NEW: L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Essence, Touch & Eye Mask

L'Occitane is one of the brands I have a love-love relationship with. It's hard for them to do much wrong in my eyes, continually evoking emotions and senses with their products I didn't know I had. Not only do they ooze French sophistication and look great on your dressing table, but their products are really rather good. Adding to their already successful Immortelle collection of skincare, these three new brightening products help your skin to look brighter and more radiant in an instant.

The Brightening Essence contains a 'high level of active molecules for a concentrated brightening and radiance-boosting action.' The light and uplifting texture sinks effortlessly into the skin, working to correct pigmentation issues; it does this by inhibiting the production of the enzyme responsible for melanin, reducing the capacity for the enzyme to function and limiting the transfer of melanin to the surface. In simple terms, the serum stops blemishes from appearing and helps eliminate the ones already on the surface of skin. I love using this in the morning underneath makeup, giving my skin a little boost and helping to lift my complexion. The cool feeling refreshens the skin, while the serum absorbs within seconds with no greasy feeling. It's great for those of you that want a no-fuss approach to skincare, and although it's pretty pricey at £46 a bottle, it helps to lift the skin and create a great base for makeup.

Cosmetics is a new area of beauty for L'Occitane, but with the Brightening Touch concealer and highlighter they've certainly targeted a popular area. This little brush is very similar to YSL's Touche Eclat, but with a little more coverage and hardworking formula to lift under-eye circles. Applied on bare skin or after make-up, the brush allows for easy and precise application while preventing too much product from being worked into the skin. It works well to conceal dark areas, lift and highlight others, while over time will lighten dark spots and give complexion a luminous healthy glow. If you're a fan of Touche Eclat then you'll definitely love this - it provides the same benefit, plus added concealer qualities, as well as helping to correct skin pigmentation over time. Considering it's the same price as YSL's version (which is only a highlighter,) this is definitely worth checking out.

The final product within this hardworking trio is an Eye Care & Mask Duo. The triple-action formula can be used as a daily eye cream, dabbed underneath the eyes with the large 'spoon like' applicator, or an intensive eye-contour mask if applied and left to work its magic over an hour. The gel-cream texture melts on the skin, helping to instantly relax and soothe tired eyes, while the metallic applicator cools and stimulates micro circulation to help the skin look smoother and brighter. This is great in the morning when you're feeling sleepy and need a boost, or simply when you've had a hard week and your under-eye area is showing the workload. I use this in addition to my eye cream as I feel it boosts the delciate skin area and helps me to feel wide awake. At £32, this is pretty expensive for a small tube; although it's great to use, the price point is quite high for such a small and targeted product.

Overall these three products are great little finds and help dull skin to be reawakened practically instantaneously. I love using all three in combination on a day when I'm feeling a bit worse for wear, knowing they'll help to boost my inner radiance (even if I feel like it's lost forever.) As with most L'Occitane products, these aren't cheap - but putting them on a wish list for a payday splurge is definitely a sensible option.

The L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Essence is priced £46, the Brightening Touch is priced £26 and the Eye Care Mask Duo is priced £32. All launching into L'Occitane stores this April.


  1. The eye care duo sounds amazing and since I'm on the look out for a new eye cream, this is perfect timing :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Charlotte29.3.14

    Did you get to test them over a longer time? I am asking because of the pigmentation claim. It would be interesting to know if those products help.

  3. I've had some L'Occitane products before and they're always excellent quality plus their lip balms are amazing!

  4. These all sound like lovely additions to the range - I really like the sound of the Brightening Touch! :)

    Jess xo

  5. L'Occitane products are good indeed :) http://finestprocrastination.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. The eye gel applicator look so cool! The cooling sensation must be so nice xx

    BerrieBlogs| {beauty blog}

  7. Anonymous9.7.15

    Wow!! I really like the way you describe. "Just focus on your eyes," says Molly R. Stern. That’s true. I take care of my eyes with Sakare products that help me to make a statement with eyes that entice.


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