Sweet As Candy: Introducing 'Flickable' Lipgloss

Lollipops may make you think of childhood parties, Britney Spears in her heyday and buying Chupa Chups from the corner shop, but there's no doubt they evoke a feeling of fun. Lollipops are a sure fire way to bring a smile to anybody's face, which is why they're so often used as rewards after painful injections or dentists appointments. Flickable lipglosses aim to offer that same sense of fun and mischief while ensuring glossy lips are sweet and kissable; their super cute lollipop packs are certainly unique and will definitely appeal to our inner child. Available in five different colours and 'flavours' (including Do You Pink I'm Sexy, Better Off Red and Toffee Talk,) the range isn't tacky and doesn't scream 'a great gift for a six year old.'

Although they're pretty pricey at $18.00 (£11.50) a pop, they are fab little gifts and definitely a talking point in the pub. The gloss itself is really lightweight, non-sticky and non-drying, offering a hint of colour and a lot of shine in a delicate sweep across the lips. Some shades include a hint of glitter to catch the light, while others are more subtle and suitable for every day - the five colours pretty much cover all bases. The stick acts as the applicator, which can be removed from the lolly head and popped back in for a touch more gloss; the only downside is the fact that there's no way of keeping the gloss in one place as the circular base just rolls off the table! The scent is quite sweet, with just a hint of something a little chemical underneath, but not at all offensive or overwhelming. I love the concept of these glosses and think they make touching up your makeup on the tube so much more fun... I just hope they get wider distribution in the UK and the price point becomes a little more affordable.

What do you think of Flickable lipglosses? (Available online priced $18.00 each)


  1. I would buy it even for the packaging alone! So cute <3
    x Valerie | Valerie Randomness

  2. These are adorable!

  3. They are so cute! I think from a quick glance you'd think they are saying something else... ;)

    Dannie x

  4. OMG!!! They are soooo cute! I would love to take home these.

  5. They're cute. I would imagine them to be more 'child appropriate' considering the shape and so on. A little bit pricey for my liking but the concept is really fun!

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  6. It's quite a cute idea but I think they're overpriced for what they are and 'Flickable'? A slightly dodgy name :) x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  7. Aww wow! how adorable! I need these haha!



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