GOSH Giant Blush: A Fab Chubby Cheek Colour Balm Dupe

There's definitely a trend for chunky crayons right now, with every product possible being re-imagined into a stick format that can be applied in one swoop. Although Clinique are undoubtedly the king of sticks and crayons, there are many more affordable alternatives popping up on the high street. GOSH have launched their very own version of the cheek tints that caused quite the stir a while ago, which come in at a very affordable £6.99 each. They're a lot chunkier than the Clinique versions, offering a serious amount of colour and a thicker bullet; the colour is a lot stronger and the result really quite dewy, compared to the matte finish of the Cheek Colour Balms. The texture provides a radiant finish that's great for applying over a BB Cream or lightweight foundation, but if you're a fan of matte looks or understated colour then you may want to apply with caution.

The colour result is really quite strong for a blush, which although a good thing means you have to get to grips with the product to ensure your cheeks don't overtake your face. I personally love the coral shade for a touch of radiance, as well as using the nude colour for adding a little contouring to my cheekbones. You can apply direct from the bullet, or simply use your finger to work a little into skin and build-up the finish. However, these also make an awesome lip colour thanks to the lightweight finish and slightly dewy shine - matching your cheek and lip shade may seem a little old fashioned, but it's a great way of bringing your look together and ensuring a natural radiance.

What do you think of these new giant blushers?

The GOSH Giant Blush sticks are available in store now priced £6.99 each.


  1. Gorgeous shades, love the coral one!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. These seem like a proper bargain, will have to hunt some down. Love that coral.

    Jess x www.feelingstylish.co.uk

  3. I went to get ones of these the other day but my local superdrug had run out....boo!

    Pam @ pamsstuffandthings.blogspot.com

  4. Love it love it love it. I love strong blush looks occasionally and these are gorgeous. (I wonder how that nude compares to MAC's Tenderling).

    x Nicole Isabella

  5. Anonymous15.8.14

    These look interesting, I'm pretty intrigued by the shade in the middle. I've tried out No7's version of this and these sound similar in formula. I'm a fan of dewy blushes :)
    Claudia Fox | claudiafoxblog.wordpress.com

  6. Anonymous15.8.14

    Ooh loving the strong pink shade! Lovely spring and summer colour.
    What form of check product (i.e stain, stick, powder etc.) would you recommended for someone who has never used blusher in any form before??

    Tina Xoxo

  7. Gorgeous shades!


  8. These look incredible and they are such a good price!


  9. these look beautiful, the colours are just lovely and the price just makes them even better as they are affordable!
    Melissa x

  10. I wanted to try the Clinique version, but they're a little expensive for me to be honest, especially if I'm not keen on it once I've bought it so I think I might go for one of these instead. I love the look of the top swatch x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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