Brilliant Bargain Buy: George at ASDA Nail Polish

When you think of George at ASDA, beauty products may not be the first thing that comes to your head. They currently have a growing number of affordable 'own brand' cosmetics to their name which are seldom mentioned on the internet, or by the brand itself. While their face products can be a little hit and miss, the George Quick Dry Nail Varnish is definitely worth sharing for being just as good as leading high street brands - but with a sizeable saving on the purse. With a choice of over 40 colours from nude beige to dark metallic plum and a variety of finishes there’s something to suit every taste, with pinks being in abundance. Although the packaging isn’t fancy, the bottle design makes the brush handle easy to hold, and the brush itself is classically thin and long which means it simply works as it should.



Give Yourself a Break: The Lowdown on Yoga, Pilates & Tai Chi

Living in the digital age it’s far too easy to get wrapped up in a busy pace of life, often not leaving yourself time to take a step back and take stock. Often, living in London, I find myself running from work to social events and from work events to social engagements without taking a breath. Recently, in an effort to give my mind and body a rest, I’ve taken up Yoga. Many of those who have found Yoga and developed a love for the practice have an infectious enthusiasm for it – actively encouraging everyone, everywhere to give it a go. While I’m very much an advocate of both the physical and mental benefits of Yoga, I’m fully aware it’s not for everyone. However, I do believe there is something to be gained from giving yourself a regular hour of downtime. We’ve talked about alternative ways to exercise before – but here are some of the best healthy ways to give yourself a break.



Ciate Mini Mani Month: Advent Calendar for Nail Varnish Lovers

Although there are beauty advent calendars coming out of our ears, if you're a nail varnish addict then there's only one you need to know about. Ciate's Mini Mani Month has become slightly iconic, but this advent version brings you a mini nail varnish behind each door that's in a perfectly festive shade. This sleek design (adorned with a Christmas jumper inspired pattern,) contains 19 best selling mini Paint Pot shades, as well as four textured manicure toppers that include their iconic Caviar balls. The calendar also contains two handy topper dispensers, as well as a full sized suprise Paint Pot as an extra festive gift. I love the bold bright colours used and how sturdy the pack is; so many brands miss a trick and produce a flimsy container that simply can't hold all the goodies inside. Although I did rip off the door of 'day one' accidentally (the card is pretty thick, so make sure you're careful!) the contents inside are more than worth getting in a tizz over. At £42.00 this is also a decent price, especially when you consider you get twenty nail varnishes inside that normally command around £9.00 each for a full size. Ciate, you simply can do no wrong this Christmas...


Vaseline Cocoa Challenge: Putting Cocoa Radiance To The Test

I'm currently wrapped up in a cardigan, scarf and two blankets, trying not to let the freezing temperatures outside penetrate my warm little cocoon. It's winter and my limbs have been suffering; as soon as the winds pick up my poor little legs in their 40 denier tights seem to take somewhat of a battering. On some occasions they get so wind-beaten they look more like scales than legs, the top layer of skin becoming so rough and dry that it can flake off to leave painful patches that are only made worse by an aggravating body moisturiser. In order to help prevent that from happening as much as possible, I've been putting Vaseline's Cocoa Radiance range to the test. In my previous post I outlined the benefits of chocolate (or cocoa) within a skincare routine, putting myself in the vulnerable position of being covered head to toe in the name of research. Essentially dark chocolate provides a multitude of skincare benefits, including repairing dry skin. Iron, Calcium and Vitamins A, B1, C, D and E are among the many nutrients that we can obtain from dark chocolate, all of which help to deeply moisturise dry skin and leave behind a healthy glow. Vaseline's Cocoa Radiance contains cocoa extract in abundance to help provide skin with the nutrients it needs to look healthy and radiant... So how did I get on when I put it to the test?



LBQ Brand Focus #19: Aveda

So many brands now claim to find inspiration from the environment and be full of nature's goodness, but one started it all: Aveda. The brand known for their focus on botanical essences was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978. On a trip to India he was introduced to the science of Ayurveda (the traditional holistic system of medicine and surgery from India), and his vision for Aveda was born. Although Horst formulated the first product (a clove shampoo) in his kitchen sink, today it's part of the prestigious Estee Lauder group and continues to develop innovative concepts that push the boundaries of what 'natural' really means.

Models Own Launch EXCLUSIVE Clothes Show Live Nail Polish

Visiting the humongous Clothes Show Live in Birmingham has been a yearly highlight for me since I can remember tuning into the TV show on BBC One every Sunday night. The vast space is filled to the brim with clothes, accessories, makeup and more every December, making it one of the must-see events of the year. This year Models Own have collaborated with Clothes Show Live to launch an exclusive glittery polish that matches the dress worn on the event posters by ambassador Jade Thompson, winner of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. You can only get your hands on one of these 'Show Stopper' shades at the event, making it a real exclusive for Models Own fans and Clothes Show attendees alike. The chunky glittery polish is perfect for the forthcoming party season too, especially when worn over a dark shade or contrasting colour. Although the polish does have a rather strong scent (and the concentration of glitter means you need to play around in order to place the chunky particles where you need them,) it certainly is a show stopper.



MaxFactor Creme Puff: 1953-2013

In 1953 MaxFactor launched their Creme Puff compact. It was the first all-in-one blend of creamy make up base and powder (something that was quite innovative sixty years ago,) that applied like powder but stayed on like cream. Today it remains a lasting icon and make-up must-have, the formula never having been changed since its launch all those years ago. It provides versatility and longevity in a market so obsessed with the next big thing or newest launch, which makes its iconic status even more important. Not only does the formula contain light reflecting particles to provide a soft, subtle glow, but it has proven skin compatibility with all skin types. Although pressed powder can often be forgotten and filed in the 'old fashioned makeup' drawer, a light dusting can provide the finishing touch to a look and ensure your makeup stays in place all day.


COMPETITION: Burt's Bees Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Lipbalm

The leaves are falling, the winds are blowing and the gloves are firmly on. Somehow in the last week or so the seasons have rapidly changed, leaving the biting and brisk chilly snaps causing havoc with our skin. My lips are always the first thing to suffer in the winter, and Burt's Bees lipbalm is always a staple in my makeup bag. I quite often have two or three of their little sticks floating around in my bag, just in case I can't find the one I have stashed in my coat pocket. Not only can you soothe dry lips with Mango, Honey, Berry and Menthol flavours, but Burt has only gone and added a revitalizing Blueberry & Dark Chocolate version! Infused with Blueberry Seed Oil and Cocoa Powder (known for their antioxidant properties) and conditioning Cocoa Seed Butter, this decadent lip balm is 100% natural. The formula is soft and soothing, without being heavy or greasy on the lips, making it the perfect unisex balm to share with the man in your life too. The scent is extremely subtle, but you can definitely make out the chocolate hints that warm the cockles and put a smile on your face - it's a well known fact that the scent of chocolate helps to lift your mood!



Elegant Touch Christmas Jumper Nails

I don't know about you, but I've had a plethora of festive knitwear ready and waiting in my wardrobe since about September. However, if you don't quite fancy getting your knit on then these nails from Elegant Touch could be just what Santa ordered. Available in a red and black 'Christmas Reindeer' design, or a bright pink 'Christmas Snowflake' alternative, the nails are super cute and exceptionally detailed - they're just like mini jumpers! I saw these back in the summer at a press event for New Look, so I'm so glad they're finally available to buy. Although I'm not a massive user of false nails, these would be perfect on Christmas Eve when you join all your mates in the pub for a festive eggnog. Elegant Touch do make one of the best sets of false nails, especially thanks to the UV gel technology their designs feature to keep them looking perfect for longer. They're easy to use and simple to remove, plus they can be re-worn if you're extra careful; the only downside is a high proportion of the 24 nails in the pack need to be re-sized as they're pretty big. However, not only are these a must-have for December, they'd make an amazing Secret Santa gift for that hard-to-buy-for woman in the office. Who doesn't like jumping reindeer?


The Ultimate Christmas Bauble: Ciate Tree Trinkets

This weekend I got myself a new fancy Christmas tree, ready for the forthcoming day of decoration. Next weekend I've blocked out my entire Sunday to put up the tree, drink mulled wine, scoff mince pies and listen to Slade on repeat. This year is the first time I have my very own flat (and tree) to decorate exactly how I want with no housemates or parents to pip in with the suggestion of floro pink as a theme, so my decorations are all very subtle and a little bit kitsch. When I found out about these innovative and fabulous Tree Trinkets from Ciate, I new I just had to have them. Nail varnish encased in a transparent bauble, decorated with a cute black bow and stamped with subtle snowflakes? Genius.



The Body Shop: 24 Days of Joy

Counting down to Christmas with cheap tasting chocolate is simply not enough any more. Since the launch of the first beauty advent calendar in 2011 the concept has exploded, with every brand fighting to launch the most sought after box of goodies this side of New Years Eve. The Body Shop are no exception, having launched this fabulous '24 Days of Joy' calendar which is bursting to the brim with beauty goodies. It's a rather large beast, even needing a pair of little handles to transport its contents safely, so you'll need a spacious window ledge to display this with pride. Although it will set you back an eye watering £55.00 (slightly more than a £2.99 Percy Pig version,) it's full of everything from body washes to eye creams, bathing accessories and potions to help you look your best ahead of Christmas day. Each door contains a classic product from the store, as well as a cute little explanation or directions to ensure you're fully aware of the product benefits. If you're either a fan of The Body Shop or just fancy treating yourself to something different, then this will definitely bring a smile to your face throughout December. I'm already a fan of their gingerbread range, so the gingerbread house adorning the box is the perfect design to continue this theme flawlessly. This is so cute and would make an amazing early festive present... To yourself or from Santa.



Boux Avenue: Lets Get Party Ready

The party season has crept up on us, with the rush for the ultimate party dress well and truly on. If you need some showstopping underwear to complement your outfit, or simply need a boob-holding-solution to make that backless/strapless/frontless dress work, then there are worst places to spend an afternoon that Boux Avenue. Still a relative baby in the lingerie market since their launch in 2011, and the brainchild of Dragon's Den star Theo Paphitis, they've been making headway with their beautiful designs and affordable price points - looking hot doesn't have to cost the earth. As someone in need of a larger brassiere, I struggle to find attractive underwear that supports me how I need; however, Boux Avenue have become a firm favourite as their designs go up to a G cup and provide all the comfort I strive for. The store is cleanly designed and easy to navigate, with bras on display for customers to peruse - if you want to try on a garment, all the sizes are held in draws underneath so there's no need to hunt down a sales advisor or experience the embarrassment of telling her your bra size in front of the whole shop. Each garment also has its own label on for easy navigation, as well as a tag that shows all of the sizes available in that design... It's easy peasy.



L'Oreal Hair Chalk: A Masterclass in Temporary Hair Colour

Seen backstage at Ashish during London Fashion Week, where Hair Chalk was used in various colours to create bold and extravagant hair effects, colourful hair has become a must-have hair accessory. With five patents, this brand new temporary hair colourant from L'Oreal Professionnel harnesses the desire to look different on a daily basis by offering an affordable, quick and temporary result that lasts for up to two shampoos. Available in eight different colours, Hair Chalk makes changing your look every weekend as easy as changing your shoes... We went to find out more about this much anticipated hair colour launch and have a play ourselves.



Discovering L'Occitane: A Trip To Their Covent Garden Boutique

There's something extremely elegant and refined about French skincare. They seem to hit the nail on the head with their ingredients, formulas, scents and results, without screaming from the rooftops in the style of some well known brands that tell us 'we're worth it.' Never has a brand embodied French elegance more than L'Occitane, the skincare brand that's booming against the odds of a recession and reduced spending. I've written about L'Occitane's story before, but last week I had a chance to get a personal tour around their flagship store in London's Covent Garden. I'd walked past hundreds of times, but never had I realised that hidden treasures await you amidst the mass of space in their basement of their boutique. If you ever wanted to test or sniff a L'Occitane product, then this is the mecca that you need to visit.


Vaseline Cocoa: Understanding the Benefits of Chocolate

If you frequently indulge in a chocolate party for one and find yourself guilt-ridden afterwards, then maybe it's about time you fully understood the benefits of the dark stuff. Chocolate is known for its uplifting and mood enhancing qualities - in fact, scientific studies have proven the positive impact the scent of chocolate has on our mood. Although a box of Milk Tray isn't going to provide much satisfaction outside of filling your belly, dark chocolate is low in sugar and high in cocoa, as well as being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can really benefit the skin. As temperatures start to fall, Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Lotion provides long-lasting relief and a daily shot of hydration. Enriched with Vitamin A and E to help replenish, moisturise and maintain healthy skin, the lotion is easily absorbed and melts into the skin for a deep moisture infusion that's in high demand this time of year. The rich formula also includes cocoa, the main ingredient in dark chocolate, so I went to investigate the benefits of using cocoa in your skincare routine by covering myself head to toe in the tasty brown stuff. All in the name of research...



The Must-Have Beauty Advent Calendars for Christmas 2013

I'm not sure if you'll have noticed, but the festive season is well and truly upon us. Though I'm very much enjoying the battle of the Christmas TV ads, there's another fight taking place on the high street I'm much more interested in: the fight for the title of best beauty advent calendar. Gone are the days of only sweet goodies or a pretty little picture appearing behind cardboard doors for the first 24 days of December – the advent calendar game has just got a whole lot more exciting. Best of all, these treats aren't going to take their toll on your waistline. I feel like this is a relatively new phenomenon that's really taking off this year, but a bit of research tells me this trend began in 2011 when Lancôme launched a luxury advent calendar with Selfridges. This year everyone from Boots to Benefit is getting involved and not all of the advent calendars have a luxury price tag attached. So what's on offer? Who has the best treats for the best value? Let's take a closer look at this exciting new beauty craze.


Christmas Party Hair with Nicky Clarke Electricals

With less than two weeks until we can officially put up the fairy lights, the office parties are celebrations are already starting to fill up our diaries. The festive season may be about goodwill to all man and lots of mince pies, but it's also about sparkly frocks and good hair. Leaving your flowing locks hanging loose and unstyled just simply doesn't cut it during December, but Nicky Clarke electricals make it easy to achieve the looks you've always lusted after. The Nicky Clarke 'DesiRED' salon professional hair straightener doesn't just straighten hair, but its thin sleek plates provide the perfect tools for curling and creating subtle waves that ooze glamour during the festive season. It also features ionic, nano silver and tourmaline technology to help create stunning looks that are locked in with shine and long-lasting hold, as well as ceramic heating technology to help plates heat up super fast.



Meeting Cate Blanchett: The Face of SK-II Skincare

As one of the most beautiful faces on the planet, thanks to her flawless porcelain skin, when Cate Blanchett sings the praises of a brand you stand up and take notice. Last week I went along to a top secret location to meet the lady herself and find out more about her relationship with the Asian skincare brand SK-II. Although it's still relatively unknown in the UK, SK-II is growing in popularity with celebrities and skincare enthusiasts alike thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations and endorsements by those that really believe in the results. The basis of the brand is the unique ingredient Pitera, which was discovered after a chance observation of the soft and youthful hands
of sake brewers over 40 years ago. From there, a rigorous search of over 350 strains of yeast
was conducted before the SK-II researchers discovered the unique yeast strain from which Pitera is naturally derived. Pitera's delicate balance of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, organic acids and the natural moisturising factors it contains, gives it its unique ability to adapt to the skin and yield multiple skin benefits. The hero product is the Facial Treatment Essence that contains over 90% Pitera to deliver amazing results that have been keeping Cate happy for over twelve years. Here's what she had to say about SK-II, her routine and her life...


The Ultimate Blemish Busters

Blemishes and breakouts can be frustrating, especially when you can’t tell when the next spot will pop up and ruin your day. Luckily there's a whole host of products that can help with desperate breakout situations and I’ve compiled a list of my favourites that speed calm, clear, and speed up healing times.


Introducing The New Nude Nails

Nude nails scream simplicity, but in a subtle way of course. Clean, sharp and collected without the ‘phwoar I saw your nails from half a mile away’ scenario, these polishes work well to finish an outfit neatly and to keep nails from feeling naked. I say this as someone with the never-ending urge to keep my nails always painted, leaving my bare cuticles to rarely ever see the light of day. Considering you’re reading this on a beauty blog, I have the feeling you may be on the same boat; so these are my current top three nude polishes that I'd thoroughly recommend giving a try.



The Body Shop Christmas: Gingerbread Sparkle Collection

If there's one thing that says Christmas more than the obvious snowman, reindeer, green tree combo, then it's a tasty pile of sweet smelling gingerbread. Bless the little gingerbread man and his cute smiley face... It puts everyone in such a good mood and smells so good. I love a bit of ginger fragrance as soon as December hits (ok, maybe a bit before) but some of the brands that are well known for the scent charge upwards of £15.00 for a bubble bath. The great news is that this festive season The Body Shop have launched their very own version with their Ginger Sparkle collection, bringing a shower gel, body butter, body polish and teeny soap to you all wrapped up in a blooming brilliant gingerbread man shaped tin. The scent isn't sickly sweet, but a subtler attempt at bringing to life the tasty biscuit treat - it's not offensive or overwhelming, but just provides a delicate warming feeling to the senses. As the products are pretty standard (and Body Shop classics,) the focus is on the cute design and scent more than anything, but all four products wrapped up in their tin will only set you back £17.00! In my book that's the perfect price for a bathtime treat for yourself, a stocking filler for a loved one or even your Secret Santa at work. Because everyone loves gingerbread. (Just don't eat it...)



NEW: Walls Ice Cream Lip Smackers

There's nothing that reminds me of being a kid more than Mini Milks. The silky smooth milky taste was almost as good at the wooden lolly and the awful joke that was revealed at the end. When I was a teenager I quickly moved onto Twisters, the perfect mix between ice cream and lolly that left your toungue feeling funny from licking around the swirl. Feasts were always a rare treat, the chuck of chocolate in the middle being the ultimate prize (regardless of the fact that it tasted a little like plastic.) These icy treats bring back so many fond memories, making them the perfect vehicle for the fab ice cream Lip Smacker range of lip balms. Each little tube of balm smells exactly how you'll remember the treat that adorns the pack, the Mini Milk one in particular evoking memories of milky sweet and sticky hands. The scents aren't sickly, nor too they feel like you've dunked your head into an ice cream van, but they do make you instantly smile during an otherwise dreary Winter afternoon. Although these won't hydrate lips or target any issues brought on by the colder weather, they do offer a subtle sheen and lubricant when you need it most. Most of all, they're just more fun than a boring tube of Chapstick...


What Makeup Have You Forgotten About? Rummaging For Lost Treasure!

On average women spend £2,000 a year on cosmetics and the UK beauty industry is worth around £15 billion. That’s a lot of money on lipgloss. I know for a fact when it comes to makeup, I loose all self-control; I can’t stop myself going into Boots or Superdrug and seeing the makeup displayed all neatly together in colour order. However, every time I surrender and have a shopping outburst I feel guilty, as I know I have drawers of unloved or forgotten makeup I don’t use. I think almost every girl gets the exhilarating feeling after shopping and going home with something new; that feeling can become addictive, making us always go back for more even if we don’t need it. I've tried spending bans (my record was one week,) and I've actually purchased a product and later realized I'd already bought it and forgotten about it. I even thought that maybe I should freeze my debit card in a block of ice like in Confessions of a Shopaholic. It’s fair to say that money burns a hole in my pocket… But no more! It’s time to put my foot down - and I think some of you girls that have the same issue should join me. I've decided to hide my debit card and find my lost makeup.




The hair removal industry is big business; women spend an estimated £8000 on hair removal in their lifetime and it’s no wonder: excess hair can be both annoying and embarrassing; however little or large the amount of hair, the effects can be distressing. Excess female hair can stem from hereditary, hormonal or other causes, with the most common region for hair growth being the face and neck. I have suffered from mild hair growth on my cheeks and chin, with the hair being light in colour but quite downy and noticeable. I found that waxing irritated my skin, causing breakouts, and depilatory creams, in a similar way to shaving, remove the hair at the thickest point of the shaft causing it to grow back all at once and in a way that is almost stubbly to the eye and to touch. I was at a loss until I came across the Epicare Wand - a simple, cheap and easy to use threading device that uses precision coils to remove unwanted hair. It's now a firm favourite that I couldn’t live without.



No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter

I know I keep banging on about the colder weather and duller skin, but being prepared and using the right products can really see you through the worst of times with ease. Although bronzers are my best friends come Summer, in Winter I thoroughly rely on highlighters to brighten my complexion and catch the light. A little touch of radiance can help you look healthy, even when you're dosed up with Lemsip and have a loo roll in your bag to help with the sniffles. Although I'm a massive fan of powder highlighters, using them sparingly to create a subtle shimmer, this highlighter stick from No7 is a truly nifty addition to my makeup bag. The chunky 'Chubby Stick' style bullet provides just the right amount of product for each cheek, allowing you to carefully blend it into cheekbones to create a natural result. The formula isn't sticky or greasy, nor does the shimmer create a 'gritty' feeling so often the case with similar textures. This is perfect for when you're in a hurry or are rocking a minimal makeup look, as well as applying on-the-go or touching up throughout the day - especially as the universal shade suits all complexions. Although the staying power isn't great, the lightness of the formula means you can re-apply without worrying you'll end up as shiny as a fairy light.


Top Of The Crops: Are You Brave Enough To Take The Pixie Chop?

Last week, Jennifer Lawrence debuted her new pixie crop by uploading a picture to Facebook. The 23 year old Hunger Games Star, who has been doing the rounds ahead of the release of Catching Fire (the second in The Hunger Games trilogy) later this month, admitted that the drastic 'do came as a result of putting her hair through too much drying, straightening, curling and dying, leaving it 'fried'. We're all guilty of abusing our barnet, but the reasons for J-Law's new look aside, the celebrity scene has been experimenting with pixie cuts for quite some time. Everyone from Beyonce and Anne Hathaway, to Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson have tussled with the crop, leaving women everywhere questioning whether they could rock the look too.



LBQ's Top Three: Lip Balms

Your limbs may be well and truly covered and your digits wrapped up in cashmere, but there's one little part of your body there simply isn't a cosy cover for: your lips. Wind and cold temperatures can play havoc with the surface of your lips, causing dry and flaky skin that can become uncomfortable and even painful. The primary purpose of lip balm is to help seal moisture into lips and protect them from external exposure. Wind, cold temperatures, and air conditioning all have a drying effect on skin by drawing moisture away from the body; lips are particularly vulnerable because the skin is so thin. It's essential to have a caring balm to hand that won't irritate or block the lips from absorbing moisture from the outside world, and these are my top three...

top three lipbalms


Simple Skincare: Find Out Your Simple Sense Routine

The traditional model of 'cleanse, tone and moisturise' is as outdated as the skin types of 'dry, oily or normal.' Times have moved on and so have our lifestyles, with the amount of alcohol we consume and sleep we have per night having as much impact as how often you exfoliate your skin. Our hectic lives and multi-layered diets have left our skin cowering in confusion, not knowing which way to turn or what products to use. With the launch of Simple's new diagnostic tool Simple Sense, they aim to take into consideration as much about your lifestyle as your skin condition, in order to provide a detailed and bespoke product plan that will have your skin looking better in four weeks. I've been testing some of the products within the range and these are my favourites that really help to make skincare not only simple, but fun.



Top Tips for Protecting Your Hair in the Winter Months

It's blooming freezing outside right now, the temperature dropping quicker than X Factor contestants, which means your hair needs some extra care and attention to keep it looking and feeling tip top. There are a whole host of troublesome conditions you need to deal with when the gloves come out, ensuring that your hair makes it through the season in one piece. Here are my top tips for protecting your hair and ensuring it's in as good a condition as possible this Winter.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir: Limited Edition Designed by L'Wren Scott

Launched in 1996, Caudalie's Beauty Elixir has become a cult product amongst beauty enthusiasts and can be seen adorning the table of many a makeup artist. Its unique mist and addictive fragrance, partnered with its radiance enhancing ingredients, make this a bottle of something special. But do you know the history of this blogger favourite? I hope you're sitting comfortably...  "Once upon a time, there was a book of spells found on the banks of the Seine, in Paris. Doctor Hertzog, who was renowned for his mesotherapy treatments, found a recipe in it for the youth elixir used by Queen Isabella of Hungary in the 17th century. It is said that she charmed the King of Poland, thirty-five years her junior, with her radiant complexion. The dermatologist entrusted his discovery to Mathilde Thomas, who was just launching Caudalie. The two decided to rework the original formula and create a contemporary version, more in line with the expectations of today’s women for an instant glow."



Fabulous Find: Nailberry 'Four Free' Nail Colours

Autumn fashion doesn't really match with bright and bold nails, so the hunt is always on for the perfect complimentary berry shades to take us through to next Spring. If there's one colour that I have (too many to count) duplicates of, then it's a dark red-purple berry shade that just seems to go with everything. I've tried every brand going: from Bourjois and Nails Inc, to Revlon and Rituals, always seeking the next polish that will change my life for the better. When I discovered Nailberry I didn't have much hope that this unknown brand would be able to compete with the best of them, but compete it most certainly did.



Aspinal of London partners with Jo Hansford London

Although it may be an unknown brand to many, Jo Hansford's Expert Colour Care Illuminoil has become known as the ‘little black dress of hair care’ and apparently gained a loyal A-list following in the process. The super light Illuminoil has a unique blend of ingredients including Pomegranate, Argan, Karanja and Jojoba oils combined to create a fabulous multi-tasking hair serum that works wonders on frizz and flyaways. So light it instantly absorbs into hair with no residue or greasy feeling, the texture enables you to really work with your hair rather than against it. You need such a little amount for great results, making it perfect for touch-ups throughout the day too.


Saving The Pennies: DIY Beauty

It's no secret that the cost of beauty products can seriously add up. From creams and lotions, to powders and serums, it's so easy for your money to run away from you and end up stashed in your make-up bag. I'm an avid beauty fan, but I'm also a big fan of getting jazzed up and taking myself out for the night – so I try to save wherever I can. Like most things in life, a few simple tips and tricks can help you save a packet on beauty products... A lot of them are simply lurking in your kitchen cupboard or are easy to pick up at your local supermarket.



Nip+Fab Face Fixes: Products With Serious Punch?

Nip+Fab is a brand that aims to eradicate skincare woes, with their extensive collection of face and body ‘fixes’ that claim offer a cutting-edge alternative to surgical treatments; one of their newest releases, the Glycolic Fix range, claims to provide a dramatic facial with the results of a long term peel in just two weeks. As the brainchild of Rodial founder Maria Hatzistefanis, the brand has a lot to live up to; but with each product costing less than £20, can such affordable products really deliver results? I’ve tried out a range of Nip+Fab face fixes to find out whether they match up to their innovative claims.



LBQ's Top Three: Hair Serums

Before hair serum there was nothing but hideous frizzy and flyaway hair to contend with. My first bottle of Frizz Ease revolutionised not only my hair routine, but my whole approach to beauty. Knowing a little bit of oil in my hair could work wonders, opened my eyes to the possibility of other lotions and potions really helping to resolve beauty issues. Although there are hundreds of serums and hair oils available, these three are the ones I continually return to and can rely on to really help me tame my tresses.
Top three hair serums

NEW: Carmex Limited Edition Lip Balm

Fortified with menthol for an extra soothing boost, Carmex classic lip balm always provides some much needed attention to dry lips in the colder seasons. It's a staple product for me, as it really does help relieve symptoms caused my excessive time outside in the harsh wind. For the first time Carmex have designed a limited edition version of their much loved little classic tin, inspired by comic books and superheroes. The tiny pot's lid has been re-designed to channel Batman (if you're old enough to remember the classic TV show the 'Ka-Pow' doodle will have you reminiscing,) bringing an extra 'pow' to your handbag for a limited time only. Available exclusively in Selfridges from next week, you'll have to make sure you grab one while you can for your own piece of lip balm history... Superhero not included. 



L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection: Correcting Day Moisturiser & Serum

With so many anti-ageing creams, serums and formulas popping up all over the place, it's no wonder those in their 20s and 30s feel a little bit lost when it comes to purchasing their skincare. With their latest launch L'Oreal Paris are targeting those of us that don't fit into the teen or anti-ageing box, but still want to help our skin reach its full potential. Skin Perfection is their first skincare to actually help transform the appearance of skin quality, rather than simply targeting the signs of ageing. The L'Oréal Paris Global facialist Joëlle Ciocco says: "In your 20's and 30's your skin is still young but not always perfect. Stress, fatigue and an unbalanced lifestyle can affect skin quality causing irregularities to appear: imperfections, enlarged pores and an uneven skin texture." The serum and day moisturiser claim to refine skin texture, even skin tone, reduce the appearance of pores and brighten the complexion - although both products claim to do exactly the same thing, so I can't help but believe they're essentially the same formula in a different texture. Although this range initially excited me and was full of promise, after a number of weeks using it I can't help but be disappointed with the results.



Fashion Fixes: How to Give Your Old Floral Dress an Edge

With pretty patterns and delicate cuts, flowery dresses are the epitome of feminine fashion. Their multi-functional style is ideal for everything from afternoon tea with your girlfriends, to meeting your partner's parents for the first time. The simple styling of a floral dress means there's always more than one way to wear it; if you have one languishing neglected at the back of your wardrobe, there's a few simple things you can do to give it a new edge. The secret to reinvention success is all about the accessories - here are four different styles to keep your old dress perfectly on-trend.

floral dresses


Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

Although moisturising is an essential part of any routine, the sticky and greasy feeling it often leaves behind can become a hindrance. I've amended my routine over the years to predominately use moisturiser before bed (allowing it to soak in without the worry of my tights sticking to my legs,) but products such as Nivea's 'In Shower Moisturiser' and now Vaseline's 'Spray & Go' are really starting to target that problem. This light moisturiser can be sprayed directly onto limbs for a hydration injection in seconds, providing either pure aloe, cocoa butter or oat extract for radiant and refreshed skin. All three variants also include Vaseline's 'Stratys 3' multi-layer formulation to get deep down into the layers of the skin, ensuring it's not just a cosmetic product.

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