Illamasqua Launch Skin Base Mixers: Your Perfect Colour Match

When a brand listens to customer feedback and does something about it, it makes me want to shout 'hurrah!' Illamasqua's cult Skin Base foundations are lusted upon by nearly every beauty blogger, providing great coverage and a flawless finish, but the range is still limited. Although there are 25 different shades to choose from, it's still been hard for some skintones to get the perfect match - until now. Illamasqua's Skin Base Mixers are now available from their stores and counters, providing a hit of colour to ensure you come away with the most perfect match you can possibly achieve. Available in four different shades (chocolate, amber, terracotta and white,) the good news is that they're completely complimentary when you buy any Skin Base Liquid. There's no additional charge at all, providing that Illamasqua are truly committed to helping us look our best.

The little tubes of colour are incredibly pigmented, needing only the smallest amount to adjust the shade of your Skin Base. (For best results, blend on the hand with a foundation brush and adding a little colour at a time.) Chocolate adds a hint of brown, amber a touch of warmth, teracotta works well with olive complexions and the white mix helps to make the bases even more pale. You can also use these handy tools as blush, highlighter or bronzer, dabbing the formula over the top of foundation to where you need it most. These really do help Skin Base fans to be more creative and ensure their finished look is exactly what they're after.

It's easy to get carried away, so these definitely come with a word of warning: use the tiniest amount humanly possible and build the colour from there! You'll be able to discuss your specific needs with an Illamasqua assistant, as well as getting top tips on how to use the Skin Base Mixers, so there's no excuse not for getting the most perfect foundation colour you've ever experienced. This is such a simple, yet brilliant, idea that I can see bringing Illamasqua into a new era of makeup; I have high hopes that these great little tubes will become retail products in their own right within a year. Are you excited about Illamasqua's Skin Base Mixers? 

Skin Base is available online and via counters priced £32.00. The new 'mixers' are completely free of charge with a Skin Base purchase.


  1. Anonymous28.4.14

    That's actually genius - and to offer it free with all their foundations is an absolute saviour! So great for all kinds of reasons, not least that my skin colour changes through the year from milk bottle white in winter to merely pale in Spring and (depending on my fake tan level) actually tanned colour. To be able to keep the same foundation product, and adjust the tone each time is clever - if perhaps a touch time consuming! But worth it if the results are great.

  2. Neat idea!
    And just another excuse to order Skin Base foundation now XD

  3. This is awesome! I want these! Will def gonna check on these.

  4. such a genius idea!


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