Introducing The Bathory: Make Your Own Bath Soak Blend

When it comes to bath time, the soaking equipment used either makes it or breaks it. I can't abide a fruitless bath bomb or an underwhelming bubble - I love to soak away my troubles surrounded by something I can really breathe in deeply and know it's doing me some good, both physically and emotionally. The Bathory are a new little brand that popped up on my radar recently and offer just that: bath soaks that you can personally blend (albeit virtually) to ensure your every need is met.You can choose from three base blends (including Bask, Soothe and Detox) and three of ten essential oils to ensure your finished soak provides the emotional and physical support you need. I went for a detox blend, which also includes the essential oils of Bergamot, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang for an uplifting and exotic experience.

All the minerals and oils in The Bathory are at their most effective in a hot bath and you’re immersed in skin-friendly goodies while breathing in lovely therapeutic vapours at the same time. Every concoction contains a generous amount of pure fine-grade Epsom salts, full of the naturally-occurring minerals magnesium and sulfate, to soothe achy muscles and stimulate serotonin - the happy hormone. Every essential oil used is also organic and sustainably sourced, blended individually to perfection to ensure the best result possible. Even the glass jars are recyclable and made from violet glass that helps to protect the oils, avoiding the need for any preservatives or chemical ingredients.

The finished result arrives in the post within a couple of days and you're ready to soak your worries away. The scent is strong enough to make a serious impact (without making you pass out,) meaning you only need a cap-full of product in each bath to benefit from the salts and oils. I love this concept and think it makes a perfect gift for a loved one, or even a quarterly indulgence for yourself. At £18.00 the 200g jar isn't even overtly expensive - it's on parallel with other bath salt products but made with much more love and attention. I really hope the concept takes off and The Bathory benefit from all the success they deserve; it's not often I stumble across a product I genuinely get excited about and want to buy five more within a week.

You can make your own Bathory bath soak online, priced £18.00.


  1. This is such a good idea!! I love bathtime!
    alicekatex ♥

  2. Such a lovely idea!


  3. I so love this idea.. Not for every day bathing but what an amazing treat x

  4. I love the idea of this! The packaging looks gorgeous too - and doesn't seem to expensive! Great post sweetie :)



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