Five Brands You May Not Know About, But Definitely Need To

One of the best parts of my job as a beauty blogger is discovering brands, products and concepts that are unknown to most. With so many brands being so visible on our high streets, in our department stores and within much read magazines, it's sometimes hard to turn your attention to a product that's somewhat understated. Although hundreds of brands are launched every year, with most claiming to revolutionise your life or provide a magic formula that will wipe years off your face, very few are actually worth switching to or parting with hard earned cash for - however, I've found five that really are. You may not have ever heard of any of these brands, but all of them need a little space in your life... A space that you won't regret giving up.

1. Arran Aromatics
Founded by a husband and wife duo within their cottage kitchen on the beautiful Isle of Arran, Arran Aromatics focuses on making beautiful body products that are infused with original fragrances inspired by the landscape and scents of the island. They offer everything from bath oil, body lotion, lip balm and face cream to some incredible gift sets and home fragrances, all packaged up with a 'home made' feeling that ensures they remain close to their roots. I'm astounded at the quality for the price point, with many products starting at only a few pounds. Although they're only available online, it's easy to spend an hour perusing the collections and filling up a basket with goodies.
2. Sophie La Girafe  
If you've got a small child, or have any friends with a small child, then I guarantee you'll be familiar with the little rubber giraffe named Sophie that everyone under the age of three is obsessed with. (Apparently it all started with Harper Beckham parading the toy, making it a must-have.) Sophie has now branched out into skincare products, providing certified organic lotions that are suitable for both babies and grown-ups; the formulas are incredibly soft, perfect for sensitive types and leave skin feeling supple. There's not only a body lotion, but face cream and oil that can be used by beauty enthusiasts of any age in multiple ways. With the most expensive product being £14.99, the range is incredibly affordable and great for those concerned about putting nasties on their skin. 

3. Scottish Fine Soaps
Founded over 40 years ago, this Scottish brand makes the most delightful soaps and body products that look way more expensive than their price. Their cult classic Au Lait collection blends 'the goodness of real milk with a tocuh of French chic', offering a range that would look fabulous in any bathroom. The soaps are full of goodness and don't dry out the skin, while the body lotions and hand creams provide a hit of hydration accompanied by delicious scents. They have the most delightful gift sets, holiday packs and mini products that would make a fab introduction into their brand, as well as soaps filled to the brim with olive oil and shea butter. You may have spotted their 'soaps in a tin' in gift shops, but it's well worth checking out the full range online.

4. Zoeva Makeup Brushes
Relatively new to the UK, Zoeva is no doubt going to be one of the biggest makeup brush brands this time next year. With prices starting at £5.95 and over 40 different brushes available, the super soft combination of natural and synthetic bristles helps to create flawless finishes and really aids makeup application. The density of the hair also ensures product can be picked up and buffed into the skin effectively, making everything from blusher to smokey eyes super simple. Every brush feels like fantastic quality, with the wooden handle offering enough weight to ensure a comfortable experience, while the designs and tapered bristles are truly unique. I've got so much love for this brand that I'm going to revisit them later, but suffice to say you need to have a look at their portfolio and add something to your Christmas list!

3. Delilah Cosmetics 
The brainchild of three friends with a huge passion for makeup, Delilah is one of the most beautiful brands I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. Packaged in delightful metallic cases, all of the makeup within the collection has been well thought through - providing practicality, performance, pigment and pleasure. The formulas are so soft, so finely milled and so long-lasting that they make applying your morning slap an absolute pleasure. I love the delicate creamy cheek compact, as well as the lipglosses which offer a rich texture without being overly sticky. The range is quite expensive, but the product quality is phenomenal and well worth a little investment ahead of the party season if you're looking for a little self-indulgence.

Do you love any brands that are somewhat under-the-radar and worth shouting about? 


  1. I love the blusher, it looks stunning!
    I really like a brand called Catrice, but it's really hard to find their products in the UK xx


  2. Sophie La Girafe sounds so cute but also perfect for my skin type - definitely going to check out those products! x


  3. I have heard of Zoeva and will now plan on purchasing some brushes since reading this. thank you x

  4. Scottish fine soaps sound wonderful, especially including the real milk.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. Such a pleasure to read. Thank you for this write up. :) :) :)
    Definitely need to welcome some Zoeva and Arran Aromatics into my life. I need to have to word with Santa!

  6. Korina14.11.14

    What a great post! I second liloo, such a pleasure to read and thank you.
    I noticed a nail polish brand called Londontown Lakur had been added to the selection at a larger Boots store I visited recently. Don't know if they're a new brand or if I'm just behind the times! Duo chrome polishes are my absolutely fave and the brand had a good selection of those. Possibly even some of dupes for Bad Fairy, Formidable and Mean Green from the MAC Disney Villains collection. Although the £14 per bottle price point is higher than MAC's £10 a pop. A quick search has just informed me that two of the MAC colours have been reincarnated in the Rocky Horror collection, and one of them has joined the permanent collection, so they're all still available when I didn't think they were...
    Oh dear, went a bit off topic there didn't I?!! Ramble over! ;o)

  7. I love discovering new brands, and you pretty much sold me with the pictures, the packaging is gorgeous! xx

    Blog With Laura

  8. I have fell in love with the Sophie La Girafe lotion.. even thought I am a little bit older than 3..

  9. Only one I've not heard of is Delilah. Check out AS:AP, Just Be Botanicals, Lyonsleaf x

  10. I've purchased a few of the Scottish Soaps and they are heavenly. They smell wonderful, and last a very long time. I would usually have to break it in half but the size of the soap.

  11. Anonymous18.11.14

    The blush is sooo pretty, and these soaps would make perfect little gifts or stocking fillers. Thanks for sharing :)

  12. Anonymous20.11.14

    This is such a great post idea! I adore Zoeva brushes and definitely some of the best out there. I'm definitely going to have to check out these other brands!

    Chloe Andrews | Beauty Posts & Nail Art Tutorials


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