"Don't Save That Sh*t For Best"

A wise woman once told me "don't save that sh*t for best." What's the point in waiting for the magical day that never comes? I'm an absolute sucker for an expensive perfume, eye-wateringly priced candle and luxurious face mask that claims to leave me with the skin of Cara Delevigne, but I also have a habit of keeping all the posh jars and extravagant scents for a special occasion. When I do get the odd evening alone, the first thing I do is run a bath and cover myself from head-to-toe in luxurious treatments before slipping into a steaming hot tub topped up with bath oil that costs as much as a small car. There's something about luxurious products that makes every experience feel all the more special, and we're mostly happy to pay a premium for it. However, leaving that bottle of bath foam your best mate gave you last Christmas sitting on the windowsill (waiting for the perfect excuse to unscrew it,) neither satisfies you nor the bath foam. Here's why you should scrap saving things for a rainy day and start using those special lotions and potions right now...

Products Have a Shelf Life
We all know that products have a 'period after opening' date which provides an indication on how long they should be kept and used. However, a lot of these are shorter than you think - be it three, six or twelve months before you should really be chucking them away. What's the point in splashing out on a £25 mascara for those big girlie nights, when you then only get to use it three times before it dries out and becomes unusable? I've learned the hard way that cosmetics really don't last as long as you may think, having to begrudgingly dispose of all kind of lotions and potions that I was saving for 'a special occasion'. Make the most of your indulgent purchases while you still can.

Every Day Should Have A Little Luxury
I'm a firm believer in this mantra, whether or not it's using a fancy shampoo in the shower or spritzing yourself with a little Jo Malone just to walk to the post office. It makes you feel good, puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face - so why would you starve yourself of the privilege and ration out when you can feel super positive about the day? Start using all those fancy makeup products, face masks, body creams and overnight treatments today... Because it will not only help you feel better right now, but tomorrow too. 

Integrate Into Your Daily Routine For Best Results
Most products are more costly because of the ingredients and technology that goes into formulating them. Although there are some ingredible affordable buys that really do help us to look our best, if you splurge on an extortionate face cream or treat yourself to the latest serum then using it daily will really help you see best results. Products are developed to be used daily, so stopping and starting a routine when you feel you can justify that £5-a-pump cream won't do you any good in the long-term. Integrating these expensive and luxurious products into a routine, however sparingly, will help you get your money's worth and ensure you're looking fabulous.

Will you be cracking open that special pot of cream tonight? 


  1. Not sure I have a special pot of cream or anything fancy but I see what you are saying and understand. If I do get anything nice i'll certainly use it there and then!

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. I am so guilty of this but I go to even bigger extremes, I literally wont open the product until I know I will use it all, so I am waiting for a period in my life that I can dedicate it to. And I know it is stupid and weird but when I have a £5 mascara sitting there and a £20 one I always use the £5 first thinking in my head that the £20 should be kept until it is special. I am trying to be a bit better about it but failing miserably haha!

  3. Personally I think the more money you spend on a product (or anything in life really) the more you should use it :) if I'm spending £30 on a foundation I want to get wear out of it in the same way that I would spend £100 on a pair of boots to wear everyday x

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  4. This is so true! I’m defiantly not one to hold back, if I like a product I will use it regularly careless of the price tag because it is so damn good!


  5. Anonymous28.10.14

    Interesting topic! I used to save more luxury products, both makeup and skincare, for special occasions that never came, and I had a huge decluttering recently, and I had to throw away all that because it expired long time ago. I'm not saving anything anymore.

    My Beauty Blog

  6. I always think like this! Im always saying yeh just save that for a special occasion! Well that occasion never comes and I end up wasting them! Such a shame but I should just start using a product! Follow you! x

    BerrieBlogs {beauty blog}

  7. Very interesting topic. I try to save my best stuff for "special" days but, at the end of the day, it will only get wasted. Make up only lasts so long and I'd rather wear my Chanel foundation everyday than have to chuck it away! That being said, I still have my "regular" day and "trying new things" make up, as opposed to the stuff I use on days I want to look nicer.
    x Julia |Wing me a dream

  8. I am guilty of using an expensive product very rarely, but I can definitely see your point! Will be trying this out from now on xx

  9. Jo Malone is a one for me. Even if I am having a duvet day, where I see no-one at all, I will still wear there scents as I find them very comforting and relaxing!

    Amanda Leigh - Desperately Seeking Something

  10. Anonymous28.10.14

    Your blog posts are so helpful! :) I hardly ever buy expensive products but I will now!

    If you like blogs like this, I'd love for you to check out mine, I'm sure you will LOVE IT :D


  11. Three very good points, I try not to save products for "best" anymore as it's such a waste if you think about II!

    Jess xo

  12. Definitely guilty of hoarding my Nars foundation but I think I'm getting better. Lost a few good Lush facemasks that way too! Great post - Sali Hughes says something similar in Pretty Honest (obsessed with that book) too, so great minds think alike =) N x

    SF blog SF Insta SF twitter

  13. This is exactly how I feel about Omorovicza! Everytime I spritz the face mist I feel like £10 is lost to the surrounding atmosphere TT.TT

  14. Lovedlovedloved this!

    Karina xx


  15. Guilty... I do this especially with luxury makeup. It's stupid. I've had to toss out several lipsticks that I loved to bits but never used because I was saving them for special occasions. I need to be better at using them.

  16. I had this beauty product epiphany the other day! Life is too short. I have had the courage to use my Eve Lom cleanser regularly and my skin has honestly never looked better :)

    X Emma | www.missemmacharlotte.com

  17. I think you're right, although I do save my bottles and boxes of things for later. I like completing something and then opening the next one ;))

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk

  18. Amen, true that sister!


  19. So very true!!! I'm a sucker for expensive products and i enjoy every little bit of luxury that they provide! If it's under $150 and i really love it, then i will buy it whether its an eyeshadow or a serum! xo


  20. I'm terrible at saving things and not using them enough!


  21. Could not agree more with this! I've actually come to the same conclusion over the past year and I've started just using my nice stuff all the time. I've found that expensive products tend to last better anyway so I might as well make the use of them.


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