Amazing Cosmetics: Is This Really The Best Concealer In The World?

When a product claims to be 'the world's best concealer' it gives you pretty high hopes. When you start off with an incredible claim like that, you've got to be careful not to disappoint. Concealers have always been the one product I can't live without, covering my dark circles and imperfections to give me the skin confidence I need. I've always had at least five within my repertoire at any one time, but this launch from Amazing Cosmetics is definitely topping the scale of awesome performance. Available exclusively in Marks & Spencer beauty halls and in ten different shades, this is the first product from Amazing Cosmetics to hit UK shores. Although it doesn't look much, what's inside really is pretty wonderful - a thick and covering concealer that also adds a touch of radiance to skin, ensuring a light and non-cakey finish.

The texture is incredibly thick for a concealer, meaning you need a really small amount to cover under-eye areas effectively. It's best to build coverage gradually so as not to overload the area, adding a touch to the outer edge first and blending it inwards. This really does cover dark circles without caking or sitting in fine lines, leaving skin looking radiant; it has a subtle glow that really catches the light and brightens an otherwise dark crevice.

It works just as well being applied with a finger as it does with a brush, but buffing it a little into skin will help remove any imperfections that may creep up on you within an hour or too (as it starts to dry and slightly sit within fine lines.) Although I wouldn't say it's the best concealer in the world, it definitely comes close. At £19.50 for a tube that will last for an incredibly long time, this is one product I'd definitely invest in this payday if your under eye circles are crying out for help.

The Amazing Cosmetics concealer is currently available exclusively in M&S beauty halls nationwide, as well as online, priced £19.50.


  1. This sounds exactly what I'm looking for. I hope it's stocked in my local m&s soon. Great post.
    Rachel xx

  2. Too much coverage for me too! I like to be a bit more natural xx

    BerrieBlogs {beauty and lifestyle blog}

  3. SO going to have to try this - the ole eye bags are definitely worsening with age and the silicone-laden lighter formulas from other ranges just are not doing the job (at least for longer then ten minutes before the go the same way as my jowels - south). Will be buying!

  4. This sounds so good! My under eyes need serious help, I look like I haven't slept for days no matter what haha.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. I quite like the look of this although in all honest I'm totally in love with the NARS Creamy concealer I haven't used anything else in months, this one looks like it might be good for days where more heavy duty concealing is needed though on dark circles :) xx


  6. Thank you for a great review. I have been wanting this for a while but didn't want to order online as don't know what colour to get. I didn't know you could get it from M&S so this post was so helpful.


    Hannah xxx



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