Lancôme Hypnôse Grandiôse Mascara: The 'Swan Neck' Innovation That Works

Mascara wands have been practically the same since the product's inception - long, straight and with a brush on the end. Apart from Avon's attempt at reinventing the wheel (in the form of a paint-brush wand,) there's been little innovation when it comes to the application of mascara - until now.  Lancôme's new Hypnôse Grandiôse Mascara includes a re-imagined application technique that includes a patent-pending 'Swan Neck', designed to effortlessly create perfectly open, full and even lashes. Although it looks a little scary and unnecessary, the bent wand actually aids application and enables you to grab lashes close to the root and fan them out for a wide-eyed finish. It also ensures every single lash is coated in product, even the little ones you can't necessarily see, to provide a serious amount of volume with no clumps in sight.

Not only does the 'Swan Neck' brush provide a fuss-free finish, but it also aids application to the 'hard to get areas' - including the inner corner of your eye. I for one always struggle applying mascara to my left eye because I can't quite seem to flick the brush around to the right position; this removes all those problems because you simply twist the brush in your hand into the perfect place. The extra long wand also prevents those nasty eyelid smudges that are often the result of an overly large brush or dodgy application technique, providing a wide-eyed look and lots of volume with no mess.

The formula itself also includes rose cell extract, which aims to look after the health of your lashes in the long-term by reducing 'churn' (or the frequency by which your lashes fall out and re-grow.) It's extremely pleasant to use, jet black in colour and doesn't clump at all - even when you layer product over product over product. (I first had this applied in Harrods as part of their Beauty School and the makeup artist must have applied at least ten layers on each eye.) Although this is a whopping £24.50 for a mascara, it does make application so much easier and aid the creation of a serious flutter. I'm a true convert, although I don't know how often I could justify splashing out on such an expense - here's hoping other brands take note and start innovating too.

The Lancôme Hypnôse Grandiôse Mascara is available online priced £24.50


  1. This looks great - might have to pick one of these up at duty free next week and give it a try! x

  2. I’m going on holiday next week and might just have to pop this into my basket in the duty free!


  3. The wand looks so interesting! Really want to try this as I can never get the inner corner lashes!

    TR's Thoughts

  4. What a strange looking wand, you've made it sound awesome though!


  5. Great Innovation - " swan neck mascara".
    Love to pick up this.

    salon beauty

  6. Best mascara ever.

  7. It looks very elegant, I love the overall look of the mascara. R x http://www.sprucenews.co.uk/


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