NEW From Febreze: Sleep Serenity Bedtime Scents

Back during my university days we relied on bottles of Febreze to keep us feeling and smelling fresh. There may have been piles of dirty dishes, pizza on the carpet and four week unchanged bed linen, but at least everything smelt like it'd just been cleaned. Ten years later and Febreze are attempting to corner another area of the market, helping us to sleep a little better by launching a range of bedding and room sprays. Available in Moonlit Lavender, Quiet Jasmine and Warm Milk & Honey, they aim is to enable us all to 'sleep happy' and breathe in relaxing and comforting scents before we drift off.

Bottled in the traditional packs we're used to spritzing around the home, the scents are less soothing than I anticipated. They still carry a hint of that 'Febreze' scent we're all familiar with, but an added layer of something subtle. As a keen candle burner, especially before bedtime, I'm used to slipping between the sheets and breathing in a relaxing scent or lavender or chamomile - so I was really excited to try these. However, the scent is so subtle that it was hardly noticeable by the time I actually got into my PJs and under the covers.

The sprays are great at refreshing linen (especially in the morning after you've made the bed,) and helping to add that 'just washed' feeling, but in terms of bedtime bliss they really don't deliver. Not only do they make pillows a little damp, but by the time they've dried enough to sleep upon the scent has all but disappeared. The Bedroom Mist spray provides a stronger scent, but is not dissimilar to an air freshener - it disperses fragrance into the room to leave a subtle perfume in the air, but again it's really rather soggy.

There are some other products within the range that I may pick up and give a whirl (including a plug-in fragrance dispenser,) in the hope of achieving a more noticeable and emotion-inducing scent. However, these definitely feel more at home in the washing aisle of Tesco than the beauty aisles of Boots. In the meantime, I'll be sure to 'sleep happy' thanks to a nice cup of chamomile tea and a Neom Organics candle.

The Febreze Sleep Serenity range is available from Boots priced from £2.99.

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