NEW From Benefit: Big Easy 'Bigger Than BB' Cream

I am so over BB Creams. Other than a handful of truly effective products that actually do leave the skin looking flawless, BB Creams in the UK tend to be a slightly thick tinted moisturiser. A thick tinted moisturiser is in no way going to help me look like I've had a great nights sleep and just come from a facial appointment, but with Benefit's new 'better than BB' cream they may just have the answer we're all looking for. 'Big Easy' claims to be bigger and better than other formulas, as it balances moisture while controlling oil - something that a lot of brands get wrong. Providing a natural coverage result, as well as ingredients which soothe and comfort the skin, it's no suprise that it was love at first blend for me. Will the Big Easy be as much as a makeup staple as my beloved Hello Flawless foundation?

The formula itself is actually quite thick and creamy for a product that provides more natural coverage, blending into the skin with ease to leave a lightweight and velvety finish that almost turns into a powder as it dries. Unlike a lot of lighter base products which leave the skin dewy, this is definitely one for those of us that prefer a more matte and uniformed finish (as well as a touch of finishing powder.) It really helps to even out skintone, cover minor imperfections and inject a healthy glow into the skin. Although it barely touches the sides of my dark circles, I can't really fault much else about this wonder product. However, as the finish is relatively powdery, if you're using the brush it's best to finish application by buffing the skin to remove any unsightly bristle marks - but it otherwise does the job well.

Not only does the product give a good finish that's perfect for this time of year, but it contains ingredients to help fight free radicals and protect the skin from further damage or imperfections. Added SPF(30) also ensure skin is kept looking great for longer, making this perfect for spring days when we may not feel like slapping on the sun cream under makeup just yet. The formula is oil free too, making it perfect for all skin types and preventing that '4pm slip.' It can feel a little like foundation as it's applied, but thanks to the added moisturiser the result is fabulous, comfortable and the application process easy peasy.

I've been using this daily since I first received it and am happy that it gives me a pretty great finish. Although it does cover a lot of my natural tone underneath, causing me to apply more bronzer/blush/highlighter than I normally would, the result is worth it. I feel healthy, I look healthy and I know that the result will stay in place all day. At £27.50 for a 35ml tube it's pretty pricey, but you need a really small amount to cover the face; this is definitely an investment for the future months and a great way to prep your skin for Spring.

The Big Easy cream is available now priced £27.50 - available in six shades.


  1. Sounds like a really good product!!!! I think I may have to invest in it now!!!
    It would be awesome if you checked out my blog and told me what you think littlebeautybloge.blogspot.com
    Elizabeth x

  2. It looks a little cool toned for me but it sounds lovely so I may still give it a go :)
    Bea x

    Bea's Beauty Blog

  3. Anonymous1.4.14

    Really interested in trying this!


  4. I tried this in store ! I really like it xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  5. To be honest, I don't think I could part with £30 for a light coverage.



  6. I have a sample of this, and need to try it. It looks great. Awesome review and pics.

  7. wow, really want to try this! thanks!



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