NEW From Rituals: 'Indian Summer' Limited Edition Collection

Rituals are definitely one of the most understated beauty brands on the high street, often being overlooked for their subtle approach to body care and home fragrance. Although they may look beautiful and expensive, they're actually an incredibly affordable brand that has a great story behind it. New for the warmer months is their Indian Summer collection, all of which include the natural ingredients of White Lotus and Bergamot for a wonderfully fresh and uplifting fragrance. The collection includes a caring shower oil, shower foam, candle, shimmering body lotion and fragrance sticks, but these three products are definitely my pick of the bunch...

The Rituals shower foams have developed cult-like status amongst those in the know, thanks to the super light and luxurious foam they provide; they're perfect for a little 'me time' in the morning, adding a touch of luxury to an otherwise boring shower. The scents are delicate, providing just a hint of fragrance rather than an overwhelming and enveloping perfume, and the new Flower Shower is great for summer mornings. It also helps that the bottle designs are to-die for and add a touch of exotic elegance to even the most drab of bathrooms. Originally launched as part of the Laughing Buddha collection, the caring shower oil is also back with a bang and new fragrance; Summer Bliss is great for a little bathroom pamper, providing a super light and non-greasy in-shower cleanser and moisturiser in one. Simply apply it to limbs and massage into skin a couple of times a week. Shower oils will definitely be the 'next big thing' and Rituals provide an affordable (great smelling) introduction to the concept.

As a bit of a candle fiend I was extremely happy to see this elegant number in store - especially as it burns to reveal an inspirational message on the side of the glass container. It provides a subtle scent of White Lotus and Bergamot, as well as a decent amount of light for such a small candle; the white glass container is quite unusual and perfect for summer evenings. Other brands charge a fortune for similar products, so it's also great news to find this is only £19.00 while still providing over fifty hours of burn time! Rituals have quite a few boutique stores in and around London, so it's definitely worth having a browse and checking out the sweet smelling products on offer. You may come away with a swag bag, but at least it won't cost you a fortune - these products start at £8.50!

Will you be popping in and discovering more this weekend?


  1. These sound lovely and the packaging is lovely! £19 for a candle is much easier to stomach!


  2. The packaging is gorgeous! That would probably be enough to make me want to buy it haha :)
    Bea x

    As Seen By Bea

  3. Love Rituals stuff, proper luxury bath and body care I think!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  4. Cool post. I’m hoping to get a rituals bath set for my birthday then I can try the brand out. The 'Indian Summer' range looks fab, I love the packaging. :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  5. Oh I love Rituals! I first discovered it when I was living in Holland (it's a Dutch brand). Have you tried their lip conditioner sticks? They're amazing.


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