Staying At Gleneagles: The Most Luxurious Hotel In Scotland

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited up to visit the world famous five star luxury Gleneagles hotel in Scotland, set within the beauty of 850 acres of Perthshire countryside. The hotel features an award winning spa, three championship golf courses, six restaurants, two swimming pools and so much more besides. After a quick flight from London's Heathrow into Edinburgh, the Gleneagles chauffeur picked us up from the airport and drove the 40 minute journey through the breathtaking Scottish hills until we reached our destination. I'd seen the pictures, browsed the website and been fully briefed, but I wasn't expecting the grounds to look like the Scottish version of Downton Abbey!

If you're after a luxurious and relaxing weekend away, then Gleneagles is just the ticket. Having just recently benefited from a £5million refurbishment, the facilities are second-to-none. The decor is traditionally Scottish without feeling too old fashioned, the staff are the friendliest I've ever experienced, the restaurants offer delicious quality food that leaves you feeling full but guilt-free and the grounds are simply stunning. My hotel suite was quite simply the most beautiful room I've ever had the pleasure of staying in; the giant bed was big enough for about eight, the sofa and fireplace ensured I could relax and read in comfort, while the bathroom featured my dream tub. Being fortune enough to have a corner room, my views of the grounds were breathtaking - I had a practically 360 degree view of the hotel, the gold course and the beautiful Scottish hills.

As someone who can't eat a huge amount of pizza or pasta, I was delighted at the amount of fish and delicious vegetarian options on the menu too. I devoured a lake's worth of salmon over the course of three days, topped up with the most delicious tapas and even a pulled pork brioche in the club house. Considering all the meat and fish is sourced locally and cooked to perfection, the prices are reasonable and allow you to fill your boots without worrying about your pocket. Gleneagles not only features low-key restaurants and bar food, but the Strathearn which makes you feel like an extra from Poirot. Food is carved and prepared at the table, served under silver platters to the sound of a grand piano; I was just waiting for someone to be murdered and for the Little Belgian to turn up! Even though the hotel is extravagant and luxurious, at no point was I made to feel uncomfortable or ill at ease. The staff are super friendly and warm, making you feel like you're truly welcome into their home.

There's so much to do at Gleneagles, including checking out their incredible spa facilities (more on that later,) but I spent a lot of time in the swimming pool and sauna. Gleneagles features both a family friendly and adult only swimming pool, both including jacuzzi facilities and even a heated outdoor mini pool. (We went for a morning dip when it was delicately raining and watched the sun rise. Utter bliss and an absolute must.) At no point did either get overcrowded or uncomfortable, ensuring I could go for a relaxing dip at numerous points throughout the day. I'll be detailing the specifics of my spa experience and treatments in the coming days, but for now enjoy the pictures of the fabulous place I spent last week relaxing.

Find out more about Gleneagles on their website. Why not follow them on Twitter too?

You can see some of the pictures from my visit on my Instagram page here.



  1. I loved watching all your Instagram photos pop up whilst you were staying here! It looks and sounds like a lovely place to stay!

    Stephanie (@hopefreedomlove)

  2. This looks beautiful, what a lovely escape :)


  3. When i saw yours and Caroline Hirons' photos on instagram I was sooo jealous, I'd love to stay here!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog


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