Introducing The New Fragrance From Burberry: My Burberry

The latest scent from Burberry is possibly their best to date. With Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne fronting the campaign (wearing the iconic coat that's been adorned by everyone from fashionistas to soldiers for the last 100 years,) it's no surprise that it's causing quite the stir. The scent has been designed to capture the 'fragrance of a London garden after the rain,' and is inspired by the trench that Burberry have always been known for. Christopher Bailey comments: "My Burberry is the true embodiment of our brand, in scent, in design and in attitude. A fragrance that takes its lead from the iconic Burberry trench has to be outstanding in every way." The bottle reflects the design of the trench coat, while the horn-finish cap is inspired by the coat's buttons - it's definitely the details that make this a bottle worth treasuring.

There's no doubt this allows everyone to have a little bit of the famous beige attire even if they can't stretch to the £1000 price tag of the real thing. I love the chunky button lid that's even embossed with the Burberry name on the reverse, making this much more than just another perfume. It's a statement piece and a classic bottle, much more in keeping with the classic Burberry branding than previous fragrance incarnations. The fragrance itself includes top notes of sweat pea and bergamot, with a base of centifolia roses and patchouli. However, the floral notes are somewhat muted and the result is extremely fresh while still being classically elegant.

This, in my opinion, is the closest Burberry have gotten to an iconic scent that will stand the test of time. It lasts well on skin and evolves over the day to leave a scent that I can only associate with brand new clothes - the feeling you get when you wear something new. It's perfect for daily wear and matches everything as well as a beige trench; it's a staple that you'll rely on and know it will smarten you up, no matter what's going on underneath. Although the Burberry scents aren't cheap, they're definitely worth a little investment in my opinion; they always look, feel and smell a little more luxurious than your standard perfume and are definitely worth adding to your Christmas list.

Are you excited to breathe in the scent of this newest fragrance? Are you a fan of Burberry beauty?

My Burberry is available online priced £45.00 for a 30ml bottle. Burberry are also currently offering a personalisation service via their website.


  1. Anonymous23.9.14

    Wow love the bottle. I need to get to a counter to have a sniff!
    Ting x

  2. ooo cant wait to try it!


  3. I smelt a sample of this from a magazine and it's so nice! xx

  4. I've been looking for a new scent to try! Love your blog sweetness :)


  5. Burberry is my girl friend favorite that small really awesome

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