Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain: Perfect Summer Colour

Summer is all about beach swept hair, sunkissed skin and a touch of juicy colour on the lips. I prefer to take a slightly lighter approach to makeup in the warmer months, and that definitely applies to my lip wear too. Lipsticks are a little too heavy for daily use (and not exactly beach appropriate,) but if you don't want to sacrifice a bold look then these Colorstay Moisture Stains from Revlon could be just the ticket. Available in twelve different shades and ranging from the nudest nude to the deepest berry red, the texture is as light as a gloss with the added benefit of a delicate stain. The pigment is strong enough to satisfy even the most lipstick-obsessed lady, while providing a more wearable and fun texture for those a little scared by brightness.

A little heavier than a traditional gloss, these apply well to leave a seriously juicy colour result on the lips. Although the effect wears off pretty quickly, you are left with a hint of colour underneath as the product simultaneously stains the lips so you don't lose the shade completely. Although some of the shades are quite gloopy and require a few coats for a flawless finish (you can get some streaking and colour difference with just one coat,) the finished result it quite fab. Personally the darker shades aren't really my cup of tea (I prefer a lipstick for berry tones,) I do love the brighter shades and nude tones - especially the juicy orange and beach bold fuschia.

The closest other product, in terms of texture, is definitely the YSL Glossy Stain - which are treble the price and offer about half the quantity. The Revlon version is much glossier, but the feeling on the lips is quite similar (as is the delicate stain left on the lips after the gloss wears off.) Although these don't offer hydration and can cause lips to become a little dry when worn all day, I think they're fab for summer and offer a great alternative to a traditional heavy lipstick. I've no doubt these will cause a stir when they hit stores this August, just in time for the holiday season! What do you think of these new glossy stains?

The Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains will launch this August, priced £7.99 each.


  1. They sound great and the colours look really nice :)


  2. I really can’t wait to try these!


  3. They look great. Love the look of the berry shade (though I really doubt I'd be brave enough to wear it!) Can I make a suggestion? It would be great to have shade names under the picture of swatches.

  4. These look stunning!! Can't wait for these to be released,

    Laura xx


  5. The colours look amazing! I'm from Switzerland and it's rare to find Revlon here. But fortunately, I'm going to London in September and I'm definitely going to try one of these glosses. Thanks for the post:)

  6. Great post. i like the look of the second on from the bottom.


  7. These look lovely!


  8. These look great although it's a shame they're a tad drying. SPF lip balm over top it is!

  9. Need to get me some of these bad boys!


  10. Some of those colours look lovely :)


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