Tria Beauty: Truly Effective Home Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal is a topic that I've covered many times on LBQ and it always generates the same reaction; body hair (and therefore hair removal) is a hot topic. The industry is worth billions of pounds globally and makes promises it quite often can't keep. Body hair has been the topic of many a documentary (including one where Cherry Healey investigated a group of women who have chosen to remain as nature intended, regardless of the social stigma,) and insights a huge amount of discussion online during any given day. It seems the majority of us have a hate-hate relationship with the hair that sprouts from our legs, armpits, lady parts and even faces. I've been lucky enough to have inherited the fine hair gene, which leaves my body hair pretty minimal and my issues pretty insignificant; however, I do have a few stray hairs on my stomach that have caused me great embarrassment and my armpit hair seems to grow at the speed of light. Although I'm fortunate enough not to suffer from facial hair, dark arm hair or fuzzy legs, it's the little things for me that make the difference between laughing and sulking. As a result, I've been putting Tria Beauty's home laser hair removal system to the test.

Tria Beauty offers the first and only clinically-proven cordless laser system available for home use; the system uses the same diode laser technology used by dermatologists in salons and spas, making this one of the most effective devices currently available. It works by a laser permanently disabling the hair follicle and preventing it from re-growing another hair in the future, targeting the melanin at the root without damaging the surrounding skin. Unlike a lot of IPL machines and 'hot wire' devices (such as No-No) which simply singe the hair at the surface and provide only temporary results, the Tria Beauty system actually stops the hair follicle working from the root. This means the hair will fall out and simply not re-grow.

The cordless system is incredibly easy to use, requiring a simple skin test before you can unlock the laser and start the treatment. (You just place the base of the unit on the area of skin you want to treat, it scans and beeps to confirm it's an appropriate skin colour and type.) This removes the uncertainty of reading instructions and attempting to match your skin tone to a coloured box or picture; you can be 100% certain that you're absolutely fine to treat the area before you begin. You can adjust the strength settings via the click of a button too, ensuring that you build your way up from a lower intensity to a stronger one as your threshold or requirement changes. I've been using this on setting three or four and it's hardly noticeable, but still provides the results I want. Seeing as there's only one button, there's no complex instructions to follow or need to get yourself in a tizz - it's really the most simple electronic device I've ever used.

As the device is handheld, you just aim the little circular laser to where you want to focus, ensure it's touching the skin and press the button. The laser will give off a short pulse of light, which may cause a very quick stinging sensation when you first use it. However, as you get used to it the discomfort decreases and you're able to blast the area with as many pulses as you require. The key is to overlap the area to ensure you're getting all the hairs, keeping track of the number of pulses thanks to the handy counter on the Tria unit display. Before you commence your treatment you do have to shave, clean and dry the area to ensure the root (not the hair itself) absorbs the light and the treatment is most effective; you only have to repeat the treatment every two weeks for around three months (ensuring you target all the hairs, regardless of their life cycle,) for maximum results.

Having used this for the last couple of months, I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I've been using the Tria on my random stomach hairs, as well as on both armpits, every two weeks for only around ten minutes. The treatment integrated into my routine seamlessly and didn't even take up a huge proportion of my time - just the way I like it. After a couple of months the hairs around my stomach have completely disappeared, while my armpit hair is a lot thinner and requires shaving only half the amount it used to. I'm seriously chuffed. Tria's laser hair removal system is so easy to use, relatively pain-free and seriously effective, making embarrassing and uncomfortable hair a thing of the past... In under three months.

If you're concerned or embarrassed about unwanted hair and are in need of a solution, then Tria really could be the place to look. Although these devices aren't cheap (around £375,) they're totally worth it to rid yourself of unecessary worry. A full treatment at a clinic would probably cost around ten times this amount, but by investing in a Tria device you get to keep it forever at a fraction of the cost. It's suitable for use anywhere from the nose down, making it a multifunctional product that will save you a lot of money in the long run - especially if you decide to share the use with a friend or loved one. Although there are a lot of hair removal systems on the market, this one is super easy, practical and doesn't require an engineering degree to work it.

The Tria Beauty hair removal system is available to buy online via Selfridges, RRP £375.00. For more information on Tria, have a look at their website.


  1. Fab review. Really well written too. I have a Philips Lumea that I have been using for about 2 years. It uses IPL laser so diff to the Tria but I've been equally impressed. I guess I'm the perfect candidate - v dark hair and pale skin. So yes suffer (correction) suffered with superflous hair since hitting teens but now finally smooth skin and hair free without the daily wet shave. I feel reborn!

    1. How comes you have been using the devices for 2years? Doesn't the laser treatment eventually get rid of all the unwanted hair?

    2. You will get the odd 1 or 2 stubborn hairs that insist on growning back. So I use the Lumea to zapp those only now, hence why I say I've been using it for 2 years. Most of the treated hairs have indeed stopped growing back - they did a long time ago. If you'd like any further reading, I've explained all here: http://bit.ly/1m4YgwH . Thanks Tx

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great review as always~



  3. I really want something like this but they are so expensive! I hate shaving my arm pits every other day and shaving my legs is just a pain!


  4. Sounds promising but it's unfortunate that the Tria doesn't work for all hair and skin tones. If you have the right skin tone (lighter skin and darker hair) then the Tria is def a no brainer.



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