The New Beauty Essential: Introducing Zoeva Makeup Brushes

If we paid as much attention to our makeup tools as we do our makeup, then I'm sure we'd all look practically perfect every single day. Great tools are the foundation of any routine, as they really do mean the difference between a face full of makeup and a face that looks flawlessly finished. There are many makeup brushes that have touched down on my desk, but Zoeva are the first brand that had me drooling and stroking eyeshadow brushes like they were small pets. Their story is fabulous, hailing from Germany after their founder Zoe became frustrated at the high price tags associated with great quality tools - she started to produce her own using factories in the Far East, selling them on eBay before the demand just became too great. Six years later and Zoeva are a huge international brand that are just starting to gain recognition in the UK; the quality is amazing and the variety of over forty brushes ensures there's a tool for every single need.

This eight piece pink set contains a buffer brush, face paint brush, sheer cheek brush, soft definer brush, pencil brush, petit crease brush, wing liner brush and brow line brush - all for £56.95. That's around £7.00 each, plus a beautiful pewter clutch to carry them all in thrown in for free. Combining the best of synthetic and natural bristles, every brush is packed full to ensure maximum performance; every single one is super soft and beautifully delicate on the face, helping to create a flawless finish that looks like it's been airbrushed on. The bristles don't come out of the barrel or end up stuck within your makeup, nor do they feel scratchy when offering precision.

I love the angles eye and brow brushes which make applying powder super easy, while the buffer and crease brushes help create fab smokey looks. The face brushes are unusual shapes and don't look dissimilar to a paint brush, but the shape really helps to blend product into the skin and delicately buff into the surface. Every single brush within the set has its own place and purpose, but collectively this is pretty much all you need to create practically any makeup look imaginable.

Although Real Techniques brushes are one of my favourite brands and offer fabulous results, Zoeva are much more affordable when purchased in fab sets such as this - they offer incredible value and amazing performance, without the need to sacrifice on Starbucks for a month to justify a purchase. They're definitely professional quality (feeling heavy and sturdy without being too much,) and look beautiful too; I'm not normally a pink kind of girl, but the gunmetal ferrules and matching carry bag ensure this is a collection that's as elegant as it is effective. If you're in the market for new makeup brushes, want to invest in a collection or simply fancy adding something to your Christmas list, then Zoeva is definitely a brand to check out.

Zoeva brushes are available online, with prices starting from £5.95. The 'Pink Elements Classic Brush Set' is available online priced £56.95 for an eight-piece set.


  1. A nice post, the brushes look great.

    Allyson x

  2. These brushes look great! I definitely have to check them out.


  3. They are soooo nice!! The colour of them is amazing and the brushes look amazing too. Works out to be a really good price too!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  4. Zoeva brushes are haunting me! I need a set! One to add on my Christmas list I think!


  5. I have the Complete Eye Set and I love all the brushes! I definitely have to pick their face brushes to try! This set is super girly and cute, would give a great Christmas gift to a close friend :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  6. Can't wait for Santa to hopefully drop a few in my stocking and was also wondering if you have any time could you have a little peek at my newly launched blog at:
    Thank you so much! xx

  7. These are beautiful! The colour is so cute too, I'll definitely be telling santa I want these!
    <3 Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

  8. They look lovely! Think I need to get the Rose Gold set first though! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  9. These brushes look so pretty, and sound amazing! I just wish the bristles weren't white, as it's so difficult to clean them.

  10. These brushes look great, also like that they are in the pink ^^

    Z ♥

  11. They look so great.

  12. I have a new thing for brushes. It's bad. Currently loving RMK, but these look good. I want to try them all!
    Ting | www.thetingthing.com

  13. I absolutely adore my Zoeva brushes! Got them couple of months ago and can't live without them, really. I am obsessed with brushes so Zoeva is an awesome alternative that allows me to get a good collection without getting broke in the process.

  14. beautiful brushes! I may get them soon :)



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