Ciate Doll's House Collection: Porcelain Matte Nails

Spring-Summer 2014 is without a doubt all about the pastels. We've seen them on the catwalks, on our high streets and now within our beauty offerings. Ciate are well known for taking a trend and ramping it up a gear, turning it on its head or injecting a little pizazz. With the 'Doll's House' collection of nail varnish, they channel the pastel trend with ease while adding something a little unexpected: a matte, 'porcelain' finish. The intricately designed box appealed to my inner eight year old, looking and feeling like a doll's house and is complete with an opening front to reveal the polish colours within. Oh Ciate, how you spoil us with your creativity. 

The collection features five pastel shades that have been inspired by looks seen on the catwalks of Prada and Alexander Wang. Cutely named Poppet, Dolls House, Paper Doll, Sweet Pea and Baby Doll, the shades provide a matte effect that's not dissimilar to coloured chalk. Thanks to the texture, these are extremely quick drying and look much better when three coats are applied (to avoid streaking or transparency.) I love how the shades are all extremely wearable and provide a collection of colours that both compliments and provides the perfect tools for a little nail art.

Matte nails are definitely a love or loathe effect, but the finish is definitely making a triumphant return in 2014.  It oozes relaxed glamour and effortless sophistication, as well as helping to hide any unsightly chips! However, if you're not a fan of the matte look then you can always turn the polishes glossy by adding a shiny transparent topcoat... Plus this will give you twice the looks for half the price! What's even better is the fact you can grab the kit for only £18.00 - that's £3.60 for each polish, which is an utter steal.

The collection is £18.00 and available online via Selfridges.com


  1. Another cute idea from Ciaté and the pastel shades are lovely :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Love these!


  3. Very pretty box...and I love what you've done with your nails...although I don't think mine would look quite so attractive!!


  4. The packaging is delightful! so cute and certainly reminds me of a dolls house! The shades are also beautiful xxxx

  5. I personally love matte nails, this design is so gorgeous!



  6. Such lovely colours and nothing is better than matte pastel nails :)!

    Berrie-Blogs: Beauty Blog x

  7. Love the colours! Sounds like the formula is pretty nice. I might try these! =)


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