NEW From Benefit: Four Matchy-Matchy 'Benetint' Lipbalm Hydrators

Benefit's range of delicate lip and cheek stains are some of the most successful product launches of recent times. It all started with the cult red Benetint that I can remember buying as a student and being told it would revolutionise my makeup routine. It did. Ten years later and not only have they expanded the line to include three more lip and cheek stains (the pink-purple Lolli Tint, delicate pink Posie Tint and peachy Cha Cha Tint,) but they've also added a collection of complementary balm tints for lips to ensure every look is effortlessly beautiful.

Their Lip Balm Hydrators are available in four different shades, all containing hydrating ingredients to leave lips looking and feeling super soft. It's often suggested that wearing the same shade on your lips and cheeks can ensure a cohesive and more natural makeup finish (as hues aren't competing with eachother,) so Benefit are simply making the whole process even simpler. Packaged in matching cases to their cheek stain counterparts, all four lip colours provide just a hint of colour for a super natural finish. They're extremely pleasant to use and provide just a hint of sweet scent to the lips; although they're essentially glorified and very expensive lip balms, there's something a little luxurious and aspirational about them. I've no doubt these will fly off the shelves and into some Benefit addict's makeup bag... Even with the £14.50 price tag!

The Benefit Lip Balm Hydrators are available online and in boutiques priced £14.50 each.


  1. I like the look of these but I've herds a lot of people say they aren't very pigmented or hydrating for the money, not sure I can justify £14.50 on a lip balm! Although saying that, it's Benefit so I probably will!



  2. I really love the look of these! They remind me of the Revlon Lip Butters, only better!


  3. I think this is a clever concept with the products matching the cheek products, but I dont think this is something I will try!


  4. These look gorgeous! Great photography as well! :)


  5. I love the look of Posiebalm! I don't even own the original tints yet though so I will probably invest in one of those before heading for these lip balms. The packaging is gorgeous, Benefit always bring out the prettiest looking products :) X

    A Blonde Moment

  6. I always look at these longingly in Sephora when I'm browsing. They look amazing.

  7. Dying to try these. Been totally digging my Benetints for so long, upgrade?

    Brook | http://www.brookdellar.co.ukg

  8. These look so beautiful, the packaging is gorgeous!

    Ciara | Ciara Pocket

  9. Love the look of benebalm and the packaging is gorgeous! :) £14.50 for a lip balm though...
    Recently Posted by Claudia Fox|My Skincare Kit

  10. While I do love the look of the pretty and quirky packaging, £14.50 is just out of my budget for what it is. Really love the look of the Benebalm though. Beautiful photos by the way :)

  11. Disgustingly overpriced!

  12. Anonymous29.6.14

    We both love pink! Lol its in our blog names! Lol oh and I like your post! I live for an everyday lip balm. Quick and cute. :) www.divapinksmommyblog.blogspot.com


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