Gelicious: At-Home Gel Manicures (Featuring Little Prince George)

Gel Manicures are definitely the thing to beat at the moment, with everyone from Nails Inc to Models Own launching their 'gel inspired' polishes. Gel manicures applied in a salon can provide a durable and long-lasting nail result for up to four weeks, so it's not hard to understand the appeal. No chipping polish, messy nail varnish removal or trying to hide your hands in your pockets. However, gel manicures can become expensive if it's something you get addicted to; at around £30 a session, it's not a cheap hobby to keep up. I've tried a few at-home gel polish systems before in an attempt to replicate the benefit of a salon visit in my bedroom, but nothing has wowed me. When Gelicious offered to send me their system and put it to the test I couldn't say no. So will this Australian nail brand stand head and shoulders above the rest?

Unlike a lot of other gel systems, which involve a complicated process of applying different products in different layers, the Gelicious version is incredibly simple. It only involves the colour you're applying, a topcoat and a UV lamp to set the polish - no faffing or the need for a cosmetics degree. You simply clean and prepare the nails, apply a single coat of polish and cure it for one minute, repeat that process once more and apply a topcoat, before curing the nail under the lamp for a further two minutes. You can remove any excess oil and moisture using a simple nail varnish remover, and you're left with Gelicious nails.

The result is a smooth, perfectly finished nail that claims to stick around for up to two weeks. I used the Little Prince George polish (launched in celebration of Kate and Will's offspring,) which is a baby blue base that contains delicate flecks of white throughout. Unlike a lot of glittery and textured polishes that have the particles on the surface, this polish (and the gel process) allows them to sit in various layers for a more subtle and unique result. I really love the shade, when I expected to hate such a girlie colour and result.

My nails did look fab for a couple of days, no chips or flakes present at all. However, as I spend a lot of time typing and washing up (it's an addiction,) my polish did start to peel off after three days - to the point where I could get my nail under a corner and pull away the entire thing. Although this doesn't damage the nail at all, it is a little annoying that the polish started to come away in chunks and didn't last longer. However, as someone that gets their polish chipped within a matter of hours, any progression on that is a bonus.

The Gelicious system is simple, quick and effective. You don't need eight different products and bits of equipment, making it easy to add to your collection and continue to use the polish without having to replace little pads or conditioning treatments. The whole starter pack (including the lamp, colour of your choice and topcoat) is currently on offer for £66.96, which provides a saving on salon gel manicures if you use it only three times. The lamp is also big enough to fit your toes in too, ensuring you can be fit for the summer with tootsies that look hot for as long as possible.

Although it's certainly an investment, if you love having great nails then it's one that could pay off in the long run. They have a huge selection of colours (starting from £15.66 each,) so you can make sure you're keeping with the trends every season. Are you a fan of gel manicures? Would you consider investing in your own at-home system?

The Starter Kit is available online via the Gelicious website priced £66.96.


  1. I'm reviewing the exact same package as you are and have to say I'm having similar problems. I was all set to write up my review within a couple of days but then I had the problem of the nails peeling off. I emailed the company and explained this and they were super helpful and replied back straight away with advice to avoid this etc. But I'm just not sure, do you think we're doing something wrong in the application or there is a special trick to avoid this?

    It is really, really easy to apply and I love the system and the colours - I'm just not sure what to do about the peeling issue? I'd love any advice you have, have you tried them again and done anything differently etc?


    Jade | skinsweet

  2. I'm glad it's not just me then... I think it may just be the nature of the product, and because you apply it straight on the nail. I've tried applying layers of polish in slightly different places, so not only just on top of each other, which gives it a bit more grip. Maybe thinner, less textured colours would work better?

    1. I've been wondering about this, maybe it's just that this particular polish is very textured? I've found glitter polishes etc have usually been a bit of a nightmare, maybe this works in a similar way. I'll try that tip of applying in different places, hopefully that will help! I couldn't apply my coats any thinner though! xx

      Jade | skinsweet

  3. Anonymous2.3.14

    I have a gelicious kit and love it. The secret is to really follow the instructions and prepare the nail by buffing lightly and then cleaning with acetone so there is no grease to stop it sticking. Takes seconds but makes all the difference. If you then apply thin layers it lasts much longer. It's a fantastic system and the colours are amazing. I love mine!

  4. FYI - response from Gelicious:

    "We hope you enjoyed the gelicious experience. I noticed you experienced peeling issues and would love to give you a couple of preparation and application tips to give you that long lasting salon finish!

    There are two main reasons for early lifting or peeling - oil on the nail or too
    thick an application. If there is any oil on the nail bed before
    application, it can prevent the product adhering well. Take the time to
    wash your hands, give the nails a light buff and lastly you can wipe
    over the nails with some acetone based nail polish remover. Just make
    sure the remover doesn't have any moisturisers or oil on it. If you do
    one hand at a time you also reduce the chances of accidentally touching
    your nails after preparation.

    The next step is to apply the product as thinly as you can. Give the
    brush a swirl around the inside edge of the bottle to try to remove as
    much product from the neck of the brush and the brush itself. The first
    coat should be so thin as to look streaky. Because gelicious is self
    leveling, the second coat will even out any patches. Also, take care not
    to touch your cuticles as you apply. If there is any product attached to
    your cuticles, the edges will lift as your nail grows. It can take some
    time to get the hang of doing thin coats, but you will find it lasts so
    much longer when you do."


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