Kure Bazaar: Eco-natural nail polish

As we become more and more aware of what we put on our skin and in our bodies, products are becoming increasingly 'natural' to meet our demands. One of the beauty products I thought completely unable to match its 'chemical counterpart' was nail polish - until now. The qualities of a nail polish are much harder to create using natural derivatives, so the achievements of new-kid-on-the-block Kure Bazaar are definitely to be celebrated. Kure Bazaar is the 'first nail lacquer of the next generation to combine the vibrant colours of fashion with the ethics and technical innovation of a natural formula.' Each polish contains a formula of up to 85% natural origin, whilst it's free from toxins including formaldehyde. There are over 30 shades in the range, covering everything from a delicate nude to a deep and powerful red, and each applies with ease - there's no difference in texture or performance than any other nail varnish I've tried to date. In fact, the nude shade has become a firm favourite already as it is probably one of the most chip-resistant shades I've ever worn. I don't like this brand because it's natural (I'm really not fussed about that kind of thing,) I like it because it performs while offering a great range of colour. The downside for me is simply the packaging; it looks quite cheap and the white logo does it no favours, neither does the fact that the caps don't quite fit perfectly on the top. This wouldn't be an issue if each polish wasn't coming in at £14.95 - a huge price to pay for a 'throw away' impulse purchase like a nail varnish. Due to the price point alone I have to say this is definitely one for the natural-lovers only - I for one have got better things to be spending £15.00, most of which are emblazoned with a couple of 'Cs'. However, I'm sure the demand for this will be huge and the dreams of natural-enthusiasts will at last be made into a reality. Grab them while you can...

Nail varnishes available exclusively in Selfridges priced £14.95 each


Bare Minerals: REMIX Spring 2013

Bare Minerals have gone blue for Spring - I know it's cold, but I didn't realise it was cold enough to turn one of my favourite beauty brands a shiny shade of azul. All jokes aside, I love what they've done with their 'Remix' collection and have been awaiting it with bated breath since I saw it pop up on Twitter a couple of months ago. The new collection celebrates that feeling you have when you hit the dancefloor: "You know the moment when the music is blasting, the crow is going wild, and you can feel the beat, inside and out? All wrapped up in the second, the chords swirl around you, vibrant and alive, taking total control. Nothing else matters. You live it, breath it, everything is suddenly still…and it all seems to make sense." I'm not going to dress this all up in bows because I don't really get it, but what I do understand is that this is quite a new direction for Bare Minerals. Known for being consistently neutral, these striking colours and unusual combinations really bring something new to the table that we haven't seen before - I would've never thought I'd see a pink lip mixed with a green eye, let alone it all being brought together in bright metallic blue packaging! So what of the products themselves?

The eyeshadow colours are really quite stunning, each having a delicate contrasting shimmer underneath the main pigment which enables the colours to blend into one another when worn together. I've written about the eyeshadows before, and this formula is no different - smooth, effortless colour that's long-lasting and doesn't crease. Some of the more metallic shades do need some blending to stop the colour looking too strong around the eye, but these shades are beautiful. Within the collection is also a blusher and warming bronzing mineral veil, which provides a litte colour to cheeks to bridge between seasons; the delicate shimmer also catches the light and acts as a subtle highlighter, so this can be worn all year long. My favourite product of the range by far though is the Loud & Clear lip sheer - you have it from me that this will become one of the favourite launches of 2013 (and it's only January!) The three shades are all incredibly delicate on the lips, providing just a hint of colour that almost makes it look like you've bitten your bottom lip during a sultry pose. The formula is really smooth and moisturising, giving lips a subtle glimmer and acting like a tube of posh lip balm in a really fabulous pack. I'm a massive lipbalm whore, but this has replaced all 15 currently doing the rotation because it provides me comfort, hydration and colour while looking fabulous. If you're feeling blue, then this will definitely provide a little pick-me-up.

Available from February 7th on counter and online.


Rimmel Cocktail Colour nail varnish

The nights may be dull, the days may be long and the in-between bits pretty chilly, but there's no reason why we can't bring a bit of colour and sparkle into our lives this winter. Rimmel are kicking off their new year with a trio of beautiful nail varnish shades, inspired my one of my true loves in life - cocktails. Cheekily named Shirley Temple, Hawaiian Punch and Baby Bellini, these three polishes mix bright colours with a subtle shimmer for a unique long-lasting result. The shades are all quite unique and wouldn't be out of place in Club Tropicana, but worn as a statement nail amidst nine digits of nude these really stand out and create a look wearable all year around. I got a great result with only one coat, but two gives you a eye-popping colour and extra sparkle; there's also minimal chipping (mine lasted chip-free for three days before I changed polish,) which is quite unusual for a sparkle-based nail varnish. I'm not normally a big pink or purple person, but these shades definitely tick all my boxes, while the orange shade will probably be with me on the beach (cocktail in hand) come the summer holidays. Can I tempt you with a Bellini?

Available in store and online priced £3.99 from this week.


The Diet Coke Hunk IS BACK!

As soon as the music plays, so many memories start flooding back... I'm a Diet Coke addict and I thoroughly blame the 'hunk' as the reason why. I was young, I was impressionable and the Diet Coke Break ads made me want to marry the dude in the building yard. He's not been seen since 2007 after first hitting our screens (and making an impression upon our hearts) in 1994. Well ladies, it's 2013 and to celebrate the drinks 30th birthday they're bringing him back. There's been no better time to celebrate a hot guy taking his top off while drinking a Diet Coke. I present to you the best thing you'll see all week. Happy Monday!

Oh, and if you can't remember the original...


Latest in Beauty: The Session School ‘Complexion Perfection’ kit

The words 'beauty box' are now synonymous with drama, disappointment and complaining beauty bloggers, so it's about time they were recognised and celebrated for what they were originally intended: a bite-sized sample of products that you may otherwise not have tried. Although I'm not a huge fan of the monthly subscription service, I do feel there's a great place for boxes that bring together a collection of products with a purpose or collective benefit - the newest Latest in Beauty collaboration ticks all those boxes and more. Latest in Beauty have teamed up with The Session School to bring you the ultimate makeup 'complexion perfection kit', as chosen by the experts. The Session School was founded in 2008 by Dani Guinsberg, one of the leading makeup artists in the UK, to teach aspiring make-up artists and hairstylists all the tricks of the trade. The box features six fabulous make-up products, hand chosen by the school, to leave your skin looking effortlessly flawless and your eyes sultry. It contains an Inika foundation, a Pixi cheek tint, Benefit mascara, Daniel Sandler eyeliner, Bella Pierre eyeshadow and a Vintage Cosmetics eyeshadow brush, altogether worth over £55.00 - however, all this could be delivered direct to your door for only £11.95. Bargain! The Benefit mascara has had rave reviews, won many awards and is a staple of millions of women across the globe, while the Pixi gel provides a delicate flush of colour on the apple of the cheek. Inika provides a fabulous dewy and light foundation that brings radiance to skin, while the glittering eyeshadow is perfect for blending and helping the colour of the iris to pop. Add in a soft brush and a brilliant waterproof eyeliner, and you've pretty much got everything you need for your daily makeup in one little box. I love this collection and think it's definitely eleven quid well spent, especially as you know exactly what you're getting before you gamble away next week's coffee budget; although the shades vary, everything within the kit is universal and great quality. I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of ladies looking fabulous and investing in full size versions of these key products sometime soon. Will that include you?

The exclusive ‘Complexion Perfection’ kit contains: Inika Liquid Mineral Foundation, Bellápierre Mineral Eye Shadow, The Vintage Cosmetics Company Eye Shadow Brush, Daniel Sandler Waterproof Eyeliner, Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel, Benefit They're Real! Mascara. Available exclusively online for £11.95 plus P&P. 


Palmer's Cocoa Butter: hand creams

Cocoa butter has been used for decades in home remedies and beauty solutions, so it's no surprise that brands are also using it in lotions for its moisturising properties. Not only does cocoa butter penetrate down into the second layer of the skin, unlike many hydrating creams, but it also contains a high level of Vitamin E that's well known for its ability to renew and repair. Cocoa butter is also an antioxidant (meaning it helps protect the skin from toxins and free radicals,) giving it properties that many other natural ingredients can't compete with. Palmer's Cocoa Butter lotions have developed an almost cult status, being a favourite amongst pregnant women and those suffering with extremely dry skin; so when I found out they were launching their very own range of hand creams my reaction was 'why on earth has it taken so long?' They already have some fabulous skincare, so these little additions complete the range and enable you to have soft and supple skin all over. The new Palmer's hand cream range has been designed to help achieve silky smooth and younger looking hands by using the highest quality cocoa butter. (We all know the hands are the first thing to give away our age when we start getting on a bit!) There are three hand creams to choose from:

1. Eventone Age Spot Hand Cream, which targets age spots and discolouration. Palmer’s exclusive Tone Enhancing Complex is packed with a powerful combination of key ingredients that are proven to fight the signs of ageing, by both inhibiting melanin production and lightenening pigmentation. It also includes Vitamin C, to brighten skin tone, and SPF to protect against further sun damage.The formula is really light and has a delicate fragrance, giving a super smooth result in seconds. You don't have to have the hands of Maggie Smith to enjoy this either - I'd totally say this was the pick of the bunch for me.

2.  Intensive Relief Hand Cream, for extra intensive moisturisation. This fast working hand
cream which is perfect for those whose dry, sensitive hands need intensive care. Urea helps to retain moisture, while soy and oat help to relieve itchy or irritated skin. The formula has been dermatologically tested, as well as being fragrance and paraben free, so it's perfect for super sensitive or extra dry hands. This is a slightly thicker formula that absorbs into the skin within around a minute, leaving really hydrated and soft hands - this is one for placing next to the washing up bowl to ensure your digits remain beautiful.

3. Fast Absorbing Hand Cream,
the ultimate quick fix for keeping hands in tip top condition. The blend of pure cocoa butter helps to soothe dry skin whilst urea and glycerin help to retain moisture. They say this will leave hands feeling soft, smooth and moisturised for up to 24 hours, which I can't say it does - although I don't know any hand cream to be able to deliver on that claim! This ironically takes the longest to absorb out of all of them, leaving a slightly sticky feeling for a few minutes while the formula gets to work. However, it does have that delicious cocoa scent synonimous with Palmer's, so I can see this become a cult product in its own right.

These are great little hand creams and will definitely be in my bag on a daily basis from hereon in, but the great news is that I also have a set of these to give away to one lucky person. If you want to have hands in tip top condition like me, all you have to do is be a follower of LBQ and let me know in the comments box what your biggest hand concern is - it could be dryness, irritation, breaking nails or even wrinkles. Leave me a comment and your email/Twitter handle and I'll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

Eventone Age Spot Hand Cream RRP £3.98, Intensive Relief Hand Cream RRP £2.99, Fast Absorbing Hand Cream £2.49

T&Cs One entry per person, open to the UK only. Must be a follower of LBQ and leave valid contact details. Competition ends 7th February 2013 at 11.59pm. Winner chosen at random and must respond within 24hrs or another will be chosen. LBQ is not responsible for the delivery of prize and no alternative available.


YSL makeup: Spring 2013 collection

When the inspiration for a new collection comes from gem stones, the inner pirate in me stands up and takes note. Gem stones are normally associated with deeper hues, darker effects and colder seasons, but YSL has used them as inspiration for a much lighter and brighter collection of products. “Pink quartz, amethyst, pyrite, malachite, azurite, jade, each possesses a hypnotic beauty. When you hold them in your hands, these precious stones diffuse energy and light, like galaxies. Their crystalline purity and voluptuous opalescence were the departure point for the creation of the Spring Look 2013.”  (Lloyd Simmonds, Creative Director Make-up Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.) The collection includes a new eyeshadow quad that combines four bright and bold shades that I wouldn't normally attempt to place together; pink, purple, green and blue are usually placed safely away in the 'fancy dress makeup drawer,' but the great qualities of the YSL eyeshadow allow the colours to be blended and built-up with ease. I'm a big fan of their Creme Blush too, knowing that only the smallest hint of colour creates a fabulous 'flushed' effect that's both natural and long-lasting - this delicate pink is a great hue to compliment the gem eyeshadows, while enhancing the complexion during fresh spring days. The nail varnish is the perfect shade to bridge the gap between seasons, while making hands look good enough to eat; it's the easiest way to finish off the look and bring all the colours together too. I love how they've gone bold with this collection, bringing in unusual combinations and a look not normally associated with springtime... I can't wait to get into store and have a play with the shades, possibly pretending to be a pirate.

Collection available online and in store now.


Galaxy Essential Upgrades #9: Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag

The new year doesn't only call for the cobwebs to be swept away from the nooks and crannies of your home, but also for a spring clean of your beauty products and regime. It's very easy to fall into a makeup black hole, forgetting that the small things can make a difference to the way you apply and create makeup looks. These are my top tips for upgrading your makeup bag this forthcoming spring time, with no pennies required!

1. Organise your makeup into seasons. Although the majority of basics are transeasonal, there are certain colours and effects you wouldn't wear in deepest, darkest winter or high summer. You may have different shades of foundation, more intense bronzers, glitter eyeshadows that only come out at Christmas or pastel nail varnishes that only see the light of day when spring starts to simmer. By categorising your products into rough seasons and putting away what you don't need, it's much easier to find what you're looking for and discover shades you'd forgotten about. I know I have a tendency to stick with the eyeshadow palettes I can find most easily, so if you want to try a new look or experiment make sure those lost gems are close at hand.

2. Clean your makeup brushes. This is so important for not only hygiene reasons, but for also getting the most out of your brush performance. Old, stodgy brushes hinder application because the product can't sit on it effectively - it's like trying to paint a wall with an old manky paintbrush, or create a masterpiece using the brushes left over from GCSE art. You can get brush cleaners for a few pounds on the high street, or soaking them in warm water with washing up liquid does pretty much the same job. If you take the opportunity to do this once a month you'll really see and feel the difference, and your makeup application will be flawless. 

3. Check the PAO numbers. On the back of every product is a little open jar with a number either inside or on top - this is there to let you know how long you should keep it after opening the product. So many people have mascaras in their makeup bag that have seen them through Uni or concealers they've been using since they were a spotty teenager; this is no less disgusting than using the same toothbrush for 3 years and expecting it to work properly. On average mascaras and liquid liners should be kept no longer than 6 months, whereas eye products, foundations and powders can be kept up to a year. Make sure you go through every product and check if it needs to be chucked away - just think of the bacteria festering... Ewwww.

4. Get some storage boxes. If all your makeup is chucked into one bag then it's going to get all in a mess. We've all got eyeliners without lids, powders that leak whenever they're turned upside down and lipglosses that have seen better days, but if you store them correctly they'll last a lot longer. Get some small boxes or containers (Muji do brilliant ones for only a few pounds) and organise all your eye, face, lip and nail products separately. With all your lipsticks together, you'll be able to see the colour spectrum you have to pick from, so you're more likely to pick something refreshing - why always go for the nude when you can have a bright pink?

5. Play swapsies with your friends. It's easy to buy things on impulse (that 3 for 2 in Boots is the worst culprit,) and then later realise you don't need that bright blue nail varnish at all. However, one girls trash is another girls treasure, so why not have a 'swapsie party' with your friends. Bring along all the products you've never used, opened once and decided it wasn't you, or simply didn't quite suit your complexion. Get your friends to do the same, and voila, you have lots of new things to play with without having to spend a single pound. It's not like we need another excuse for a get together!

This post is part of my Galaxy Essential Upgrades campaign. Read all about it in my intro post here or check out the Galaxy Facebook page. Why not check out the ASOS Galaxy Upgrades hub too?


Ted Baker beauty accessories

Who knew that Ted Baker were the best selling luxury bathing and beauty range within Boots? Their festive gift sets are always beautiful and unique, their purse sprays and nail varnishes were received with warm reception in 2012, while their core range provides pretty hues and prettier scents. This January they expand their range even further with the introduction of their accessories collection, including nail clippers, scissors, emery boards, eye lash curlers and tweezers. They may not be the most glamourous of products sitting on your vanity desk, but they certainly are essential. Not a week goes by without me scrummaging around for a pair of nail scissors or an emery board for that pesky break. These five tools all come in the most fabulous packaging to adorn a Boots shelf in some time; each individually wrapped product comes within a sturdy card case that's hung by a delicate maroon ribbon. (It's a shame these weren't launched before Christmas as they'd look brilliant hanging as decorations from the tree!) Although the product inside may be pretty dull in reality, the beauty is in the experience and the unwrapping - I've never been impressed by a nail clipper box before! Each one of the tools is made of stainless steel and feels pretty much like any pair of tweezers or emery board; however, a small Ted Baker logo features subtly on each tool to add that touch of glamour to an otherwise boring addition to your beauty regime. Essentially, the performance is no better than any other brand - after all, the secret is in the technique - but these do make fabulous presents or little treats for yourself. The range starts at £6.00 too, so you can justify a little treat this payday without breaking the bank.

Nail clippers, scissors and tweezers RRP £6.00, pack of three emery boards RRP £5.00 and eyelash curlers RRP £8.00. Launching in Boots stores nationwide from 28th January.

All that sparkles

Jewellery has been used to express emotion, status, commitment and style since the dawn of time. A little of bling can make a massive difference to the way you feel and how your outfit is styled, as well as jewellery making the perfect gift for a friend of loved one. I adore my jewellery and spend half my shopping time browsing through rings and things, but sometimes I like to invest in something a little more special that I know I'll wear with love. John Greed jewellery offer a huge range of beautiful silver jewellery for every occasion, budget and personality, including some fabulous well known brands such as Pandora, Links of London and Thomas Sabo. Some of these brands may be best known for one item in particular, but they have so much more within their collections that's worth treasuring. The craze for Pandora bracelets may still be strong, but they have so much more to offer than little charms and trinkets - I adore their statement rings that really do add 'wow' factor to fingers, especially the unusual shapes and details that adorn them. Links of London may be known for their 'Sweetie' bracelets, but did you know they were also available with added stone detail and chunkier beads? I really must have the turquoise number in my life sometime soon. Thomas Sabo make truly unique and striking charms, but they also have a lot more to choose from in the form of pendants and necklaces; all of these would look fabulous layered over a long silver chain. I have my picks of the below, but what are yours?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of John Greed Jewellery



Wish Upon A Star

For my 30th birthday I got so many thoughtful, sweet and amazing presents from friends and family alike. I love getting gifts that I know people have thought about and know I will love - I'm at that stage in my life that I'm financially independent enough to buy myself anything I want or need, so I truly appreciate something a little bit special. My mum has always joked that I'm 'her little star,' ever since I was 4 years old and started ballet dancing in concerts and showcases; I've got a tattoo on my foot of a star for that reason. What better way to celebrate 30 years on this planet than with the gift of something out of this world? My mum got me a star... A real life, proper in the sky, blinking star! How cool is that? You get a little kit and a form to fill in where you choose the name of your star, send it off and a couple of weeks later you get your very own welcome pack. My star is unsurprisingly called The Hayley Jane Star and is located somewhere far away that I can't really see until October - however, that's not really the point as I know there's a bit of rock floating in the sky named after me. Within your welcome pack you get a personalised certificate (mine is totally getting framed,) a constallation chart, a personalised tracking sheet so you can find out when and where you can see your star, as well as a little book and map. This is such a thoughtful idea and something a loved one can treasure for enternity. It's not even expensive, costing only £19.99, so a star makes the perfect birthday, christening or wedding present for someone special. I know what I'll be stocking up on this year... Stars for everyone!

My star was part of the Virgin Experience packs which you can pick up online and in Clinton Cards stores nationwide. It costs £19.99 for each star, and your star is yours forever.


New look 17: Doll'd Up Mascara

Not only are 17 Cosmetics launching a variety of new products over the next couple of months, but they're also having a bit of a makeover. When this new mascara landed on my desk I didn't have a clue what brand it was from, until I noticed the small 'seventeen' at the base of the tube which made me all confuzzled. No longer will 17 be known as 17, they'll be known as SEVENTEEN. So now we've cleared that up, let me introduce you to their newest mascara which launches next week nationwide. Doll'd Up mascara aims to create a doll-eyed look, with curl that lasts up to 24 hrs (although if you're wearing a mascara for that long, I'm pretty sure you stop caring if your lashes are still curly after about hour 18.) It has an innovative double-sided applicator with a curved edge, as well as a flat side with much shorter bristles to get into the base of lashes. This isn't the first brush we've seen designed like this, but it's something new for the brand and the stand-out packaging will no doubt make this a great seller. I'm not entirely sold on the packaging myself; it feels a bit cheap and aimed at teenagers, so the red/black/white colour scheme (and added bow detail) isn't doing it much of a favour. However, when you actually use the product you find that the horrid pack actually hides a little gem of a mascara - it creates volume, separates and lifts lashes in only a few strokes. I find it hard to get my lashes looking full without clumping, but the bristles on this give me everything I want in a mascara without any lumps or bumps. Although this is marketed as a predominately curling mascara, that's the one thing I found it didn't really do for me - it lifts my lashes, absolutely, but it doesn't have enough 'curl' in the brush design to really create a curved effect along my lashline. As a £6.29 mascara though this outperforms most at that price point; it's brilliant for every day use and you can build up the product to create a stronger look without ending up with spider lashes.

Doll'd Up mascara launches in Boots stores nationwide on 23rd January priced £6.29



Clinique Skin Saviours: Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and Skintone Correcting Lotion

Travelling away for weekends has been a massive part of my life since I went to Uni. With my friends and family being spread across the country more thinly than a supermarket value pizza, I've become accustomed to packing up and being away from my 'stuff' for periods of time. What I'll never get used to though is the impact traveling and 'packing light' has on my beauty regime and skin; I can never take everything with me, so I end up sticking to a basic skincare pattern than leaves my complexion dull and in need of a moisture injection. This Christmas was no different - two weeks without my beloved stash of OTT products left me looking and feeling like it had truly been the party season. Since I got back I've been using these two products almost daily and have seen a massive impact on my complexion - my skin is more even, brighter, plumper, healthier looking, moisturised and provides a great base for my makeup. So what are these wonder products I hear you say?

1. Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. This is the first overnight mask from my much-loved skincare brand and it's been launched at the perfect time of year. The oil-free formula is super light and full of goodness to get to work while you sleep. You only need a small blob to cover the face in a light layer; it also absorbs pretty quickly so you're not left with gunk all over your pillow. Some overnight masks can be too heavy on my skin, causing breakouts or leaving my pores feeling clogged, but this gives me bright and plumped skin that's super smooth. It's even light enough for me to use a little nearly every night (when needed,) so your skin looks better in hardly any time at all.

2. Clinique Even Better Skintone Correcting Lotion. I'm a big fan of the Even Better foundation and concealer (they're possibly my favourite launch of 2012), so this new addition was always going to have a high expectation to live up to. Although it's designed for oiler skins, it works wonders on my complexion and creates a flawless base from which to work. It claims to create a more even skin tone while protecting skin from 'future darkening with high-level UVA/UVB defense.' It also contains ingredients to break apart surface darkening and exfoliate it away, which is a pretty major claim. However, since using this my skin does look a lot more unified and I have barely had to use concealer. My skin feels rejuvinated and smoother, whilst the fine lines that appeared throughout December have already started to fade away. The formula absorbs into skin within a few minutes too, being super light and not at all greasy (it's oil-free too) so I can use it under makeup on a daily basis.

You need such a small amount of these products that each bottle will last you all season long (if not longer,) so the value of each is pretty strong. So many products claim to leave you with rejuvintated and hydrated skin, but I can safely say these two really do. They're universal and pretty much suited to every skin type, plus they feel and smell delightful. I'll be using every single drop I can get out!

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is normally £28.00, but you can grab it for £22.62 here. Clinique Even Better Skintone Correcting Lotion is normally £35.00, but you can grab it for £26.97 here.


Like, totally... As IF! Wildfox goes Clueless this Spring

In 1995 I was just about to turn 13. Becoming a teenager was a pretty momentous occasion - it was my first step away from childhood and the first small step towards being a 'grown up'. I spent that year rocking black jeans, black t-shirts and Reebok trainers so dressing to impress wasn't high on my agenda. That was, until I saw a little film called Clueless that rocked my world. For the first time in my life the glossy lips, shiny hair, long socks and cute outfits of Cher really had an impact; I stood up and took notice. Clueless lifted a generation full of grunge, baggy jeans and attitude and gave them something shiny and superficial that would stay with them for the rest of their lives. They never intended Clueless to be the huge success that it was, let alone nearly 20 years later it still be inspiring generations, while putting a smile on those thirty-something faces that can remember using mobile phones that big. Wildfox Couture clothing has used the iconic film as their inspiration for their spring line, literally recreating the story arc through a serious of memory-inducing images. I love this campaign, the collection and the emotions it resurfaces - especially as the fashion doesn't look dated or out of place in this context. It's a challenge to recreate such a 90's look with clothes we actually want to wear today, but they've managed to do it using a clever mix of accessories and t-shirts blazoned with slogans such as 'I live above Sunset,' 'Need a ride to the mall,' 'Shopping is my cardio,' and simply 'AS IF!' I don't know if I'll ever get a white Jeep to ride, but at least now I can have a little bit of movie history with my own Clueless-inspired t-shirt.

Check out Wildfox Couture here. I'm not sure when the line will be launching, but I'll try to find out!
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