Four Great Makeup Dupes: Budget Alternatives To Some Of My Must-Haves

It's the middle of the month, we've all splashed out a little too much on holiday and our remaining wages have to keep us in frappacinos and blueberry muffins for a few weeks. If you're in need of a little makeup pick-me-up, or simply need to re-stock your stash, then why not look for some more affordable versions of your usual favourites? The high street is awash with products influenced and inspired by their more expensive counterparts, or simply from the same suppliers that make the same items at two different price points. Although there are hundreds of dupes to choose from, these four are my current favourites and ones I'm turning to more and more in an attempt to save the good stuff for a rainy day.

Original: YSL CC Creme Colour Corrector in Lavender (£30.00)
Dupe: Max Factor CC Cream Dullness Corrector (£9.99)
The benefit of adding green or yellow tones to a blemish-prone complexion are well known, helping to dial-down redness, but lavender is a recent addition to my colour correction repertoire. Lavender can help to remove dullness and conceal dark under-eye circles better than any concealer, so it's no surprise I've been a little bit obsessed with the YSL CC Creme since its launch this year. However, Max Factor's more affordable option offers the same result but in a much easier to use stick format - great for when you don't have time to deal with mess, or simply can't justify £30.00 on covering a late night.

Original: Benefit BeneBalm Lip Balm (£14.50)  
Dupe: Barry M Cor Balmy Lip Balm in 'Trouble & Strife' (£3.50)
When Benefit first launched their Benetint range I fell head over heels in love - my favourite cheek stains in a lip balm format was almost too much for my heart to cope with. The delicate tint is a dream, as are the luxurious cases that make these balms to be cherished, but the price point is rather prohibitive for something you could use up quite quickly. Cue Barry M's affordable alternative, which adds the same tint to lips with an injection of moisture (thanks to the hydrating core) for £11.00 less.

Original: Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm (£19.00) 
Dupe: GOSH Giant Blush (£6.99) 
Oh Clinique, how your Chubby Sticks have set the world alight. Never has a product concept been duplicated and used as inspiration as much as these handy stick products, so it was no surprise that they diversified into blushers. I love the subtle coral colour this shade provides, adding a tint that can be easily blended into makeup without feeling greasy, but the GOSH dupe offers an almost identical finish for a third of the price. GOSH actually offer much more in terms of pigment, meaning you need less for a similar finished result, but you do compromise in terms of texture - it's a lot less creamy and needs a great brush to buff it into the skin.

Original: Benefit Gimme Brow (£17.50)
Dupe: Rimmel London Brow This Way (£3.99)
As someone that's obsessed with her sparse and patchy brows, Benefit's Gimme Brow was a dream come true. Natural colour, a touch of gel to tame and even mini fibres to help create the illusion of hair where none is present. Although I love this product, it's a bit pricey when I'm layering it on daily - which is where Rimmel's new Brow This Way can offer a helping hand. The gel is a lot more fluid and darker in tone, but it easily helps to create the illusion of thick brows and tames unruly hairs in seconds. The brush is a lot bigger so it takes some getting used to, but it's a great alternative to something nearly five times the price.

Do you have any favourite makeup dupes or products you switch to pre-payday?



  1. I'm definitely going to be trying out some of these dupes! xx


  2. Great dupes! Love this post. You have given me some ideas of things I need to go out and buy thats for sure!

    Francesca xx

  3. I def need to try the CC cream my dark circles are shocking! Thanks for this Hun x

  4. I would like to try the Max Factor sticks, I’m curious!


  5. I definitely needed a Gimme Brow dupe, as much as I love it and think its an amazing product, it can be very detrimental to my bank balance for a a tiny product.

  6. I have the Barry M lip balm. Such a nice product and the colours are beautiful. X


  7. Love this! I'm brow obsessed too so will definitely check out the Rimmel product. I love the sound of the Gosh Giant Blush too. Shall add that to my must-buy list! X

  8. Great post!

  9. Love reading about dupes of products, always useful to know for someone who is on a student budget - aka nothing! xxx

    Blog This With Hannah

  10. These are amazing dupes! I'll have to check them out!


  11. I'll have to try these :) thanks!!


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