapid downfall of magazines and traditional media has come the growth of digital media and blogs (or was it a direct result of?) simply because we like to feel connected to the person writing, vlogging or talking to us. We love to get recommendations from people we can relate to, who have had real life experiences that are similar to our own. Reality television has seeped into our daily lives, rather than just hitting us at 9pm on a Sunday, with millions of viewers across the globe tuning in to watch a random girl with great hair show us her Primark haul. The world is changing, and with that change comes the birth of a generation that is carving a career path that doesn't involve sitting in a drab office for eight hours a day.



NEW, Cute & Affordable: Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette

Sometimes the blogging and beauty world goes crazy for a launch, hyping it up so much that it sells out in every imaginable outlet and leads to waiting lists everywhere. When Urban Decay launched their original 'Naked' eyeshadow palette little did they know the craze that would follow, nor how much of a cult product it would become. A couple years later and there are endless extensions, re-inventions and spin-off products that are still bringing in the bacon, but none that have captured my attention in the way that this mini version has done. An alternative to the much bigger original palette, the 'basic' collection includes six wearable shades and is a much friendlier size - as well as carrying a much friendlier price point of £22.00.



Scent With Sparkle: New DKNY Be Delicious Sparkling Apple Collection

I've always had a little love affair with DKNY Be Delicious. It was the first fragrance I truly chose for myself, reminding me of youthful carefree days and fun times with friends. I still wear it practically every week, returning to the scent I know like an old friend I can rely on. Even years after its first launch, the original scent is still relevant and representative of a modern woman - especially as DKNY continue to innovate and put twists on the apple base to produce limited edition alternatives. Launching just in time for the festive season, this new trio of scents has a shimmering edge - the limited edition Be Delicious Sparkling Apple collection is inspired by the glitz and glamour of parties.



NEW From Bobbi Brown: Amazing Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow & Liner

I've always had a soft spot for Bobbi Brown. They produce products that perform, are a little different and frequently end up as makeup staples. Their latest launch is no exception, providing incredible colour that can be used as either an eyeshadow base or applied more densely for a slick of statement liner.  The Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Shadow & Liner is available in five different sparkling shades, including a petrol grey, emerald green, sapphire blue, golden bronze and a smokey taupe. The little pots contain a formula that's incredibly soft and creamy, allowing it to be picked up using the specially designed double ended brush and buffed into the eye socket. You can easily use your finger to blend in the colour and build up the result, but I prefer to use the densely packed brush to layer the creamy gel and create a smokey finish.


The Selfie Brush: The Ultimate Accessorie For The Perfect Selfie?

As the obsession with taking selfies continues, it's no surprise that brands are jumping on the bandwagon and creating products that tap into that trend. The makers of the Wet Brush (designed specifically to brush and detangle wet hair,) have come up with this hilarious contraption that takes preening for a self-captured shot to a whole new level. This is no ordinary paddle brush, designed to capture hair over a larger surface area and aid smoothing, because if you turn it over it turns into a phone case with handy mirror so you can take that selfie with ease. LOLs.



Lancôme Hypnôse Grandiôse Mascara: The 'Swan Neck' Innovation That Works

Mascara wands have been practically the same since the product's inception - long, straight and with a brush on the end. Apart from Avon's attempt at reinventing the wheel (in the form of a paint-brush wand,) there's been little innovation when it comes to the application of mascara - until now.  Lancôme's new Hypnôse Grandiôse Mascara includes a re-imagined application technique that includes a patent-pending 'Swan Neck', designed to effortlessly create perfectly open, full and even lashes. Although it looks a little scary and unnecessary, the bent wand actually aids application and enables you to grab lashes close to the root and fan them out for a wide-eyed finish. It also ensures every single lash is coated in product, even the little ones you can't necessarily see, to provide a serious amount of volume with no clumps in sight.


Pixi Glow Tonic: A Miracle Product Or Totally Over-Hyped?

Much has been said in the bloggersphere about Pixi's Glow Tonic, with positive reviews and commentary causing it to sell out quicker than it can be re-stocked. Knowing that you can only buy it online or from Pixi's one stand-alone store in Carnaby Street, only appears to make it all the more desirable - I've known people to buy out a complete shelf just in case they can't track any more down for the rest of the year. But what exactly is this miracle orange liquid, how does it work and is the hype justified? I've been putting it to the test for the past month to see if I could finally answer those questions just for you.



NEW Eylure Lash Edits: A New York, London Or Parisienne Flutter

I used to have a lot of love for false lashes, never being seen on a Saturday night without a serious flutter. However, with the advances in mascara that have left my natural lashes looking pretty awesome, I gradually stopped reaching for my 'lash crutch' in favour of a more natural finish. Eylure have always been my brand of choice, providing more subtle styles and a flexible lash line that ensures application is easy and comfortable, so these new 'lash edits' have seen my love for falsies reignited somewhat. Available in three different combinations that celebrate three incredible cities (New York, London and Paris,) each edit contains three individual pairs of lashes in slightly varying styles that capture the style of the city.



Latest In Beauty Launches The 'Glamour Beauty Power List 2014'

If there's one beauty box I always get excited about, it's the Glamour edits of Latest In Beauty - they simply never disappoint. Always including a selection of products handpicked by Glamour's Beauty Editor for their performance and must-have appeal, there's a combination of high street and premium that no other box can compete with. This latest collaboration is no exception, providing seven products that even I'm excited to try - which is no mean feat. For £15.99 you can grab this little box of goodies for yourself, which even includes a free subscription to the iPad or iPhone edition to Glamour Magazine for a whole year (which alone is worth £15.99.) Here's my lowdown of what Glamour's 'Power List' includes this Autumn and why you need them all...


Benefit's NEW 'Majorette' Cream Blusher: The Prettiest I Ever Did See

The long anticipated launch of Majorette has finally arrived, with Benefit launching their first forray into cream blush. Described as a 'booster blush' that's designed to amplify your natural flush, Majorette can be used alone or under your normal blusher to add a subtle warmth to skin. It's incredibly lightweight, the cream-to-powder finish adding just a touch of colour upon first application, ensuring it can be built up to the desired result or buffed into skin for a really natural finish. I'm a big fan of cream blushers, especially during those transitional months where you're not quite ready for a full-on pink cheek but have already hung-up your bronzer; this little tub provides just the right texture and colour for practically any complexion.



A Genius Invention: Toni & Guy Universal Diffuser

I remember when hair diffusers were all the range, being used to create curls and waves in the late 90's before hair straighteners really took off. I hadn't used a diffuser for years, believing my perm-look curls were well and truly behind me, until this landed on my doorstep and totally revolutionised my opinion of the gadget. Diffusers can not only be used to create curls, waves and volume, but can also help to reduce frizz and protect hair from heat damage. When added to the end of a hairdryer nozzle, a diffuser helps hot air to circulate and dry the hair gradually by dispensing it over a wider surface area; using a nozzle may help to get super sleek locks, but it's also damaging the surface of hair by targeting a small area with incredible heat. Diffusers can help alleviate that problem and minimize frizz, as well as creating gentle volume at the root. Until now they've been ugly and chunky bits of kit that were shoved at the back of a wardrobe; however, Toni & Guy have launched a universal diffuser that not only fits every hairdryer, but collapses down to ensure it's travel appropriate and a great space saver.



Four Great Makeup Dupes: Budget Alternatives To Some Of My Must-Haves

It's the middle of the month, we've all splashed out a little too much on holiday and our remaining wages have to keep us in frappacinos and blueberry muffins for a few weeks. If you're in need of a little makeup pick-me-up, or simply need to re-stock your stash, then why not look for some more affordable versions of your usual favourites? The high street is awash with products influenced and inspired by their more expensive counterparts, or simply from the same suppliers that make the same items at two different price points. Although there are hundreds of dupes to choose from, these four are my current favourites and ones I'm turning to more and more in an attempt to save the good stuff for a rainy day.



Three Affordable Skincare Brands That You Need To Know About

Scrambling through my skincare collection in an attempt to pick our my budget favourites, it dawned on me that 90% of my regular products include brands that could be described as anything but. It appears that I love my serums, moisturisers, toners and brightening lotions to be filled to the brim with scientific advances and amazing ingredients - which unsurprisingly don't come cheap. However, if you know where to look then you can pick up some great products that help provide super smooth and healthy looking skin, without the need for a second mortgage. These three brands are new to my reportoire, but so far I'm really enjoying integrating them into my routine and pushing aside some rather costly alternatives.



Budget Body Products To Help Prolong Your Summer Glow

The sun may well and truly have gone into hibernation for another year, but the relatively warm temperatures are still seeing us bare-legged and fancy free. Although we don't have the opportunity of getting a little sunkissed naturally (and full-on fake tan seems a little OTT when it's grey outside,) there are some affordable products that can help to give us a helping hand. Here are three high street beauty buys I'm going to be turning to until I can't walk around tightless any longer.


COMPETITION: Makeup Revolution, The Ultimate Budget Beauty Brand

When it comes to budget beauty, we really are spoiled rotten here in the UK. It seems that new beauty brands pop up on the high street every other month, with the shelves of Superdrug being filled with bargains that also provide a pretty good result. 2014 has certainly been the year of blogger favourite Makeup Revolution, a brand that takes cues from cult products and best selling collections of premium counterparts. Although some of their inspirations can be a little controversial, they provide affordable makeup that's both fun to look at and great to use; who doesn't want a chocolate eyeshadow palette or a heart shaped bronzer? There's so much greatness to choose from, with a whole look costing the same as lunch from Pret-a-Manger, but there are three products in particular that I think are worth picking up right now - and you could win them!



Five Affordable Makeup Brush Brands You Need To Check Out

I don't know what I used to do without makeup brushes, but suffice to say my fingers alone didn't exactly make the best tools. Fast forward a few years and my brush collection is expansive, full to the brim with different bristles and varying angles to ensure makeup is applied just right. You can invest heavily in application tools if you want to feel like a makeup artist, but you can quite easily achieve a pretty professional finish with some of the more affordable options on the high street. Although I love a few really expensive brushes, these five brands are the ones I turn to on a daily basis to help my products apply with ease. All five are easily available and all five have a huge brush selection for under a tenner.


A Blogger's Confession: I Love Magazines & Want Them To Stick Around

When I was a little girl, my pocket money was spent solely on magazines and bath balls from The Body Shop. All I wanted to do was read about what lipgloss was cool, what I should be wearing on my feet and what Ronan from Boyzone looked for in a future wife. Twenty years later and not much has changed - I still look to magazines for inspiration, aspiration and a little time out. I've got subscriptions to Elle, Cosmo and Stylist, regularly pick up a copy of Look while waiting for a train and can often be seen sneaking a copy of Psychologies off the shelf in the hope that nobody's looking. Magazines, for me, offer a little time to catch up on what's new and dream about expensive shoes I could never quite justify splurging on; they're that little bit of luxury that I feel from the moment I breathe in the scent of the freshly printed pages. Although as someone who's been blogging for nearly five years (and makes their living from the online world,) I'm probably expected to loathe magazines and all they stand for - but the reality is very different.



Five Affordable Mascaras That Will Have You In A Flutter

I used to be a little bit of a mascara snob, only ever relying on more expensive brands to transform my lashes into a powerful flutter. However, in recent years more affordable brands have really been pulling out all the stops and producing wands and formulas that seriously compete with mascaras triple their price. You can get some great budget buys from your local Wilkinson or Boots store, without having to flash the cash or scrimp in other areas. I've parked my YSL and have been relying on these five to give me awesome results, all for under a tenner.



My Top Six Budget Hair Styling Products For A Fabulous Barnet

Although a great shampoo and conditioner can start you off on the right foot (and a fab serum can help tame tresses and add shine,) the difference between a decent look and great finish is all in the styling. There are some amazing affordable products out there that are pushing the boundaries and removing the need for professional products in order for you to achieve a professional finish - great when you're short on pennies or are simply more concerned with saving up for a sunny break. Although there are tonnes to choose from, these six provide all I need for a refined 'do without scrimping. Introducing six great budget buys that help your hair look anything but...


NEW Rimmel Provocalips: An Affordable Liquid Lipstick That Never Wears Off

Two step lipsticks are nothing new (I bought my first Max Factor one about fifteen years ago and thought it was the height of glamour,) but they've always provided an incredibly drying and uncomfortable experience. The initial payoff may have been great, but the longevity was poor and the tightness left me overlooking them in favour of something a little more hydrating. When these new Provocalips liquid lipsticks landed on my desk I was incredibly dubious, presuming they'd provide a drying experience that lasted no longer than my usual lipstick - but how wrong I was. These may be the best lip product I've seen in years, providing a comfortable feeling and an incredible colour that literally never wears off. (Plus they're only £6.99 each!)



Three Great Budget Makeup Primers To Help You Look Flawless

If there's one product I rely on to keep my makeup in place all day, then it's a primer. They're a makeup artist's secret weapon, the key to achieving a flawless complexion and the way you can stop that horrendous '4pm slip'. Although I didn't discover the benefit until starting to write this blog, for the last four years there's never been one far from my side. Some of my favourites include Bare Minerals and Benefit, but there are also some incredible budget buys that do just a good a job but will cost you half the price. Here are three fab primers that are worth picking up pre-payday.


Budget Beauty Week: Why I Love A Bargain (Plus WIN Loads Of Your Own!)

I love makeup. I love hair products. I love everything to do with making myself look and feel a little bit better. I've been obsessed with it all ever since I was a child, taking to the stage to perform a solo ballet piece with blue eyeshadow slapped all over me like a leftover from the 70's. I worked in the industry for many years, later turning that passion into this blog, so I've seen both sides of the beauty industry and pretty much every product imaginable. Although I love a luxurious cream packaged in a delightfully beautiful pot, the buzz I get from finding a fab budget buy is possibly just as strong. Just as Primark and charity shops have become on-trend and adopted by high fashion, affordable beauty is having a resurgence - because spending more doesn't always mean you're getting better quality. (Read why not here.) There are now so many products and brands offering amazing quality for a more than reasonable price point, ensuring that beauty is once again accessible to all and affordable enough to be fun again. This week I'm going to be bringing you a series of posts which showcase my favourite budget beauty brands, top product picks and hidden gems that will all be worth picking up - plus every single one will be under a tenner. In celebration of my forthcoming #BudgetBeautyWeek, here are my top five reasons why I love a beauty bargain and even an opportunity to win a huge hamper of goodies for yourself...



Top Five Current Favourite Overnight Treatments, Creams, Oils & Masks

Opposite to what many of you may think, night creams and masks are not simply a way for cosmetic companies to make more money. There are specific benefits to using a cream or oil while you sleep, especially as eight hours of slumber allows ingredients to penetrate the skin and work much more effectively than they would under makeup. Although our skin doesn't 'sleep' as such, while we're snuggled up under the duvet our skin is less focused on battling the elements we're exposed to daily (including UV rays, pollution and other free radicals.) This frees it up to focus on repair and hydration issues, which is where the benefit of a night cream comes into play. I love to slap on a layer of goodness before bedtime, waking up to fresher and brighter skin that's just a little more supple; although I have oodles in my collection, these are the five I'm currently using.



Current Makeup Favourites: The Products I'm Reaching For Daily

My makeup collection is probably the same size as my local Boots store, containing just as much variety and opportunity to experiment. Although I try to use as many things as possible and regularly shake up my routine, there are a few things I find myself reaching for time and time again on a daily basis. They're my fail-safe reliable products that I know I don't have to think about or really take time to perfect; products that are easy to apply, provide the result I want and leave me feeling great. Here are a few of my current makeup favourites and while you'll be seeing them on my face for some time to come.



Three Great Affordable Bi-Phase Eye Makeup Removers

Lashings of mascara and a thick black line across the lid can really make a look, adding a touch of effortless glamour to an otherwise nude complexion. However, the trouble often starts at the end of the day when you try to take it all off. We're all familiar with the horrendous panda eyes that appear the morning after, having thought you'd removed all traces of mascara only to be sternly corrected the next day - most cream or simple liquid eye makeup removers simply aren't powerful enough to effectively remove all traces. My personal preference has always been for bi-phase formulas that contain a mixture of oil and solution, coming together when shaken to provide a solution that clings to and easily remove even the most stubborn of makeup products. These are my current three affordable favourites, all of which effectively wipe away every trace without leaving my eyes feeling sore from excess rubbing.


So You Wanna Go To London Fashion Week? This Is What It's *Really* Like

Twice a year London town becomes overrun with fashionistas, journalists, 'It Girls' and bloggers - or at least much more so than usual. London Fashion Week descends on us biannually to showcase the fashion and trends of the following seasons, looking forward to what the high street will copy in six months time. Although it's an amazing industry event, allowing buyers to handpick key items for their stores and magazines to pull together edits we drool over, it's become somewhat of a circus in recent years. I see fellow bloggers and readers expressing their desire to attend shows and have the benefit of sneaking backstage, but LFW isn't as glamorous and exciting as some of us make out. If you've ever wanted to sneak behind the gates of Somerset House and find out how fashion is born for yourself, then this is what London Fashion Week is *really* like...



Elemis Limited Edition Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (For Breast Cancer Care)

It's a number one best-selling cream and cult beauty product, but until this week I'd never tried Elemis' Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. A pot is sold every minute around the world, which isn't surprising considering it promises clinically proven results in two weeks - it claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 78% and increase hydration by up to 45% after just a fortnight! The daily moisturiser features a rich yet lightweight texture that sinks into the skin within seconds to leave it feeling comfortably smooth. It's won oodles of awards and frequently sells out when it's featured on QVC, especially because its inclusion of rose makes the scent delectably delicious. If you're already a fan of the famous cream then you may as well jump for joy this Autumn, because Elemis are launching a very special version of their Pro-Collagen Marine Cream which is not only great value, but simultaneously helps raise money for Breast Cancer Care.


Introducing The Bathory: Make Your Own Bath Soak Blend

When it comes to bath time, the soaking equipment used either makes it or breaks it. I can't abide a fruitless bath bomb or an underwhelming bubble - I love to soak away my troubles surrounded by something I can really breathe in deeply and know it's doing me some good, both physically and emotionally. The Bathory are a new little brand that popped up on my radar recently and offer just that: bath soaks that you can personally blend (albeit virtually) to ensure your every need is met.You can choose from three base blends (including Bask, Soothe and Detox) and three of ten essential oils to ensure your finished soak provides the emotional and physical support you need. I went for a detox blend, which also includes the essential oils of Bergamot, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang for an uplifting and exotic experience.



Love The Skin You're In: How Hitting My 30's Changed My Attitude

When you're in your teens and twenties, hitting the big three-oh seems like the first step towards old age. I can remember thinking that by the time I was 27 I'd have life nailed (with a home, family and husband to boot,) because at 18 that felt like a million moons in the future. Oh how wrong I was and how many curve balls life threw at me. I spent the latter part of my twenties dreading hitting my third decade, preferring to pretend I was still a teenager and lived my life in such a way that I could be mistaken for someone ten years younger. I've always been blessed with baby skin and an English Rose complexion that hid my true age, so my latter years were spent drinking cocktails and sleeping in tents with only a Pot Noodle for breakfast. Although I had a blast, my previous decade was also spent dealing with an almost crippling issue of self confidence; externally I was a happy and carefree with a sense of self unrivaled by most other women my age. However, internally I really struggled to love myself or see the positives in my uniqueness.



Sure Maximum Protection: Standing Up Against 'Moments That Matter'

I've never been the kind of person that sits still and shuts up - I'm always on the go, doing a million things at once, packing my diary full of activities and dealing with the consequences thereafter. Although a good night's sleep and a heavy duty foundation are essential for helping me to look and feel my best, I also need a great deodorant that keeps me protected and worry free. The people at Sure challenged me to put their Maximum Protection deodorant to the test during some of my 'moments that matter' to show how it can keep you fresh, whatever the day brings. The clinically proven formula provides up to twice the protection against sweat of the best selling antiperspirant, thanks to their body responsive technology. The encapsulated technology contains microcapsules that dissolve when you sweat to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day, as well as a specially formulated skin moisturising ingredient to help prevent irritation. So now we're up to speed on how it works, how did I get on when I put it to the test over the last week?


Top Tips: How To Use An Eye Cream

One product I use without fail every single day, come rain or shine, is an eye cream. It's been a fundamental part of my morning routine for around five years, ever since I discovered the benefits it can bring to brightening dark circles and tightening dull skin. One of the first signs of ageing appears around our eye area (with fine lines creeping in and giving the game away,) which is why bright eyes are so associated with youth. Using a great eye cream daily can not only help to hydrate, add luminosity, tighten and lift delicate skin that's seen better days, but also help in the long term fight against ageing too. However, so many of us are still using eye creams incorrectly and not fully benefiting from their ingredients and advanced formulas. Here are some of my top tips on how to use an eye cream to ensure your peepers are looking their best at all times.



Back To School Beauty: Updating Your Makeup Bag For A New Season

It's the time of year again when supermarkets are filled with lunchboxes and plimsolls, while simultaneously promising the most durable trousers on the high street. It's time to go back to school. While the majority of you have probably left your school years well and truly behind you, there's no reason why we can't all take a leaf out of a new textbook and start the new term as we mean to go on. September marks the end of summer and the start of a new wardrobe, so it makes sense to give our makeup bags a little overhaul too. Here are some of my top tips and favourite products for starting the new season as we mean to go on...


A New Parisian Subscription Box: My Little Box Lands In The UK

There's nothing new about beauty boxes. We've had every imaginable incarnation of them drop onto our radar in recent years, promising to introduce us to new products and brands that we simply must try. However, with the launch of My Little Box the market is evolving into something altogether more interesting. Already huge in France, the Parisian company offer something a little different and have turned box services into a much more holistic lifestyle opportunity. Each one of their boxes is themed (be it a Love box, Geek box, Christmas box or even Nautical box) and contains lots of little goodies that all tie into the overarching concept. Not only is there a luxury beauty sample from well established brands such as Essie and L'Occitane, but My Little Box also produce their own beauty products and include samples of anything from hand cream to lip balm. They also include fun little gifts that really make the experience a bit more special.

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