NEW, Cute & Affordable: Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette

Sometimes the blogging and beauty world goes crazy for a launch, hyping it up so much that it sells out in every imaginable outlet and leads to waiting lists everywhere. When Urban Decay launched their original 'Naked' eyeshadow palette little did they know the craze that would follow, nor how much of a cult product it would become. A couple years later and there are endless extensions, re-inventions and spin-off products that are still bringing in the bacon, but none that have captured my attention in the way that this mini version has done. An alternative to the much bigger original palette, the 'basic' collection includes six wearable shades and is a much friendlier size - as well as carrying a much friendlier price point of £22.00.

My issue with most eyeshadow palettes is that they contain only one or two 'base' shades that I can use daily, with a huge selection of other colours that rarely ever see my eyelid. You end up using so much of the base shades that the palette becomes unusable after a while and good product is wasted. This palette contains all the nude tones you could possibly ever need, with the inclusion of some slightly darker shades for contouring and a charcoal-brown for framing the eye - making it much more practical and a wiser investment.

I've frequently declared my love for the Urban Decay shadow formula, it being super smooth and silky without flaking or smudging, but this six-piece collection really is the absolute bomb. It's what every woman needs in her collection and will see you through workdays, evenings in the pub and Saturday nights out on the town; all you need in addition is a jet black liner and a little sparkle to add around the corners. I've never really understood the fascination with the Naked palettes, but this little gem has converted me; it's gone straight into my makeup collection and I can confirm it will be used daily from hereon in.

What do you think of the Urban Decay 'Naked' palettes? Will you be grabbing a 'Basics' collection?

The Naked Basics palette is available online priced £22.00 - and so is the original version!


  1. Not that fussed by the second one really. Although I do love UD shadows!

    Sophie x

  2. Seriously tempted!!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  3. Definitely intrigued about this; the colours all look really wearable and practical!

    Karina xx


  4. Anonymous21.9.14

    I didn't really like the first one, but I will be purchasing this one, I like the colors!

  5. I am so excited about this being released! I am one of those people that own some lovely palettes, like the Naked 3 for example, but like you say, some of those beautiful colours just don't get the use that they should. This looks even better than the original Naked Basics, and I can finally (kind of) justify buying a palette because my Naked Basics has been so well-loved! Gemma x

    This is such an amazing freebie! I think the Liberty deal looks better than SpaceNK- how lovely to get a Diptyque candle! I nearly went for the SpaceNK deal, but couldn't afford it, so it's great to 'window shop' through your post! Gemma x

    Beautiful Life as I know it

  6. Oh it's beautiful.

  7. Was very excited for this launch as I love the original... but being as pale as I am I neeeeeed some light shades in the palette which, disappointingly, this is lacking :( nevertheless, the quality of the shadows is amazing so I'm sure it's still worth a place in my collection x

    F U Z Z Y P E A C H D R O P S

  8. The colors are all a bit too soft and bland for me I'm afraid. But it's a lovely palette. It's just not the right palette for me.

  9. I think its a very every day makeup palette. Very practical and easy to wear <3


  10. I’m not sold by the naked basic palettes if I’m honest! I do love a matte shadow, but rarely wear them alone!


  11. I have Naked 1 & Naked 3, but my most worn from these are the matte shades - I'd love to own a Basics palette and I think that this one is my favourite!


  12. I dropped a brush in one of the shadows from this and left a big dent in it :'(
    Such a lovely palette though! I was so excited when I got this as it's the perfect set of neutrals for me.

    Ray❤ xo
    [ ToySaturn Blog ]

  13. I love the original Naked basics, I'll dying to get my mitts on this one too! :D

    Danniella x


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